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Passing Through- Leave Me Speechless

So last night I made a decision to split this post up, and it was mainly because it was super late.  However, I also didn't want to bury some of the pictures within just in case these get you excited like it did to me.  So today I have six photos, the rest of the Brass Armadillo posts, but a couple of these left me in awe, and its no hyperbole.  I think if I could I would have stared at some of these all day.

So enough hype, let's dig in.

Let's get this started with a program from the 1960 All Star Game at Municipal Stadium in Kansas City.  I don't think I've seen one of these online much less in person, so this was pretty nice to see.  If the price was 50 cents like the cover indicates I would have jumped all over it, but I needed a couple hundred more for it on this day, and I was good enough just taking the picture.  I will say I did linger a bit and admired it though.

So I ended up buying some cards as I previously showed, and this was the bin I got it from.  As you can see, it was a big bin with random mixes of cards, and if I would have spent more time there I would have likely got 5 bucks worth at least, but 4 for a $1 was good enough at the time.  Sure it looks like a lot of junk wax, but I got like 25 cards a pack, so a penny a card is a great deal no matter what.  At that price, one card would be worth it if you find one in a pack.  If I still see them, I'll get the older Royals ones, that collect a card one, and more of the Sonic cards if I see them.  Just seeing this photo again makes me want to go back and get some more.

All sorts of random here.  There was another booth (as I'll show in a minute) that I just went through so I didn't look at this one as much, but I'm sure I could have found some good deals.  Those Olympic cards I didn't see or else I would have looked at a bit more.  I did see The Simpsons on the bottom, but I didn't want to get multiple Simpsons sets going, so until I complete that sticker set (if ever) that I showed a few months back, I'll hold off on others unless I find complete sets.  What I did see had some retail prices, and no offense, but I'm at an Antique Mall I'm not looking to pay retail.  That said, if I do find something I really do want and haven't seen it I might jump, but otherwise retail price is a good way for me to skip it.  I didn't look much at the George Brett cards, but mainly because I didn't have a checklist and didn't want doubles of cards.

This was the booth I got the cup I bought and the Police sets.  To be honest, if I stopped here AFTER the card show, I would have spent more here, but I was still saving up for that.  This is the booth I most want to visit when I return, because while I know I can get a few quarter packs out of the bin, this is a booth I can find more stuff in.  When I go next time I'll have some sort of checklist and I'll know what to look for.  While my main focus will be the Royals sets, I'll have to check out that bottom row with small sets and see what I can get.  I might also look at the Hat Pins too.  That Royals DVD for $8 isn't a bad deal, but I already have that so I didn't even need to look at that.  In all honesty, this was my favorite booth, and could have spent a good 30 minutes if I wanted to.  The prices were good, and again, if I knew the card show would be a bust, I'd absolutely spent another 10-15 bucks more here.  I'm glad I didn't though because it gives me incentive to go back and be prepared when I do.

So these last two photos really left me in shock.  Sure I've seen a bin of cards, a bunch of Royals cards, a All-Star Game program, and more, but these two photos are what are etched in my brain from this visit, and to be honest, I'm partially kicking myself for passing up this first item.


Is that.....

A Monarchs cap.... SIGNED.... by BUCK O'NEIL??????


You are lucky to find a brand new cap for 25 bucks these days.  Just imagine a retro cap and signed by the most beloved man in Kansas City.  I really stopped in my tracks when I saw this and to be honest for a couple moments I forgot I had a camera to take a picture despite it being clenched in my hand.  I felt like Eddie Valiant in Roger Rabbit when Betty Boop had to close his mouth upon his first view of Jessica Rabbit.

I couldn't believe that price, and the moment we left I already regretted not getting it, but I think I'll get over it.  I don't have anyplace to really display it, so it would be collecting dust in a closet right now, so until I could find a place its better left in a display for all to see unless somebody else feels they need it in their collection.  At least I have the photo to look at in amazement whenever I need to.

So time for one last photo.  Two things to consider.  To many Buck O'Neil isn't a big draw, so if I ended on that after all that excitement, many could leave disappointed.  However, to others, if something like that wasn't the biggest jaw dropper, what could it be?

*Side note* A GIF, I'm moving up in the blogging world, that is if I did it correctly.

So is this over hype or no?  Judge for yourself.

HOLY CRAP!  Is that Clemente? Is that Mantle?  Is that Jackie Robinson?  HOLY COW!

Immediately the Roberto Clemente stuck out to me, and not just because it was in the front.  I was in such amazement that I will admit I almost got a tear in my eye.  My mom noticed I stopped and was gazing at this booth and she came over and looked as I was speechless.  She asked as usual "well, how much is it?" as if I could realistically buy it.  Coming to, I told her that I didn't know if the price was in line with what it should be, but I said that I would never be this close to another Clemente like this in all likelihood.  In all of this, I still hadn't noticed the Mantle's or even the Jackie or Frank Robinson.  I was still in such shock that I just wanted to inspect every inch of it.

When I finally snapped out of it I noticed the Mantle's and the other cards.  After seeing the Clemente, these weren't all that surprising anymore, but they still left me at a loss for words.  I'll never own these cards unless I win the lottery some day and even then while I'd love to own these, I'm not sure I would out of fear of me lavishly spending on cards or possibly allowing something to happen to them.  So this was just what I needed on a day I was just happy to get away from my town for a day or two.  It really made the whole trip worth it.

Some may say they went on a week long trip to Hawaii and loved the beaches, but looking back I can say this vacation was worth it just to see vintage Roberto Clemente and Mickey Mantle cards.

So with that I can't say much more except by the time we'd already made it to this aisle we decided we would make future trips here as we really liked the place.  If we didn't, I know I would have when I saw these.

That wraps it up for tonight, I want to thank everyone for reading, and I hoped you enjoyed these last few posts.  I have some scanning I've been holding off that I might do tomorrow so unlike some times in the past with no ideas on what to post, I still have plenty to show.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.


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8/28/16, 12:48 AM delete

To slide those cards, into soft sleeves, without a penny sleeve on them..... I don't know. I have fits getting card in and out of soft sleeves. How'd he think of putting them into soft sleeves and not think he wouldn't bend a corner.

Great card at the end - don't get me wrong. But the storage of cards with that value???

8/28/16, 9:51 AM delete

That is a very good point I didn't even notice that. My concern was if they were real or reprints, but either way I couldn't afford it so it didn't matter. I don't advocate for it, but I think cards like those I would get graded just so they could be encased, not so much for the grade, but to protect it.