Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Collection Caliber: Wrestling

I was a little bust today and didn't have time to scan new stuff, so I remember I scanned some hockey and wrestling last month, and today I'll show off some of my collection.  It's a bit late, so I might not discuss it much, but here we go.

I loved the design of these War Zone and Raw Is War cards, here is son and father, Vince and Shane McMahon.  I've always been a fan of Shane and was glad he recently came back to the WWE family.

While the War Zone ones are better, the Raw is War is just as nice, but I could do without the signatures.  On the left is Stevie Richards who I liked since I first saw him in WCW (I knew of him in ECW but never was able to see it).  On the right is The Undertaker, but it was during his American Bad Ass phase when he let go of the Deadman gimmick and was a biker.  I liked it because I felt the 'Taker gimmick ran its course.  It was nice to see him bring it back years later though.  Technically he still wrestles but only a couple times a year.  I would be fine if he went ahead and retired, as he's done enough for the sport.

How could I show wrestling cards during the Summer Games and not include the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle?  You can tell this set is old because he hasn't been in WWE (or WWF for that matter) in a decade and this was when he still had hair.  He lost a hair match not long after this and has been bald since.  Much like 'Taker, he has done enough for the sport where he could retire, but I would like to see one final WWE run even if it is a short one.

BOOYAKA! BOOYAKA! 619!  For a while my favorite part of Rey Mysterio Jr was his theme song which was performed by P.O.D.  I can't say that I liked much of his WWE run, but I would be lying if I said I didn't like his WCW run.  I was really a fan of his in the late 90's, even when he teamed with Konnan.  I think part of the reason I didn't like his WWE run was because he wore his mask again.  As stupid as it was, during his WCW run, he lost his mask in a mask vs. hair match and went almost 2 years or more without it.  When he came to WWE, he had it again.  It kind of upset me.  Another reason I didn't like his WWE run is because he bulked up considerably and I think it took a lot away from his moveset as well as put more stress on his body.  I also wasn't a fan of all the tattoos he added but that's nitpicking (I feel the same way about Randy Orton, I don't mind a tattoo or two, but not a sleeve or on the whole body).  Finally, I felt he had stupid feuds in WWE.  One where he feuded over who was the father of his own son, him or Eddie Guerrero.  Then he had a feud basically over Eddie after he died.  I also wasn't a fan of his feud with JBL when he was champ.  I'm okay with Rey becoming the heavyweight champ, but thought they could have done wonders if they kept him in the cruiserweight division and kept it around.

Both Sensational Sherri and Miss Elizabeth have passed away, but they were staples of my childhood.  Some people got mad at me a couple years ago when I stated Miss Elizabeth didn't deserve to go into the WWE Hall of Fame.  I always liked her character and really liked her when she went to WCW and became heel, but I still stand by what I said.  She was good in her role, but her role was basically to stand there.  Especially her WWF run where her most memorable moments was here marrying Macho Man, and Hogan carrying her to the back starting their feud.  Again, good at her role, but her role wasn't designed to do much and therefore I don't think she needs in the Hall.  My only counter I'll agree to is, hey, Koko B. Ware is in the Hall, why shouldn't she be in it?

Sherri on the other hand, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006 and I think it was well deserved.  She actually did stuff at ringside and was a wonderful heel.  Her WWF run was great as was her WCW run.  Even though she is widely praised, I still think at times she is underrated.

LAY!LA!  You got me on my knees, Layla!  I love Layla.  She may not be the most memorable or even did a whole lot but I will always be a fan.  While everyone was swooning over Kelly Kelly, I was watching Layla as part of the Extreme Expose.  Though I admit I did look at Brooke Adams a few times too.  I wish Layla was on TV more, but she left WWE last year I think.

Alicia Fox is still in WWE, but not featured as much anymore.  Its a shame to be honest, she's still one of my favorites despite the influx of new talent to the Women's roster.  Stacy Keibler I fell in love with in her WCW days, but oddly enough when she made it to WWE, I wasn't as impressed.  She has left wrestling behind these days, but I still remember those days.

Mickie James is another I always liked, even before she began in WWE.  On the independent circuit she was Alexis Laree, and I was a fan back then too.  When she left WWE she had a nice run in TNA Wrestling before leaving there last year (or maybe earlier this year).

Trish Stratus has to be included even though I wasn't as high on her as everybody was.  She did a lot of things for the Diva's division and for that she should be included.  I love the design of the Restricted Access cards by the way.

Lastly is Kaitlyn, who has also left wrestling behind more or less.  I was a big fan of her's and from time to time am guilty of checking out her Instagram and the fitness pictures she posts.  I don't have an Instagram account but have strongly considered it just so I could follow her.  WOWZA!

I told you I liked the Restricted Access cards, and I like these guys.  Coach is now at ESPN, Matt Hardy is thriving in TNA Wrestling, Shelton Benjamin just resigned with WWE but had to back out due to a neck injury that will shelve him for months, Psicosis well, I don't know what's up with him, but I liked him in WCW.  JBL is still in WWE as an announcer for Smackdown.  I don't care for his announcing style but since moving from Raw he has improved.  I also didn't like a lot of his wrestling days, but he played the heel so well and one of the few you really loved to hate.

Look at that card of Daniel Bryan!  I was already a fan of the American Dragon before he joined WWE so if I could find his pre-WWE cards I'd love it (if they exist).  I do have a DVD insert that resembles a card that came in a Ring of Honor DVD of him when he was Bryan Danielson.  I have another one of Nigel McGuinness, which I should show one day.

On the bottom is another Dragon, this one being Ricky Steamboat.  I can't say enough about him, but I will admit I missed a lot of his work growing up.  Maybe I need to revisit the WWE Network and watch some soon.  Carlito on the far right is a wrestler I hope resigns with WWE, but I'm afraid if he does, he'll be teamed with Primo and Epico and his return will be pointless.  That wouldn't be cool.

In the middle is Heath Slater.  If you don't currently watch WWE, you are missing out on a guy who is given crap, but doesn't complain and somehow makes it work.  His latest gimmick is being the only guy not drafted in the recent WWE brand split and is showing up on each show trying to impress the GM's to get a contract.  I missed Smackdown tonight so I don't know if he defeated Rhyno, but I hope he did.  He is very nice I hear in real life and one of the few I'd like to meet if I went to a show.

The Kevin Nash card is from his TNA days which was more or less a paycheck to him and is easy forgettable.  Though the cards looked nice.  I have some TNA cards to show sometime soon which I recently bought on clearance and was impressed.

The rest of the cards are from the 1990 or 1991 (or 1989 I forget and its confusing as well) Classic sets.  Barry Horowitz and Brooklyn Brawler were known as enhancement talents, but I still liked them a lot.  Barry even had a gimmick as Mr. Winner.  He never won, but finally pulled off a few upsets around 1995 which was well deserved.  Brawler was recently released from WWE as a backstage worker after spending 30 years in the company in some capacity.

Freddie Blassie and Gorilla Monsoon were elite but have sadly both passed on.  There were both great at what they did, and I wish I got to see more of them in their prime.  Mean Gene IS still around and he still has all the spunk that made him famous.  I haven't always enjoyed his work but have respected what he has done.

Haku was another I liked thanks in large part to his WCW run as Meng.  He was billed as one of the most dangerous men in the World and it wasn't just hype.  I know if I somehow ended up in a bar fight, I'd want him on my side.

Ted DiBiase was another guy you loved to hate, and I think he did his job to perfection.  He became a born again Christian in his later days, and if very outspoken today.  Some people may not like that, but I like how he is very truthful in his interviews even if he does come off a bit brash at times.

Jake The Snake Roberts was never a guy I rooted for to be honest.  I wasn't impressed with his complex gimmick, but I just recently watched the documentary about him and I have gained a lot of respect for him.  I hope for his sake he stays clean and sober and if you haven't seen the documentary I think its well worth checking out.

Let's wrap up today's post with a couple legends.  Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes.  How fitting I put them in the same page.  Both men I have had a love/hate relationship with, but in the end I respected what they brought to wrestling.  Dusty passed away last year, and Ric is still stylin' and profilin' today, though at a much slower rate.  I one day would like to get more of the WCW cards but I think I might have some already.

It's getting late and I'll wrap it up for now.  Thanks for reading this post posted so late and have a great night.


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Mike Matson
8/10/16, 3:54 PM delete

Sherri also held the old Women's Title in WWF as well as the Women's Title in AWA..

8/10/16, 4:23 PM delete

Some sweet cards. Brings back great memories of 80's WWF/WWE. Weere you aware Mysterio killed another wrestler during a match?

8/10/16, 7:27 PM delete

I went back and watched some of the AWA stuff but don't remember her winning of defending the title there, but I did see a couple of her matches. I really got hooked on her though when she managed HBK.

8/10/16, 7:30 PM delete

Yeah, while I don't directly blame Rey for the death, I was a fan of Perro Aguayo Jr. and I was really taken aback when that happened. I really hoped Perro and Hector Garza would have made more of a name for themselves in the US, but the best I could ever see was a decent run by Garza in TNA. Now neither are around anymore.