Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Goodbye 2016 Part One: Grizzlies, Fish, Dawgs, Mockingbirds, and More

2016 was deadly.  As I write this news came out that Carrie Fisher has passed away.  I thought I would dedicate a post to some of the names of people that passed on this year that had some impact on me.  Then it grew and grew into two posts.... then three, now maybe four.  So I had to exclude a lot of names and some may be oversights and I apologize, but I couldn't list them all if I included pictures which I planned to do.  So today we'll start with the beginning of the year and go through the end of March, which is right now sitting at 30 names.  I know there were many more, but again, I couldn't include them all.  So here is part one and I might post a couple a day until I finish this just so I can get through this without shedding too many tears.

David Bowie- January 10th

Monte Irvin- January 11th

Lawrence Phillips- January 13th

Alan Rickman- January 14th

Dan Haggerty- January 15th

Ted Marchibroda- January 16th

Glenn Frey- January 18th

Abe Vigoda- January 26th

Dave Mirra- February 4th

Axl Rotten- February 4th

Maurice White- February 4th

Ray Colcord- February 5th

Tony Phillips- February 17th

Harper Lee- February 19th

Tony Burton- February 25th

George Kennedy- February 28th

Gil HIll- February 29th

Hayabusa- March 3rd

Lord James Blears- March 3rd

Joey Feek- March 4th

Nancy Reagan- March 6th

Aaron Huffman- March 6th

Keith Emerson- March 10th

Frank Sinatra Jr.- March 16th

Larry Drake- March 17th

Phife Dawg- March 22nd

Joe Garagiola- March 23rd

Ken Howard- March 23rd

Gary Shandling- March 24th

Patty Duke- March 29th

Did I miss some?  I know I did, and I know I missed more sports people, but my list began and mostly ended from Wikipedia with some assists from a few other sites.  The dates are from Wikipedia also so there may some mistakes on there as well (I already spotted and corrected one for later in the year).  I started this later than I hoped so I admit I am rushing it a bit, but I wanted to get it done.  I know some of these names or faces may seem unfamiliar, so I'll put the list again below and give you a hint on some.  As for the rest, you can just Google them and find out more.

David Bowie (Jan 10th)
Monte Irvin (Jan 11th)
Lawrence Phillips (Jan 13th)
Alan Rickman (Jan 14th)
Dan Haggerty (Jan 15th)- Actor: Grizzly Adams
Ted Marchibroda (Jan 16th)
Glenn Frey (Jan 18th)
Abe Vigoda (Jan 26th)
Dave Mirra (Feb 4th)
Axl Rotten (Feb 4th)- ECW Wrestler
Maurice White (Feb 4th)
Ray Colcord (Feb 5th)- Music Composer- Boy Meets World
Tony Phillips (Feb 17th)
Harper Lee (Feb 19th)
Tony Burton (Feb 25th)- Actor- Rocky, Armed & Dangerous
George Kennedy (Feb 28th)
Gil Hill (Feb 29th)- Actor- Beverly Hills Cop; also a Police Officer and City Councilman
Hayabusa (Mar 3rd)- Wrestler
Lord James Blears (Mar 3rd)- Wrestler
Joey Feek (Mar 4th)- Musician- Joey + Rory
Nancy Reagan (Mar 6th)
AARON HUFFMAN (MAR 6TH)- Musician- Harvey Danger
Keith Emerson (Mar 10th)
Frank Sinatra Jr. (Mar 16th)
Larry Drake (Mar 17th)
Joe Garagiola (MARCH 23)
Ken Howard (Mar 23rd)- Actor- White Shadow
Garry Shandling (Mar 24th)
Patty Duke (Mar 29th)

Aaron Huffman and Phife Dawg are in caps as I just added them to the list as I didn't see them on my first scan.  While all the actors, musicians, and writers on this list is impressive, the one that possibly saddened me the most was Gil Hill.  When I heard he passed I was sad.  I remembered the name as In the last couple years I've been looking at birthdays almost daily and remembered his name after seeing it and realizing he was Inspector Todd from Beverly Hills Cop.  I read up more on him and found out he was a real cop and eventually a councilman for Detroit and an all around nice guy.  Its speculative on who the biggest name would be on the list, but I'd say two of the biggest were David Bowie and Nancy Reagan.  The saddest might have been Joey Feek as her husband Rory kept almost daily updates as she went through her final days battling cervical cancer.  It struck home as it was the same type of cancer that took my sister almost 4 years ago.  As a reminder, January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.  It doesn't get the attention Breast Cancer Awareness Month gets, and that makes me sad, but I mean no disrespect to those who have suffered from any kind of Cancer.  I've known people who have suffered many kinds.

So I guess I'll wrap this up for now, but look out for the rest of them in the coming days.  If I excluded someone I either haven't gotten to them yet (Prince will be on the next list), I missed it, or I didn't see it.  There is only one name I purposely excluded and I won't mention his name.  He would have been on the next list though.  Let's hope 2017 doesn't take as many people as 2016.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.

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