Wednesday, June 3, 2015


They Are The (Goodwin) Champions Part 1

Recently I decided to buy a box of Goodwin Champions cards from 2012.  To be honest, I think I just wanted to get something, and they were discounted.  Today I thought I would show a few off and discuss.

How about some baseball?  Quite a mix here, which I can't decided which one I like best.  Ernie Banks is an early favorite, but the Donnie Baseball one stands out as well.

A nice mix of football too.  Though not as impressive to me, I am glad I pulled the Kaepernick card and I like how Herschel Walker is in his MMA pose.  Jim McMahon looks like somebody asked him to do the Super Bowl Shuffle.

Let's look at basketball for good measure.  As impressive as the baseball batch (if not more), I got some pretty good ones here.  Never had an Oscar Robertson or Elgin Baylor cards (at least if I remember), and pulling the Karl Malone card is nice too (and it looks like its based on his run with WCW no less, so extra points).  Thought the catch for me was the Jackie Stiles.  I was a big fan of Stiles during her college days, and even her high school days to be honest.  I have wanted this card for a while (and might have even bought one a while back, I need to check), but now for sure I have it.  I really wished her WNBA career was better than it turned out to be.  I might have even watched more if it did, and might even still watch it today.

Finally is some non-sport inclusions including an insert card.

It's not everyday you see cards of Explorers or Generals, but these are nice ones to pull.  I like the Stonewall Jackson card more than I thought I would.  I'm no history buff, so generally these don't interest me.  However, maybe I should look into these more.

The insert is of the USS Maine part of the Military Machines set.  It was a nice card to get, but not one I desired, though I would like to get the USS Missouri at one point.

That will wrap it up for now, but I pulled some more cards that I thought I'd post later since I haven't posted as much lately.  I have been working on other things, and not much to show on here, so once I have more I will be posting more.  Hoping to hit some garage sales this weekend and may even hit a card shop too, so if I do, I should have plenty to discuss.  Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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6/3/15, 11:01 AM delete

Such a strange set. Lots of keepers here.

Josh D.
6/6/15, 10:37 AM delete

Nice post. My only problem with this set -- if Stonewall Jackson wanted to be included in a set called "Champions," he should have stuck with the Union.