Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Neighborhood Watch....ing for good deals

This past weekend my town had City Wide Garage Sales.  The term "CITY" is used generically as we have a population of a little over 750 people.  Any way you slice it, about 30 houses decided to sell stuff, some in conjunction with other people, so there were deals to be had, it just depends on what you were looking for.

I wasn't looking for much.  To be honest, I set my hope of finding something good to 1 (out of 100) just so I wouldn't be disappointed in case I came home empty handed.  Luckily I found some good stuff at the few places I went to.

Friday morning started out as a potential wash.  Storms were looming, so knowing I had about 20 minutes, I walked down the street to about 4 sales.  Swing and a miss on the first three (though I planned to go back later), but I passed up some 9 card pages at the first sale.  I passed on them.

The last house I went to brought in some deals just as it started to sprinkle.

It's only one glass, but its a beauty.  I thought I'd show both sides.  I incorrectly told people it was a Mayor McCheese glass.  It isn't, it is a Officer Big Mac glass.  Both characters were slowly being phased out around the time I was born, so forgive me.  It was a quarter, and I wanted to say it was worth hitting some sales.  Which by the way, I would have paid $1 for this, so it was a steal.  In the end I spent $1 at the sale before barely making it home before a huge downpour.  In addition to the glass and a picture/painting for my mom, here is what else I got.

This is a glass... uh thing, that is in nice shape.  I have seen a few like these but don't really know what they are meant to be used for.  This will likely sit in my desk for a while before I have a place to display it.

This is still in its wrapping.  It is a football chalkboard, that I didn't really need but didn't want to dig out change, so figured 4 items for a buck was worth it.

After it rained for about an hour or so it stopped, and I waited a bit before going out walking again.  This time I came up empty handed, but did manage to get a workout,as I walked about 2 miles total, so I'm not complaining.

On Saturday, I hit a few I had hoped to hit on Friday but didn't.  Here is what I got.

State Fair is a Community College in the State Fair city of Sedalia, MO.  Their mascot as shown is the Roadrunners.  I never went there, but the shirt looked clean and was 50 cents.  It wasn't until paying they mentioned the tag was still on it.  A $17 shirt for under a buck is a steal.

I was pretty happy to find this.  This is a jersey for the town school, the one I went to.  I now have a jersey from my high school's basketball team.  I think this might be for the girl's team, but I'm not complaining one bit, I collect jerseys when I find them cheap enough, and I was a statistician for the team, so I want as many relics as I can.  I paid 75 cents for this.  Again, a steal!  I wish I would have gone Friday and maybe could have found more shirts.

Another sale I went to was one I usually enjoy stopping at, but haven't in a few years.  They usually have cheap stuff, and I come out with a few things, this time was no different.

No I'm not sure where this University is located.  I didn't get it for that.  I have a bunch of bags, but most of them are a bit flimsy. This one was really sturdy and also zipped up.  It was worth getting.  I forgot the price, but it was a deal.

I also bought stuff to fill the bag.  DVD's were $1.  I bought 2, and eyed a couple more (maybe next time I won't pass up Encino Man).

Call me a sucker, but I actually liked this movie.  I watched for it to hit the $5 bin at Walmart for the longest time (its where most my movies come from), but never saw it.  So I picked it up immediately when I saw it.

I had seen this one for $5 a few times, but always passed it up.  I almost did again until something told me to pick it up.  Notice the Walmart sticker on it?  That means one thing... its still sealed.  Maybe I'll never watch it (its a decent movie, not as good as I remember it as a kid, but still worth having in case my nephews come over and are bored one day), $1 for an unopened movie is unheard of.

They had tons more, and originally I was going to go back later but never did. They also had a few blu-ray movies for $2.  A good price too, but since I don't have a blu-ray player I passed.

They also had DVD seasons, and they were $3.  They had a lot of South Park seasons, and quite a few others, but none stood out... except one.

I love The Simpsons.  Especially the older seasons.  However, I don't own many.  After getting this one (Season two), I have a total of 5 I think.  I think I am behind 15 seasons, but no plans to buy the others anytime soon (unless I see more for $3).

After that sale I looked at the ones down the block again, and while nothing new, I did buy a book at one I passed the day before (an edition of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader) for 50 cents.  Overall in two days of sales my total haul came in under 10 bucks, so setting my expectations low paid off and I was very happy with the results.

If anyone in my town reads this and notices anything you sold to me, thank you for having great deals, and if I didn't get anything at your sale, it was likely because I just didn't want to walk around town carrying a bunch of stuff.

Thank you all for reading, I think I'll go and watch some Simpsons, have a great night.  I hope I don't to unruly from laughing and Officer Big Mac has to arrest me for disturbing the peace.


  1. Great pickups! The glass is cool and Harry and the Hendersons is a good movie!

    1. I thought I did pretty well. I have a friend who had a talking Harry doll, it was pretty cool, I should ask if he still has it, he never tosses anything. Not that it would be worth tossing.

  2. Oh man, when I was a kid, my local McDonalds playland had an Officer Big Mac whose head you could climb around in. Good times.

    1. I have only seen them in pictures online, but always thought it would be cool to have been able to play in those older playlands. The local McDonalds here never got a PlayPlace until the mid 90s or so, and by then I was almost too big, and it didn't appeal to me.