Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016: A Sad Finale

It's time for the last of the list of people we lost in 2016.  Before I start with the list, I noticed one glaring omission in part two.  I'd thought about him since he's passed many times but for some reason didn't see him on the list I had and didn't add him.  It's time to fix that.  On July 19th we lost a Hollywood legend.  Legend is thrown around a lot, but in this case its true.

Garry Marshall- July 19th

So with that let's get into the final batch of those who passed on. 

Holly Dunn- November 14th

Gwen Ifill- November 14th

Cliff Barrows- November 15th

Sharon Jones- November 18th

Florence Henderson- November 24th

Ron Glass- November 25th

Alice Drummond- November 30th

Joe McKnight- December 1st

Margaret Whitton- December 4th

Rashaan Salaam- December 5th

Greg Lake- December 7th

Jimbo Elrod- December 12th

Alan Thicke- December 13th

Craig Sager- December 15th

Zsa Zsa Gabor- December 18th

George Michael- December 25th

Ricky Harris- December 26th

George S. Irving- December 26th

Barbara Tarbuck- December 27th

Carrie Fisher- December 27th

Debbie Reynolds- December 28th

Here is a little refresher on who some of these people are.

Holly Dunn- Musician
Gwen Ifill- PBS anchor
Cliff Barrows- Billy Graham Ministries
Sharon Jones- Musician
Florence Henderson- Actress
Ron Glass- Actor
Alice Drummond- Actress
Joe McKnight- Football Player
Margaret Whitton- Actress
Rashaan Salaam- Football Player/ Heisman Winner
Greg Lake- Musician
Jimbo Elrod- Football Player
Alan Thicke- Actor
Craig Sager- Reporter
Zsa Zsa Gabor- Actress
George Michael- Musician
Ricky Harris- Actor
George S. Irving- Actor
Carrie Fisher- Actress
Barbara Tarbuck- Actress
Debbie Reynolds- Actress

As I just wrote that list I am sad to report another name has to be added to this list.  I just found out William Christopher has passed away.  You may know him from the show M.A.S.H.

William Christopher- December 31st

So as the year closes, it was a really sad year for celebrity deaths.  I don't know if it was more or less than normal, but it did seem abundant.  Out of this final quarter, I think Margaret Whitton, Sharon Jones, and Alan Thicke saddened me the most.  However I'll always have something in common with Florence Henderson so that struck me too.  We were both born on February 14th, and she was on of the most famous born on that day so it always resonated with me.  Let's hope there are less names for 2017 and the magnitude of stars is much less.

That will wrap it up for now, but thank you for a memorable 2016 and I might do a recap in the coming days and an outlook for 2017 on my blog.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.

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