Saturday, June 6, 2015


We Are The (Goodwin) Champions Part 2

Enough lolly-gagging on my part, its time for more of the Goodwin Champions box I pulled, this time with MINI'S!

We begin with some soccer.  I have some soccer cards, I would probably have more if I could buy packs locally and I was more interested in the sport.  Though these pulls were pretty good.  I have a few Landon Donovan's now but I think this might be my first Clint Dempsey.

Golf is another sport I have few cards of.  I don't plan on going out an buying any, but have my eye on a few players I'd like a card of.  One of those was Natalie Gulbis, so I can cross her off.  I can add it to the Payne Stewart I have, and next keep an eye on John Daly and Paula Creamer cards (not together, that would be a bit disturbing).

More football, this time almost an oddball mix.  Brian Bosworth in karate mode and Knute Rockne.  I wish I could say Bosworth has started to become a good actor, but I saw him in a few movies recently and I'd be lying if I called him "good".  Still better than a lot of actors, but at least he played a believable character (a biker).  For those curious to the movie, it was called Revelation Road, and its an end-times trilogy.  Supposedly there are more in the works, but if they are released, I watch them like I did this time- streaming on Netflix.

Anyways, a couple hockey cards, another sport I have few cards of, but only because I'm not a huge fan.  I do have a little St. Louis Blues collection, though I don't really root for them much.  I might have an Eric Lindros card, but either way, this will go into my collection.  It's a nice card.  I don't know Wendell Clark, but its a decent card too.

Don't watch surfing, so these don't interest me much.  The closest I came to watching surfing was playing the NES game California Games and surfed on there, and watching the movie Blue Crush.  I have watched Powerboat racing before, but its not really my thing.

Neither is Track & Field, unless its during the Olympics.  Even then its iffy if I'll watch.  I wouldn't mind a Usain Bolt card, but otherwise none I need.

Boxing and MMA I will watch on occasion.  I was never into either a whole lot, but did like watching boxing in the late 90's, I just can't into it much today.  MMA I liked when Strikeforce was around, then watched Bellator for a while, but never watched much UFC (I think more because I don't like Dana White).  I wish UFC would sign Ben Askren though, maybe then I would tune in.  I'd also like to see C.M. Punk's first fight, but I'm not shelling out PPV cash to see it.

Cycling I don't get into at all.  It's a sport, I won't deny that, but I just doesn't interest me.  Unlike racing where you have to plan pit stops and have cautions and such, it seems cycling it just a never ending race.  Kudos to you if you enjoy it, I know people hate NASCAR or racing in general,so I know it sucks when people hate on a sport you enjoy.

Speaking of which- is Competitive Eating a sport?  I'm sorry, but I have to say- YES!  It may be gluttonous and a bit gross to watch but there is more strategy in it than people think.  I watch the Hot Dog Contest yearly, and once TRIED to do a radio podcast talking about it (good times).  I would watch more if they were televised, and I can't wait for a month from now in hopes of someone dethroning Joey Chestnutt.  I'm not a fan of his, but I am happy I got a card of him.  I wouldn't be opposed to seeing a set released featuring the top competitive eaters with it showing what records they hold.  Maybe include some autographs too, I'd like to get a Tim Janus (Eater X) autograph.  Just for kicks include game used memorabilia from events (like a piece of the cup they use to wash the food down with)... okay that might go too far, but still, it could be an interesting set.

Okay, the moment everyone waited for... THE MINI'S!  I still don't care for mini's but I got some decent ones.  It looks like its the same design as the base cards, so getting mini's of Jack Morris, Richard Petty (which they showed on the box), and Warren Moon was nice.  Petty and Moon will definitely find a place in my collection.  The Trent Richardson is a special one (I might have got the regular mini too), so it was nice to get an added bonus. That is a nice picture they used for his card.

Overall I think I did pretty good.  The Champions series isn't one I usually get, but I found quite a few keepers, so I might rethink avoiding these in the future.  I wish they would use real pictures though and I hope they get different people each year instead of the same ones all the time, especially the older guys.

After going through these, I might look at checklists of other years and see what is worth checking out on COMC.  I hear they have a free shipping deal in a week or two, so I might buy a few cards.

That will do it for today, thank you for reading, and have a great weekend.  If you read these last two posts, let me know which card you liked best, maybe I could part with some of them.