Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Quick Custom Post

Thought I would write a new post.  I've been a little busy and get easily sidetracked so I forgot its been a few days.  I thought I'd show off some custom cards I made and then have a regular post tomorrow.

I did this a few months ago when I had a chance to meet him, but something came up and I missed him.  For those who don't follow NASCAR, he is the son of the great Bill Elliott and is going to be taking over for Jeff Gordon when he retires next year.

I made another card too with a new design I never used before (or since, but I like it).

A little bare, but overall I like the basic design.

Moving on, I was on Listia the other day and at the bottom of the page was a special offer: 15,000 credits for signing up for a free trial of Next Issue, a digital magazine reader.  I had to read two magazines, and so I did it.  I won't keep it beyond the month, but it is a pretty good value if you read magazines.  One magazine in particular yielded two card ideas.  It was from a Canadian Sports magazine.

I never heard of Emily Batty before, but I liked this photo.  I hope she is in the Olympics next year, I might watch for her.  I used the checkered flag border because I think it worked best.  The font on her name is actually from her website, so I can't take credit for it.

The final card is one of Michael Sam.  He signed to play in the CFL for the Montreal Alouettes and I found a picture after reading an article on him.  The same day the team reported he left the team for personal reasons, but indicated he could return.

Not the best attempt on my part, but I'm always trying to improve.  My next challenge could be working on sports without cards or something.  I haven't been in the mood to do them much lately, so it could be a while.  Maybe once baseball season ends.  However, I might change my tune once the All-Star teams are announced, we'll see.

Thanks for reading, and have a great night.  I also wanted to mention that you should check out Baseball Card Breakdown, where a contest is currently being held.  He recaps 2 years and 500 posts which are all very good.  You should follow his blog if you aren't currently.


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Thanks for the mention!

And nice customs... that Emily Batty is quite a good looking lady.