Tuesday, December 20, 2016

All I Watch For Christmas

I've been getting into the mood of Christmas lately by watching some Christmas movies.  Well, at least movies I consider Christmas movies.  So today I thought I'd make a list of movies I usually watch or ones I've seen in case you wanted some ideas for movies to watch.  I'm not saying all these movies are classics or even good but they are ones I enjoy or like. 

Let's begin with ones I haven't seen in a while and would like to see again.

All childhood classics, but ones I haven't seen in likely 15 years if not more.  I should look for these to watch somewhere.

These are ones I don't watch all too often, but every couple years I'll watch them.  The Veggietales is the only one I own, but the other two are on TV yearly so I don't have to search too far for them.

Here are three more movies I don't need to watch yearly, but they are ones I own so I can watch them whenever.  I might watch Just Friends in a couple days.  I doubt I'll watch Home Alone 2 or Santa Claus The Movie this year, but its possible.

I just watched Trading Places this weekend.  Its a movie I try to watch yearly even without the theme of Christmas but the last few years it has synced up right.

I try to watch Jingle All The Way yearly also, but haven't watched it just yet.  I won't say its a great movie, but I will fight you if you say its one of the worst Christmas movies.  They actually made a sequel to this starring Larry The Cable Guy.  It was straight to DVD and I'll admit it was better than most of his other movies which I guess isn't saying much, but still worth checking out at least once.

Until a few years ago, Mickey's Christmas Carol wouldn't be on my list.  However I remember my nephews watching it like 30 times in a row and loving it.  Because of that I usually tend to watch it at least once a year, and this year I've caught it twice.  Its a nice story and one of the only versions of A Christmas Carol I remember watching (besides a Christmas episode of Saved By The Bell which I need to find as well).

These three (and also not pictured is Rudolph) are on TV every year and I usually catch them as often as I can.  I've watched Grinch, Frosty, and Rudolph I think twice each already and will likely catch A Christmas Story at least twice starting Christmas Eve.  I actually own the movie, but there isn't any need to watch it when its on loop on two channels for 24 straight hours.  I think I bought the DVD when I didn't have cable.

People debate that Die Hard isn't a Christmas movie, same as Lethal Weapon, but to me its no question, it certainly is.  Die Hard's plot surrounds a Christmas Party on Christmas Eve!  Critics say it could have been any party with no Christmas aspect and that's true, but it isn't.  Plus a lot of Christmas movies could not be Christmas movies using that logic.  Home Alone isn't a Christmas movie with that logic.  I mean a kid wish he didn't have parents, and they left him home alone on a vacation, boom, no Christmas plot needed.  The fact is they do have Christmas elements, and they are Christmas movies.  I've watched Die Hard this weekend, and probably watch Home Alone in the next couple days, so I have that covered.  I don't own Lethal Weapon or else I'd watch that too.

So I have two more movies left that I MUST WATCH every year.  I've already watched them this year and will likely watch them again before Christmas.  Here they are.

Christmas Vacation I've seen on TV almost every night this week, but I need to watch the DVD so I can hear all the unedited lines.  I remember watching the movie on VHS at school one time in high school and the teacher either never watched the movie or forgot, but it had all the lines in it.  She popped her head up when Randy Quaid said the classic "S***ter was full!" line.  I think she just figured there was no need to stop showing the movie but it was fun catching it in class.

As for Miracle on 34th Street, I've always loved it, and I'm very particular with the version I watch.  I won't ever watch the 1994 remake, it just upset me when I heard they remade it.  I'm lucky I've never seen it on TV or had to watch it in class.  Likewise, I'm not very fond of the colorized version either.  When I watch my DVD, it is the classic 1947 version in black and white.  My DVD has the colorized version and also has lots of extras too, which I tend to watch every couple of years, but its the movie itself that I love.  I thought the casting was good, and its one of the only movies that I don't think should ever get remade (too bad it has though).  I'm not even sure in this day and age it could be remade with all the technology.  It would have to be too PC for most people too and it would take away from the plot.

So that wraps it up, my Christmas movie list.  There are others I catch on TV like Christmas on The Bayou (a 2013 made for TV movie) but these are the ones I thought I'd focus on.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.  I might watch Home Alone now.


  1. Die Hard is a Christmas movie. End of subject.

    You missed Elf, which is a MUST WATCH every Christmas, and even during the hot summer. Also It's A Wonderful Life. Overplayed, sure, but a classic.

  2. The Muppet Christmas Carol is on my list. My kids watched Home Alone 2 the other day, and they thought it was hilarious.

  3. My daughter is addicted to everything Snoopy so I get plenty of that one at home. I never thought of Trading Places as being an Xmas movie but I do really enjoy that one.

  4. Jeff- The amazing thing is that I've never seen Elf. Will Ferrell is really hit and miss to me and that movie never seemed to interest me much. He's a good actor but when he misses with me, he misses big time.

    Raz- Each year I say I'll watch A Muppet Christmas Carol but never do. I like Home Alone 2, but wouldn't recommend any of the others after that.

    Matthew- I never really got into Peanuts until the last 10-15 years, but I still like watching them. As for Trading Places, it actually spans over three holidays I believe. I think it actually starts at Thanksgiving, proceeds into Christmas (where Dan dresses up as Santa), and into New Years Eve and Day, and into January 2nd where the crop report is released. I guess none of the holidays really matter in the movie, but they just happened to be around the time they needed the crop report.