Thursday, June 18, 2015


Rain has caused Turtles to spawn!

It has been raining a lot lately.  So much so that you would think I lived in Seattle and not Mid-Missouri.  Once the rain subsides, hot and humid weather is predicted, so its not a very good trade off.

I decided to show off something today I've been sitting on for a year now.  Even before I started my blog.  I think I opened them in February but never posted them.  Here we go.

TURTLE POWER!  As any kid in the late 80s or early 90s can attest, TMNT were the bomb!  I loved watching the cartoon every week and even had some of the cards.  Once I sold my collection of cards, I started from scratch and about 4-5 years ago picked up some of these cards again at a garage sale.

I bought this box from Dave and Adam's last year along with a few other things, but as I said earlier held off on opening them.  I finally did it though and here are the results.

The kid in me was super excited because I rarely get to open boxes, and when I do they are blasters or 15 baseball packs for $20.  So this was pretty cool.  I also forgot what it was like to see packs selling for a quarter a piece.  The cheapest I remember is 15 cent packs but I remember they seemed to jump to 99 cents pretty quickly.  Today 99 cents would be a sight for sore eyes (on all packs, not just Opening Day or Kickoff packs).

I am curious where different turtles weren't on every pack instead of just Donatello.  I guess it did save costs, but oh well.  Let's crack one open!

Hmm, throughout this entire process, I never realized these were series two... despite it saying so on the box, the order form, the website, and EVERY PACK!  I was hoping for the green border cards I had as a kid, but this is still cool, I didn't have hardly any of these pizza numbered ones, so most of these will be new to me.

Almost a perfect match!  I forgot about the 25 year old gum.  I need something to store it in until I toss it.

Ahh, Christmas themed Starburst cylinder, thank you for being handy, and the gum slides right through the top.  I never planned to use it as a bank anyways.

Despite being disappointed that they weren't the series one cards, I do like these designs with the green and black.  I don't care for the pizza as the background to the numbers, but I understand why they did it.

I really like the back design too.  The continued on the next card is a nice touch too.  I really can't complain.

Let's look at the gum count right now almost halfway through the packs.

Starting to fill up.  I was quite surprised how most of the sticks were still intact.  I think throughout the entire box maybe 3 sticks were broken.  Not bad I must say.

Okay more cards.

So overall I came out pretty good.  Had some doubles I'll admit, but I can't complain too much.  In the end, out of the 88 cards in the set, I got 86.

I only need cards 137 and 152 to complete series two.  I have found a few of series one on Listia floating around, so I am piecing that one together too.  I have no urgency to complete the set, but it would be nice to do down the road.

I did manage to get a complete set of stickers, so that is a plus.  I figured I would complete that fairly easily, and might have an extra set or two.

So how did the gum bank look?

It actually was more than that I believe.  In the end gum was protruding from the top and I had to push it down a few times to get the lid on when I finished.  I wasn't planning on keeping it, so once the lid was on and all the gum inside, I just tossed it.  I doubt there is a market for pack fresh sticks of gum 25 years old, but I never know these days.

Overall it was a fun thing to do, and I really enjoyed it.  I might even have to look up the old shows again and watch a few.  I will say I got more enjoyment out of this box then I did the Free Willy 2 box.  Maybe its time to find a cheap box of sports cards and open them.  I did do a NASCAR one (which I got in the same order), but didn't photograph it since it was before I started my blog.  I'll see what I can find.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone had a great day! COWABUNGA DUDE!  Oh before I go, there is another contest I wanted to mention, Waiting 'Til Next Year has a cool contest going on until Sunday that you need to check out.


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6/18/15, 8:53 PM delete

Dude those are awesome!!!! Love and still love TMNT!!! I never got my hands onto any of the TMNT cards. I did get Batman, Power Rangers, etc from my other favorite shows.

6/19/15, 5:48 AM delete

It's funny, I have the complete series one...but only one packs' worth of series 2 cards. Come to think of it I may not actually have a complete series 1, I know I have the factory set (with white card backs) but the base, pack issued cards I don't know if I have all of them.

6/19/15, 11:31 AM delete

Dude, I totally would have crunched that gum! My saying is, "If it's brown, put it down. If it's pink, it's ok, I think."