Friday, October 7, 2016


Seems Like The Other Day

I'm still sick, and kind of sick and tired of it, but I wanted to finish this trip to the Midway Antique Mall so here's an abbreviated post.

Comic books.  If I was into them more, I might have gotten them.  Maybe the Mantle one was worth the three bucks, but it was early and didn't want to spend a lot.  If I remembered I might have gone back.  It would look nice to my Tom Landry comic book if I ever find it.

I'm going to be honest here, I took this photo because I thought this guy worked at the department of Treasury or something, or the U.S. Mint.  I just did some digging and it appears he's a card collector.  While looking for a picture of the full bobblehead (it was stuffed inside the booth so I didn't want to disturb it), I came across a blog Fuji posted a few years ago before I was doing my blog, and its worth the read.  After reading it, I'm glad I passed it up.  Also be sure to follow Fuji's blog if you don't its a good one.

I also passed on a 5 dollar Pie Traynor 7/11 cup.  Hey I almost passed on Royals cups for a buck, I didn't need this, plus its a little more used then I would have liked.

Now this bobblehead I did like and was tempted to get for a number of reasons.  First I've actually heard of Chris Klein and have a couple of his cards I think.  Second its from when the soccer team was called Kansas City Wizards and played on the Missouri side.  Third is was a sponsored bobblehead from Metro Sports which is now a Time Warner Sports channel for Kansas City.  It used to be a independent sports channel that I hear was really good.  I passed on it though because I didn't need it, and I'll just never get into soccer like I want to, though that could change if I got to watch more Sporting KC games or Manchester City.  I root for Man City because it seems everyone else roots for United.

If there was one Item I would liked to have the most, maybe it was this one, and the price was right I just passed it over.  It is from when Dale finally won the Daytona 500 after like 20 something times.  What I like the most about it is not just the car, but the whole display with him going down victory lane.  Just like what really happened, all the pit crews came out to congratulate him in a long line on finally winning the big one at the track where he dominated outside of the Daytona 500.  Three years later he would perish at the same track on the last corner of the last lap where he was in third blocking for his son who finished second and his teammate Michael Waltrip who won.  It still brings back sad memories when thinking about it.

This was like a foam-board poster that was overpriced.  I only took a picture because my mom loves the movie.  I really should give the movie a shot, but for some reason I never have.  One the on the DVD she has is either part of or the entire championship game the movie is based on.

I really liked this, but I didn't even look at the price, but I think it said on the sheet,  I remember those Quin Snyder teams, and while he didn't do favors for Mizzou off the court, I don't hate him as much as Frank Haith who bolted and left us for dead.  I liked Gilbert and Stokes, and Justin Gage also played football, and later played in the NFL.  I might even have Kenge Stevenson's autograph on a media guide from 2003, which might be the year this is from.  I bought the program at a garage sale or something a few years back.  I hope this years Mizzou team is better than the last couple or else Kim Anderson is toast and that would be a shame.

The most interesting item was this.  I never knew Bing Crosby had his own ice cream.  Furthermore I didn't know is was made in Hannibal, MO.  This really would have been an item I would have wasted money on a few years ago with more money and more space, so maybe I dodged a bullet, because c'mon, what would I do with this really?

Not much to say on this, I saw it, thought it looked like a baseball card on glass and took a photo.  I'm sick and want to wrap this up.

Election stuff interests me more than the elections themselves.  I'm ready for the current one to be over, but thankful Al Gore invented the Internet so I can write this blog.

I liked this and did try to use a logo of theirs for my blog logo but didn't like how it turned out.  I'm indifferent to RC Cola, but best by taste-test is a bold claim.   And likely incorrect.

I thought this was cool.  I  liked Annie, and if I had it on VHS I would always rewind it or else Kathleen Turner would break into my house and kill me.  Yes I made a Serial Mom reference, and I actually feel a bit better now.  Hopefully I'll be ok.... TOMORROW, TOMORROW..... IT'S ONLY A DAY A WAY!

I told you I liked the movie, even if its been 10 years or more since I've seen it.

Not sure how you would play this game, but it did catch my eye.  Milton Bradley could make a game out of anything, and usually did. 

What an odd lineup of bobbleheads.  Mr. Mint belongs with them if he was unboxed.  By the way I looked for that N'SYNC bobblehead that was like a buck last time I went and it was gone.  Not GONE like their song, but like bye-bye.... CRAP, not like their song BYE,BYE,BYE... DAMMIT why do I know so many of their songs?

Anyways, I didn't need any Osbournes bobbleheads and didn't need a Big Boy bobblehead, I have a Big Boy bank which is something else I don't need.  So I passed on these with breeze.

The last scan though I didn't pass so easily.

You know how tough it was to pass on a box of American Gladiators cards?  Not to mention though I have the set, a box of Desert Storm cards?  I was never into Mad, so that's okay, but man!  I really wanted those Gladiators cards, but passed on them.  I hope to go back soon and might look at this booth first to see if they are still there because if they are, I won't pass them up again.

So that wraps it up for my trip to Midway which was now three months ago.  If I feel better next weekend, I hope to go back or at the least get out and do something.  Now I'm a bit tired so I think I'll close it out by saying thanks for reading and have a great weekend.