Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Odds and Ends Spending This Month (Even Olympic Cards)

Since my mom had her vacation in August, we took a day trip in addition to the two days out I mentioned last week.  Also, I apologize for not posting lately, a lot of things factored in and I just didn't want to write a couple days, but I'm back.  Anyways, we don't care for big week long vacations, we like quick day or two getaways and back home.  The reason I bring this up is because I wanted to show a few things I've gotten this month when on the day trip, the vacation, or just going to Walmart one day.  It's an odd mix, but it gives me a chance to clean out some scans.  Here we go.

Our day trip a couple weeks ago was built around visiting a couple Amish stores, one of which we haven't been to in almost a decade.  It's not a place we need to go often, but its still fun to check out.  I got this from the other store which is easier to find and we visit more often.  I've always called this Puppy Chow, but for whatever reason, they call it Peanut Butter Monkey Munch. WHAT????  Anyways, its more or less Chex or Crispix with Peanut Butter on it then dumped in powered sugar.  Real healthy I know, but it was always a favorite to make for school fundraisers and such (same with Peanut Butter Cups, which was like Reese's but homemade).  I don't remember making these, but do remember making the cups.  I also remember (and to some is still remembered) for making Twinkie Cake, which I'll post the recipe one day.  Anyways, I didn't need these, but nostalgia kicked in and I got it.

Since it wasn't going to take a full day to visit two Amish stores, we decided to hit the Walmart in Versailles.  Its much smaller than most we see and only got some newspapers from there.  Across the street though is where the fun is.

Versailles is known for their Open Air Flea Market every weekend at their fairgrounds.  I remember going to these all the time as a kid, and it would be packed with it being a challenge to find parking.  Well, times have changed.  Last time we went it was a lot smaller, but it was also on a bust weekend I think, so no big deal.  This time though, it was gasping for air, and it has really faded.  I think there may have been 20 vendors if I'm generous and it was mostly garage sale reject merchandising or stuff the sellers have been peddling for years.  Its really a shame because it one of the only few ones I know of, and liked to go to them, especially since its one of the last few that don't really sell animals much at the event (a lot of swap meets around here also include bird swapping and what all).  So what normally took at least 45 minutes to check out took 5 minutes, and that included parking and getting out of the drive.

I didn't come out empty handed though.

I thought I already posted this, but I guess not.  I spotted a kids Green Bay Packers Helmet.  I knew it was a kids one right off due to the weight and I remember the Hutch brand that usually included the jersey and pants too.  This was in really bad shape as seen, but for a buck, I thought I could remove all the logos and such, clean it up real nice maybe repaint it, and get new logos for it.  My mom is a big Packers fan, so I thought if I could refurbish it nice enough, a buck for a helmet never to be worn was worth it.

Next to it I also found this.

This one was heavier and think it was game used at some level.  My guess is pee wee league.  The face guard was dangling on it, but I didn't notice until I got home that the helmet was really pushed in in the bottom which is probably the reason.  Both helmets were a total of two bucks, and this one I had no real ideas for, but a buck I'm getting it.  I have no idea what the logo is, but I think I will remove it, and then clean up the helmet real nice and make it a helmet for another team.  Leading ideas is Miami Hurricanes, a custom of a Kansas City Royals helmet, or a custom of what my high schools helmet might look like if we had a team.  This has been the year of helmets, and in fact have two more to show (one I've since gotten rid or), but if I find them cheap they are hard to pass up.

So I spent two bucks at a flea market.  Not much more to that.  I was thirsty at this point and this is really when we hit the Amish stores.  The first one (the one we haven't visited in a decade), had decent deals, but I got what I always do there.

Something about Black Cherry Soda I like.  We got some other stuff but I can't remember though.  It was worth the trip, but not one we should take more than once or twice a year (unless we need to get a 20 pound bag of potatoes).  After this trip we visited an Outlet store we hadn't had luck with in a while.

Once again, we struck out, but this time had a couple things I was somewhat interested in.  They had some baseball pennants but they were a bit higher than I wanted to pay.  For an Outlet, the prices aren't too cheap.  Its gone downhill as of late, so I'm afraid each time we got will be the last.

After this we hit the other Amish store (the one with the Monkey Munch) and then we decided to head home.  As we were heading home, BBQ burgers sounded good, so another trip to Walmart.  This time I got a couple things.

As you can tell, I eat more junk than I should.  I had seen this before but finally decided to try it out.  Really quick review: its not worth getting.  It was interesting, but it wasn't the greatest thing ever.

I saw these on clearance and figured why not.  These actually would look good if I do a project on athletes from certain states, and it was like a buck or so. I have no desire to put it on the car.

The back shows the actual size (the Ohio one), and you get every state as well as the LVE so that was worth it I thought.

When we went on our two-day getaway, we ended up at a really small and outdated Target store.  We bought a couple things and one of the things I got was a DVD.

The DVD on the right is what I got.  Season Seven of Burn Notice was the last season, and it was one of two I needed.  The only one I have left to get is season one, and I believe I'll get it soon through Amazon (I have a gift card I'm holding on to).  I might also get the Sam Axe movie too just to finish it all up.  I got the season 7 for 9 bucks which is the lowest I've seen it, and it makes me happy since I haven't pay over 10 bucks for a season yet.

The WCW DVD I actually got on the way home from vacation.  It was in the $3.74 bin, and I've spotted it before, but since it deals with WCW, I knew I'd likely pick it up.  Not much documentary, but I'm fine with that, 6 of the 7 hours ( think that's what it claimed) is wrestling, and that works.  I wish they didn't always focus on the big names, but they did have some cruiserweights on there so that was good.  I think Jushin Liger was on it and Rey Mysterio, and that really works.  Not bad for under 4 bucks.

One stop we made while in Blue Springs was a place called Five Below.  I've wanted to check it out for a long time and we finally did.  In fact we hit two different ones, not because we loved it but because I gave a slight misdirection and saved some face by hitting a couple stores.  The second store had better products, and none were over 5 bucks.

Coming in at 5 bucks was this laptop fan.  I knew it wouldn't work real good for 5 bucks, but I got it because my computer seems to slow down a bit at times and the legs (or whatever you call them on the bottom) are falling off so what little separation it has to the table I use becomes less and less.  I figured at least my laptop could sit on it, and who knows maybe a little air could help it out.

I opened it and its really light.  I mean I've never had one of these before but it seemed really cheap.  However I have used it and I think it actually helps.  It powers from a usb so that helps, and I never run it too long, but if I had to do it again, maybe 5 bucks was more than I should have spent, but 3 bucks wouldn't be bad.  I know 2 bucks ain't much but at least you don't expect as much. I will say so far its worked great though.

Other items I bought was reusable ice cubes (plastic with water inside that freezes), for a buck and I haven't tried yet, and I also got a pack of cards I'll show in a couple minutes.

I want to show something I passed on first.  I never saw it before, but saw it again later for 8 bucks, so maybe I should have gotten it for five.

A DONALD TRUMP COLORING BOOK????  Now honestly I really wanted it, but I don't exactly color, so why did I need it.  However, I will say it was a pretty big size book with well over 100 pages, maybe even closer to 200 or more.  It would have been something very interesting to get, but again above what I wanted to pay.  Maybe I'll see it on clearance at Walmart on day.

A couple stores I planned to check out was this Goodwill store and next to it one called Red Racks.  We have bad luck at Goodwill, and while this time I almost bought a couple items, I put them back.  I mean did I really need a bobblehead of one of the Backstreet Boys (or NSYNC, I forgot), or Amy Grant's first album on CD?  Deep down I did need the Amy Grant CD but I didn't see a price on CD's so I put it back.  Otherwise we struck out again.

Red Racks I wanted to check out because it was new to us. We don't have any locally and it benefits disabled Veterans so that's nice.  It wasn't too bad of a place, and really had much more variety than Goodwill, but again, we came out empty handed, except....

Oops, I didn't upload a photo yet.  I found ANOTHER FOOTBALL HELMET!  This one was about 5 bucks ($4.48 and no sales tax), but its one of the nicest ones yet but looks like the most used as well.  It was a Florida Gators helmet and it looks really nice.  I took a photo or two, but never put it on my computer so I'll post it at another date.

On the trip home I bought another pack of cards, this time some Opening Day.  I'll show the pack with the one I got from Five Below.

Let's start with the Opening Day ones first.

Seven cards for a buck doesn't seem bad, and then when opening them pulling a Royals and a Cardinals play who you like is worth the buck.  It might be my first Miguel Almonte card, so that's good.  I have other Stephan Piscotty I'm sure though.  Nice to pull Altuve and Schwarber as well, so a buck for a good pack is good any day.

So I finally got a pack of Olympic cards.  I just couldn't find any or else I would have already.  So how did I do?

I think I know two of these people.  Cullen Jones and Jenny Thompson are names I remember.  I think I've heard of Alana Nichols too.  The others I have no idea who they are, though Nathan Schrimsher looks like a relative of John Cena.

As for the design?  Well, much like how I felt upon hearing Makayla Maroney wanted to be famous and now looks like a Kardashian, I wasn't impressed.  These look like some sort of insert sets instead of a base set, and I'm okay with not getting more of them.  However I have a few more to show including two special cards.

Okay, I know Carly Patterson, that was cool to get.  In fact if it was a pack full of Gymnasts I would really love it since that's basically all I watch anymore.  I did catch some swimming, and Conor Dwyer made a name for himself and didn't have to supposedly get robbed at gunpoint to do it.  I'm glad those two saved the pack for me.

I also got a Bronze card featuring Rugby player Carlin Isles.  I don't follow Rugby so I can't say if this is awesome, but just getting a Bronze card was nice.   I have watched and enjoyed Rugby Sevens in the past, so maybe by the next Olympics I can get into it more and watch.

I also got a Gold card, featuring a BIG TIME NAME!  I opened this and was beyond excited because this guy was the talk of the town, and this card could be worth something!

By the time I got home and scanned it though Ryan Lochte was making headlines for all the wrong reasons.  So this card probably is as worthless as the rest now.  All in all though, it was still nice to pull a Gold of a big name and not someone I never heard of.

I think I paid 3 bucks for the pack, and to be honest, that's fair, but the design really lacks and as many have said, the checklist could be retooled.  Maybe if I find them on clearance I might get some more, otherwise, I'll pass.

Speaking of Olympics though, I heard the complaints about these cards and the biggest was the set was too small, featured too many former athletes and ones that didn't actually make the team, and it also didn't feature anyone not on the US team.  So I have a solution to some of that.

YES! I am working on Olympic Custom Cards.  It won't be a bigger set than this, but it will be the biggest set I've made yet, and in addition part of them will feature a couple insert sets I'm working on.  I can't go into much detail because I just started working on them, but at this point if all goes well, I have roughly 70 cards total from about 35 countries.  Sure the USA will get the most love and it will have some names you might be sick of, but it also will have some people who made names for themselves at these games or at least got people talking.  Or I needed a card of someone to represent a country.  With 78 countries getting a medal, and 306 represented, I couldn't include every country, but I did get over 30 including most if not all of the top 20 countries in the final medal count.

I have no Lochte in the set, and didn't really plan to include Phelps, but names like Ledecky, Bolt, Biles, and more are included.  This will be a tough set to finish since its so big and I'm still working on it, but once I finish it I will show them.

Anyways, that wraps up today's post, thank you for reading and have a great night.

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