Friday, August 26, 2016

Passing Through- Sports Edition

It's running late, so quick recap.  Yesterday I showed non-sports items I passed over at the Brass Armadillo, today is sports related.  Caught up?  Okay, let's dive in.

Why not start with some autographed Chiefs items including a photo of Jeremy Maclin?  It is a nice photo, taken from last year's preseason or during camp at least and I didn't think 25 bucks was too bad, but I wasn't going to buy it.

The Chiefs glasses were nice, and I thought was a fair price, but it was one of the first items I saw and inside a case so I didn't want to bother getting help getting them out.  Its not like I need more glasses anyways, so I was fine with it.

The autograph poster was really nice.  However I didn't spend much time looking at the names.  A couple things I don't get though is why people sign on faces when they have the entire poster, and the same goes with writing on a person.  All that green space and three people decided to write on Marcus Allen.  One of which I believe is Danan Hughes and he wrote it the spot that would be best served for Marcus Allen if he did sign it.  It's a cool piece though, and I forgot the price.  I haven't looked up more info about the event, but might later.  I think I'd try to get more names on it and would be awesome to display on the walls of a mancave.

It figures.... yeah, I said that.  It figures I'd have something about wrestling.  The top one is really hard to make out but is an action figure of Mr. Perfect.  I always liked him and would one day like to have an action figure of him, but today wasn't that day.  On the bottom is Kurt Angle.  He won in the Olympics with a BROKEN FREAKIN' NECK!!!! So he says.  This is from between 1999-2002 I'm just not sure when.  WWF changed to WWE in 2002, and to be honest, I think this is more from when he started so 1999 or 2000.  I like seeing the older action figures still in boxes, though I didn't really need it.

Oh Hell Yeah!  Another wrestling figure, this one of Stone Cold Steve Austin.  I think this is from 2000 but I'm not sure.  They didn't use that Summer Slam logo in 1998, and by 2001 he was playing a heel I think and looked a bit different, so this is 1999 or 2000.  Austin is never a guy I was a big fan of in WWF/E but I appreciated what he did in his promos.  What I mean is I never cared for the beer drinker gimmick, and when he was accused of domestic abuse and in addition of walking out on WWE, I lost a lot of respect for him.  Though when he cut promos, he was one of the best of the time.  In honesty though, I liked him better during his Stunning Steve days.  Today he has a show or two on CMT (Broken Skull Challenge is fun to watch, Redneck Island, not so much), and has podcasts which some he does for WWE Network.  I'm gained a little more respect for him in recent years, especially once he manned up and admitted his past mistakes.

Anyways, I also took photos of other action figures, including this one of Joe Montana.  I'm not sure if I remember seeing NFL Starting Lineups this old before in person.  I remember seeing the MLB ones, but not NFL.  I took a photo because I didn't plan to buy any at any rate.

More Chiefs stuff.  I wasn't going to pass up taking a photo of an action figure of Nick Lousy.... I mean Nick Lowery.  I still remember my dad calling him that whenever he missed a kick.  I wouldn't mind having that one to be honest, but oh well.  The Neil Smith one is nice too, but I wasn't always a fan of Neil, especially when he left KC to go to Denver.  I've gotten over it, but still in no rush to buy all his stuff.  Especially for 30 bucks.  I also never understood why Starting Lineups needed to make two cards for one figure.  It was a bit overkill in my opinion.

This was I think a Stadium Giveaway from Joakim Soria's first stint in KC.  Until this past couple weeks, anyone with this shirt may have been laughed or shot in KC since Soria has had trouble this year pitching.  He's getting back on track, hopefully at the right time.  I just thought it was funny seeing this when I did.  Oddly enough, he started turning it around when I did see it.

Sorry about the bad photo.  I mean I thought it came out better, but I should have just skipped it.  I just like seeing Royals bobbleheads.  I spy Carlos Beltran (or do I, it doesn't really look like him), but its so blurry I can't tell who the other two are.

Now we're talking.  I hope the Billy Butler bobblehead doesn't get a concussion if you take it out of the box.  I shouldn't be making fun of him, but if you saw recent news, he ratted out a teammate (also a former Royal who plays for the A's), then got into a scuffle which Danny Valencia won and possibly gave Butler a concussion.  The weird part is Valencia is usually seen as the hothead, was the one most people sided with and it has since came out teammates didn't always like Billy in KC.  Having said all that, I like Billy Butler and still do.  Just not 35 bucks for a bobblehead worth.

The Twins Mascots one is nice but I didn't need it though.  The one I really liked was the Satchel Paige which he adorns a Monarchs jersey.  I'm not paying 70 bucks for it, but it was fun to see.  Also fun to see is the old magnets in the background.  I wish I spent a bit more time looking at them, but since it was behind glass I wasn't going to get them anyways.  Speaking of glass, that glass was shiny.  If you look close you can see the reflection of my Royals cap and my camera in this photo.

This picture has so much to look at that I might miss some of it.  However let's start with the Royals Coke bottle.  That would be a nice piece of 1985 memorabilia I'd like to have, but 15 bucks is too much to me.  I mean it was worth it I guess, but I could find a better use of that money.  I liked everything in this cabinet to be honest.  An old Mountain Dew bottle, and some Kickapoo Joy Juice?  Yeah I'd like both in my collection.  My mancave would apparently be a museum of oddball stuff and would be as big as the Pentagon.

My favorite item in this is the Root Beer jug from Mugs Up.  I've only been to one Mugs Up but I really liked it.  They used to be around in a lot more places, but now they are hard to find.  There was one fairly local to the mall so I could have tried to go to one on the trip, but there is one in Columbia, so maybe that's a better option next time I go there.

That jug would have looked nice next to the Piggly Wiggly jug I posted yesterday.


Actually I LOVED these cans.  I spent a few minutes trying to find Royals but didn't look too hard.  I've never seen one of these in person so when I held it I was surprised at how heavy they were.  I can't remember the price on them, but if I saw a couple I liked I might have got them.  Next time I might look harder, but I didn't want to spend too long looking at empty soda cans.

The top photo is plastic cups, all of which I liked.  I might have even got one or two (especially the Brett in the background or the Dream Team ones), but they were 4 buck each and there is no way I'm spending that much on plastic cups.  Maybe I'll get lucky and find some at a garage sale one day for a quarter.

The bottom photo has a lot going on but I'll be quick.  I like the 1985 plastic cup, but passed on it.  Same goes for the Blues glass.  In the back you see a A&P Mug like I have and if I wasn't afraid to break glass, I might have looked for a price.  However the item I liked most is the Amos Otis glass on the left.  Besides being something I don't have and looks nice, what really drew my attention was the bottom.

United Supers was a supermarket I remember as a kid.  Not to be confused with a similar one in the New York area, U.S. was one of three supermarkets in Boonville when I was a kid.  Today only one of them remains and its the one I actually liked the least.  However the reason I liked this glass was because I can't find much of anything on United Super online.  It usually leads to stuff on the New York based company which isn't the same one.  If I actually spotted that on the glass when I took the photo, I might have got the glass.  Instead I'll likely spend the night trying to research more info on U.S. just to waste some time.

Another thing I remember as a kid was these awesome folders that looked like baseball cards.  I think I had a different Topps year, if this is 1989, then I had '88, or vice-versa.  I didn't even have a Royals folder it was Will Clark of all people.  It is actually the reason I think I like Will Clark.  Not only do I wish I could find some of these cheap, I wish they would make these again.  Just imagine a Mike Trout folder that looks like a 2016 Topps card.  I think they could make two for each team (sell them in a two-pack) featuring a top player and then maybe one resembling a team photo.  They could make them slightly differ from the actual 2016 set, but I think they could also throw in a card or two in each folder and maybe get more kids into the hobby.  It seems Topps has branched out to other avenues in the last year (Lids, Marketside) so this wouldn't be too crazy.

As for these, 3 bucks per folder was more than I would spend and if I did pull the trigger I'd need George Brett at that price, nothing against Bret Saberhagen.

Garden Gnomes and autographed Moose bats, just a normal day at the ballpark.  These were next to the Maclin auto I showed earlier, but wanted to show them.  I think these mini bats are 10 bucks at the Stadium, so getting them signed for 20-30 bucks wasn't too bad really.  As I said though these were right towards the front and way to early to grabbing everything I wanted.

Cool, some fake Blingy Rings (shout out to Tobymac) that I thought was a good price for 20 bucks aside from the Jayhawks one.  Sure they reek of knockoff, but hey, what do you expect for 20 bucks.  In person these look a lot nicer to be honest.  On my next trip maybe I might splurge, but for now I was good.

Since its a lot later than I thought, I'm going to split this up and end it for tonight.  I'll post the rest tomorrow, and I'll be honest, you don't want to miss it.  Not hype, but seriously, its worth checking out.  As for now, storms might be coming, and its almost midnight, so its best to wrap it up.  Thanks for reading and have a great night, or great morning or day, whenever you read this.  Tomorrow's might (MIGHT) be up earlier tomorrow in case I get busy tomorrow night.  Enjoy the weekend.

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