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Passing Through- Non-Sports

So I mentioned when I showed off stuff I got at The Brass Armadillo that I too a bunch of pictures of stuff I passed up.  So the next two days will be stuff I passed up or took pics of.  There are a lot of photos, so I might not write as much to be honest.  There is a good mix of items and some I just had to take shots of.  I hope you enjoy.

Just to get a glimpse of what it's like outside.  It is right next to I-70, and for some reason I like their water tower.  Anyways, let's go inside and look.

My mom was really into this booth, she liked a lot of it, but I didn't really look.

I liked these beer trays for some reason, but wish I got a more clear photo.  I like the Coors one more though.  I also like the Budweiser bucket next to it.  If I had a big house and unlimited funds, I bet I'd have a lot of beer memorabilia despite not being a drinker.  I don't know why, but I like it.  I think more because I'm a fan of advertising more than anything.

Speaking of advertising!  I did like this and I don't have hate for Walmart like most do.  I'd prefer not shopping there, but when its about the only option, not much you can do.  The cool think about this is you can put your old Hot Wheels inside the trailer as an easy storage solution.  That is if they are out of their pack.  I did that with mine all the time when I had a similar trailer.

Speaking of advertising!  This caught my eye and was pretty cheap.  On another day I might have gotten it, but since it was the first stop, I didn't want it to roll around the car the next day or two and potentially break.  I know it probably wouldn't but that was what talked me out of it.  In addition to the fact I have no room, and no real use for it.  But if I had the room, I'd have it on display somewhere.

Now it's time to get political.   WAIT, COME BACK!

While I may not like a lot of politicians, and hate the attack ads (how about positive ads for once), I do enjoy the memorabilia.  Yard signs to buttons and everything in between.  I never saw the Republi-candy before so that was interesting.  I could have spent more time looking at these, but I wasn't sure the time and had other stops planned.

You don't see much Carter/Mondale stuff anymore.  I thought that was interesting.  The other interesting thing about this photo is I have a couple of those Band-Aid tins that I looked at selling recently.  The metal ones go for a little bit, so I checked out the price.  I think it was 12 bucks, which is slightly higher than I've seen on Ebay, but not too extreme.

What would political memorabilia be without something with Palin?  It looks like this was mostly Republican stuff, but it was still nice.  I'm not endorsing any of these people, I just like looking at the stuff.

On the shelf is some Royals glasses as well which caught my eye.  I like the newspaper ones a lot.  Enough about sports though, tomorrow I'll show sports stuff.

This was pretty cool, and so I took a picture.  The stuff in this booth wasn't stuff I normally see at antique malls, but I enjoyed looking at it all.

For some reason I also like old gas pumps.  While its not something I doubt I'd ever buy it does pique my interest when I see them which is not often.  I've never associated the color green with Conoco though, which was interesting to me.

Now this caught my eye more than anything at the booth.  Another item you don't see too often, but if I had to pick one item out of the three I'd have wanted most it would be this.  I like how they didn't even try to touch up the wheels, as it looks better this way.

One more item this seller had was this old RC Cola thermometer.  It had faded considerably but either that doesn't deter the price or the seller didn't care.  For a while I tried to model the old Royal Crown logo into a logo for this site, but I couldn't get it how I wanted so I went with something else.  I'm fairly limited to options on Paint when coming to logo's and I don't want to learn other programs (though I hear Paint.NET is good, but if I never cared to learn GIMP, I doubt I'd use it much).  Thermometers are another item I'd have a lot of too, but luckily I find them somewhat cheap now and still pass them up, so I'm glad I don't have more space or else I'd be hoarding anything advertising and would end up like American Pickers.  Though I wouldn't own many old oil cans, just a couple.

I don't know which item I'd wanted to shoot a photo of more, but we'll start with Big Jim.  I never had a Big Jim doll or action figure, and never had this, but I thought it looked pretty cool.  I just read that the Big Jim line was 3rd in sales behind GI Joe and Star Wars, so not too bad.

I honestly took the photo for the all bucket.  Yes I got excited for a cardboard bucket that once had detergent in it.  Next thing you know I'll start collecting pieces of cardboard with athletes on them.


I never saw the 'taker doll before, but didn't realize his positioning until I got home, which I then found funny.

This is hilarious, but in reality, I've never heard KCK ever referred to as Cowtown.  I've heard KCMO called it, but never across state lines.  KCMO is also called the City of Fountains, which I hope KCK doesn't steal either.

I had no use for this sign, but it would be funny to post on the door from time to time.

I love board games, but never get the chance to play them, so I loved taking this photo.  I see Columbo, Starsky & Hutch, Baretta, The Bionic Woman, and I know others I'm missing.  Was there ANY show that didn't get a board game?  I also like Rich Uncle, and Gas Crisis.  I really wish board games would come back in style which is why I'm glad Hasbro really tried to promote Family Game Night.  I even see something about Hot Wheels, and some puzzles as well.  Next time I go back, I might get a better pictures.  Again, I could spend much more time taking photos of stuff, but did kind of rush.

So one last non-sports item to show, and I hope you tuned into this entire post.  If you think about it, it really showcases the best (or worst) of Americana, and this last item is the epitome of America.

A handheld radio shaped like McDonald's fries?  Really?  I mean the advertising part of me loves this.  So does the music lover in me, but come on, did we really need this?  Having said that, I'd love to have this.  Part of the reason I didn't get it was because I didn't need it and the other reason is because I didn't want to page someone to open the case.  That is one thing I liked about this place is how nice the cases were, but some were open, and some were closed, and if I wanted half of these items, and the ones I show tomorrow, I'd have to page them to open them.  While that is sort of a turnoff, I understand it, and I can live with that.

So that's it for the non-sports portion, tomorrow I'll show the sports stuff.  Before I go, one more photo to go along with the them of America.

I saw this car in the parking lot as I was leaving.  I thought it was cool.

So that's it for today.  Overall it was a nice random mix, and a lot of stuff I don't see at Midway so it was nice to look at.  I hope you enjoyed today's post, and tomorrow's will be similar, but will show more sports stuff.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.  As for me, all this talk about America, I think I'll go to Youtube and look up the Neil Diamond song since I haven't heard it in a while.  Plus I've listened to a lot of rap lately and need to listen to something else for a while.


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8/25/16, 10:50 PM delete

Great pictures. I'm horrible at taking photos while on vacation. It drives my sister nuts, she wants to see what I saw while traveling.

8/27/16, 12:05 AM delete

It took me a while, but then I just carried my camera everywhere. I still forget sometimes, but when I think "this would be good for the blog" I remember I have the camera. To me its easier to remember to take pictures with an actual camera then having a camera on a phone. I always forgot when I carried a phone.