Friday, December 16, 2016


Cards Old And New

Baby its cold outside... and icy... and a lot of accidents.  Be safe if you have bad weather in your area.  I didn't expect this to happen here for another day, but it seems I'm going to be shut in for the weekend, which I pretty much expected and don't mind.

Okay with that out of the way I thought I'd show some cards I got today while getting some food at the local convenience store.  They only had Series Two Topps, so lets take a look.

Not a bad batch, I like the McCutchen card a lot and glad I got the Grichuk card.  The others I think are all new so if I ever decide to work on piecing the set together I have a good start.  The bunt card expired last month, so that kinda sucks though, but I never use them.

Three Royals cards, but I think I might have them already.  Maybe the Medlen is new, I'm not sure.  I know I have the Orlando card and pretty sure I have the Mondesi card.  Overall I think this was a good pack.

Beyond that, I have much more stuff to show but I'll save it for another day.  I have some COMC cards to show as I got them earlier this week, but that might be better done tomorrow when the temperature dips to 2 degrees.

However since it is the holiday season I found some old Christmas cards and thought I'd show them off.  I didn't scan inside the card, just the covers but I still think you'll enjoy.

I bought a box of A Christmas Story cards a few years ago, but never used them.  When I moved this year I think I kept one of each design and left the rest.  I don't plan on mailing cards, and they just took up space, so I didn't need them.  Here are some more.

In a sense its become a bit sad how much crap they've licensed from this movie, but the smartest thing they did was sell those leg lamps.

Here's the last batch.

Overall I liked the front of the cards okay, but thought the inside of the cards were a bit basic and not very creative.  However I wouldn't be opposed to seeing other movies make cards.  Christmas Vacation would be good ones to make.  Maybe I should do that, but then again, I still have Olympic cards I haven't finished.  Maybe I should work on that.

So that wraps it up for tonight.  I'm going to sit back maybe watch a Christmas movie or find something else to watch and cover up.  I might go to sleep early to keep from getting too cold.  Tomorrow I might do a new blog and I also hope to work on getting more cards sorted, at least do something to stay warm.  I hope everyone has a safe weekend.  Thanks for reading.