Monday, December 19, 2016


Late To The COMC Party

By now everyone has seen enough COMC Black Friday posts to last until the end of the year, but I haven't shown mine off yet, and I figured I better do it before I forget like I've done with some other cards this year.  So let's dig in.

I bought 40 cards.  I think in total it said I spent $17.42 so I think I did good.  None of these cards were high priced, but cards I've had my eye on.  Most of the money was from COMC challenges, and some was from leftovers from the last time I added money to they account back in the spring.

I bought40 just so I could get two scratch cards.  I thought at least I could get a couple bucks back.  I already had about 30 cards bought so 10 more wasn't too bad especially since it was only about 4 or so bucks.  However I came up empty on both cards, which kinda sucked.  But oh well, I got cards I thought about getting anyways and most were Royals so ones  I didn't have yet anyways so no big deal.

I had to get caught up on First Pitch cards, and I've been adding these throughout the year.  The Spieth cost the most of any card I've bought in this post but now I finished the set.  Well, Series 1 and 2, I haven't looked at the Update series yet but no plans to get them so quick since the prices should fall soon.  As for future years, I think I'll just get ones I want instead of the entire set.  It was fun to collect, but most of these I don't care about, so aside from the James Taylor and Hayley Atwell, I had no real desire for these cards.

Plus I still haven't finished the 2015 set yet.  Even after these 4, I still have like 3 more to get.  I'm not going to overpay on them, so I'll bide my time on them.  None of these four were must have even, but I do want to finish the set.

On the bottom row is some Johnny Damon cards that I didn't have.  I've wanted the Fan Club one for quite a while, so I was happy to finally get it.   I also wanted to work on getting more of his newer cards too, so I got the Goodwin Champions card.  Then I saw that he had a 2016 card as a Royal so since it was cheap enough I bit.  The last card is an Aaron Crow card from his time as a Northwest Arkansas Natural.  I might try to get a hat or something of the Naturals, I like their logo.  As for the Crow card, I really like it, and hope to get more of his cards soon.

I am almost done with the team set for the Heritage set.  I've been getting these off and on this year and I need to see what I have left to get now.

The other three are this years Bowman cards, which I'm actually close to finishing too.  It will be sad to not see Wade Davis as a Royal next year, but I appreciate his time with his team.  Unlike most, I never gave up on him, even that first year I thought he'd be the secret weapon of that trade.

A whole lot of George.  The Stadium Club card I fell in love with the moment I saw it, and finally saw a price I couldn't pass up.  The Rarities card is from this year (maybe even the Update set) and the only Royal in the insert set, so it was an easy get.  The Topps Kids card is another I've wanted for a while and finally picked up.  The last card on top row is actually a sticker.  A couple months back I showed off a similar card of Eric Hosmer.  After I got it, I saw that the only other Royal card was of Brett, so I got it right then.

On the bottom row is the last Brett card, this was one I didn't have on my radar, but still liked.  I was looking to get the Coca Cola card of his, but it was more than I wanted to pay, so I thought this one would be a nice addition.

Next is a Tom Watson First Pitch card.  Its a Chrome version, and I have no plans for the entire set, just the Royals ones, so this covered it.  It was pretty cheap so I'm happy.  Next is another Bowman card from this year, and insert set called International Ink.  I don't know much or anything about Jeison Guzman but I hope he has a bright future.

Last card of the scan is one you might have seen recently.  It was listed on my Top 25 Most Wanted list.  Which I still need to add to the site, but anyways, I found it cheap enough that I finally pulled the trigger.  My intention wasn't getting many of the Most Wanted cards so soon, but if I find them cheap enough I will.

Last scan of the night.  The top cards are from the 2011 Topps Minor League set.  All are Royals and all ones I needed.  I have a few, and only a few more to finish the set.  I'm glad I got the Ventura card finally.

Finally, a COMC order wouldn't be complete without some Maddux.  I got another card off my Most Wanted list with the HoloGrFX card and got another that would have likely replaced it if I updated it fast enough- the Etch A Sketch card. I really need to focus on a certain year for Maddux now because I'm starting to forget what I have and don't, so I need to update my list and then work from there.  I might work on his Padres cards first since I think I have a lot of them anyways and his Dodgers cards too.  The Braves cards are in the thousands so it might take a while to get all of them.  But I'll have fun trying to get them.

So with that, that concludes my COMC cards.  I hope you enjoyed them, and I hope to have another post or two this week, if I get a few more scans done.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.


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Nice group of cards here, I'd say you did very well for spending under $20. The Maddux and Brett cards are really nice, and the Royals look great on 2013 Heritage.

Mike Matson
12/19/16, 9:33 PM delete

I have to figure out COMC lol