Monday, August 1, 2016


Custom Card and Random Pics

So, you might notice no bag of cards tonight, which means I didn't scan anything.  I got sidetracked yesterday and today, and really want to post something so I thought I would show some custom cards I've made from this year and never showed.  I didn't plan to tonight, but I do want to post them before I forget and it also clears up some space.  My laptop acted up earlier today, and while nothing major I think, I wanted to get everything switched to my hard drive in case something does happen and once I post this I could clear up some space on the laptop.  Since I also had the hard drive hooked up I thought I'd throw some other random pics on too.  So take a break from the big bag and enjoy some customs.

I actually made this the day after the Dressed To The Nines event, but never posted it.  It wasn't one of my best ones, so I shelved it until I made more and waited for a rainy day.  Today WAS rainy so this worked out good.  I always like when the Royals wear the throwbacks and honor the Negro Leagues, so this was a good picture to use.

I made this card the same day as the one above.  To be honest I'm not a real big European Soccer fan, but I do remember watching the Manchester Derby a few years back and since everybody roots for the United I rooted for Man City, and City actually won.  I haven't really kept up since then, so I googled Manchester City and found Sergio Aguero is on the team and then found this photo and I liked it, so I made a card.  It also gave me a chance to try something different on the background of the names.  I forgot how I did it, but I like it.  I hope I remember how to do it and I might do it again.  In the future I might watch more soccer and make more of an effort to make cards of them since it seems most soccer cards look like gaming ones. 

This one I had fun making.  It might have turned out better, but the design I thought was interesting.  Adrienne Liesching isn't a sports athlete, but I've been a fan of hers for over a decade.  Adrienne was the lead singer of the Christian Rock band The Benjamin Gate.  They had quite a few songs I love, but am proud to say I have most if not all their albums.  The logo I used on the card is one that was featured on one of their rarer albums called Demographics.  It also more or less served as the band's logo.  The band was based out of South Africa, but they moved to the United States where they found success with songs such as How Long, Do What You Say, and All Over Me.  It saddened me when the band announced their breakup but it wasn't the last we heard from Adrienne.  She guest starred on a song from Christian rapper John Reuben, but later released two solo albums which sounded more Contemporary Christian than Rock, but it makes sense.  After the band broke up, she met and eventually married one of the biggest Contemporary Christian Music artists of the last 20 years, Jeremy Camp.  Going by the name Adie Camp now, one of her songs on her self titled solo album was a cover of the song Turn, Turn, Turn.  The photo above was taken while she was still performing in The Benjamin Gate and was during one of the major Christian Music Festivals called Purple Door.  I forgot the year, but I believe it was shortly before they broke up.  I went with the black border because of the aforementioned Demographics album which was all black with the gas mask logo on it.

Let's get into a recent design.  I made this last Tuesday and aside from the dimensions I think it turned out well.  Nia Jax made her WWE Raw debut last week, and I never saw her compete.  Everyone mentioned how bad she was but I thought she did well in a squash match.  Her opponents whose name I forgot pictured above, I eventually followed on Twitter for no real reason, but I wouldn't mind seeing her on TV more often.  As for Jax, she may not be the best wrestler in the Women's division, but she has a unique look and if made to look strong I think she can tear up the division.  She is also related to The Rock, so there is that too.

As I write this, Sasha Banks opened this week's Raw and is competing in a tag match with Enzo Amore against Chris Jericho and Charlotte.  I don't care for it, but I was happy that Sasha is the new Women's Champ.  I'm not suddenly a fan, but its nice to see a new champ since Charlotte ran through the division.  It will be interesting to see what happens next.

As for the card, I wanted a card that was meaningful and the only moments people talked about was the Banks match so it was well worth making a card for.  It could have been made better but oh well.  I also made my logo too big I think too, but oh well.  You may have noticed I have a new logo for my card designs, and it coincides with my plans for a new design of the site.  I may switch between the logos for the cards, but I still like both of them, so for now I'll use the new one for newer cards, and maybe the old one for throwback cards.

So that's it for custom cards, but I though it might be a bit light so I have some extra stuff to show off, here they are.

I'm not skilled at drawing, but I was bored a few years back and drew this.  I had it in a notebook I found while moving and I figured why not just scan them.  It isn't my worst and to be honest I think it turns out ok.  I don't think I was trying to draw myself, but more of just drawing.  I did it while I was trying to write some poems and song lyrics and had writer's block.  I used to write a few a year but one day couldn't so I just drew.  Unfortunately I never really tried to write poems again, but it was something I liked doing so I might go back to it again.

A few days ago I was looking on Facebook and it brought up that on that day I won tickets to see Sheryl Crow.  I won two tickets about 6 years ago, and I was beyond ecstatic.  About a decade earlier I also won tickets to see her but couldn't make it.  So when I won this time, I made sure I went.  I've always been a fan and loved every minute of it.  If she comes back, I'll try to see her again.  Plus she's Mizzou Made.

This was taken around the time I won the Sheryl Crow tickets, but it wasn't that day because I was much happier.  I just wanted to include this photo because I never really show it off much.  I was still working at Wendy's at the time and I can tell because I had no beard.  At this point if I had to shave it off and be clean shaven all the time I would be okay with it, but at the time I hated it. I looked even worse with just a mustache, but I grew it just because its all I could.  My hair was longer than its been in recent memory though but part of it is because it wasn't until around this time that I always went to a barber to get my hair cut.  Shortly after I bought a haircut kit, and been doing it myself since.  I do wish I would grow it longer at times, but having longer hair now kind of bugs me so I usually keep it short.

So anyways, I'll wrap things up for now, tomorrow I promise I'll get back to the bag of cards mainly because I'm falling behind on other stuff to show and have plans next week so I might actually prewrite stuff.  Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the custom cards, and thanks for reading.  I could have done a blog on the trade deadline, but the Royals didn't make a move and I didn't know what to write.  I hope your team got some good players or some good prospects if they did make moves.