Monday, February 1, 2016


Catching up on Listia, also heard about a contest!

So who clicked because you wanted to see my Listia dealing?  And how many because of contest details?

Of course, the contest.  First and foremost its not my contest it is Play At The Plate's contest.  I will also say as fun as it sounds, I won't partake in it, so your odds might have gotten better.  Nothing against the contest or anything, I'm just not participating.  I did want to mention it though for others to check out in case they wasn't aware.

So with that out of the way, its time to check out some stuff I won on Listia recently.  I cut back on stuff for a while, but since Christmas it has seemed a bit easier to win on there and some pretty cheap.  No more talkie, I got some scans.

I've been getting a lot of cards from this seller as of late.  He posts 8 or 9 cards and names one of the players on the cards as the title.  He says you get all the cards, but only references one of the players.  This was simply titled "BOONE".  They start at 499 credits, and usually nobody bids on them unless its a big name player.  I didn't really need any of these cards, but then spotted the Jeff King.  I needed that one, so I bid, not expecting to win, but I did.  I've won a few from him since, and bidding on some now even.  I like the design of these cards, and some of the photos are good too.  This is my first Royals card from this set, and I have already updated my wantlist to include the rest of the cards.  The Ron Gant card is nice too, but I'm paring down my other team collections so its likely not making the cut.

This may or may not have been from the same seller, but in the end I also got this for under 1000 credits (possibly at 499).  These were parallels of the Sage Hit from um... I forgot the year, I think 2014, maybe 2013.  These had red sparkle borders.  I have a couple of them already, and not real intention of getting more, but the Henry Josey caught my eye.  A Mizzou card one I didn't have, made this easy to bid on.  In addition have Jadeveon Clowney and David Fales in addition made it easier.  On top of that, I also remember I have autograph Press Pass (maybe its also Hit) rookies of Quincey Enunwa and Brian Quick, so I might be able to put those together and get something for them.  In any event, I wasn't mad that I won these, and would have likely bid higher if I need to.  If the title had Clowney in it, I bet I wouldn't have won it as the prices would have skyrocketed.

Next is actually 5 auctions I won, broken into two scans.

The auctions were for 3 cards from the Just 2004 sets.  The seller said ask for certain cards as he might have them.  Only 2 Royals were in that set, Mark Teahen, and Billy Butler, so I asked about them, and also remembered Ian Kinsler was in the set.  The seller told me he didn't have any of them on hand, but might have them.

I wasn't too worried, as I like minor league cards, and the set had some decent names, so 15 cards I was bound to get some names I knew.  Each auction was 499 credits and I was the only bidder on all of them.  Much to my surprise, when I opened the cards up, there was a Mark Teahen included.  Well, the Royals team set is half done, and the wantlist is now updated.  Nice to see a Josh Fields, Ryan Raburn, and Brendan Ryan cards as well.  I think I did good.

He just mentioned JUST cards, so I knew it was possible to get some Just Rookies as well, and I ended up with three.  12 were from the Just set, and with only 90 cards I think, I could actually one day try to complete the whole set.  Maybe...

I like how I got a Matt Tuiasospo card as I remembered then forgot about him.  Its fun to see some of these names and wonder what they do now if they don't play.

The last scan is a odd variety of wins I got.  All were cheap so I bid.  Only one I really cared about winning.

If I see WNBA  cards (especially from the first few years), I will bid if they are cheap.  I enjoyed watching some of them.  I didn't really stop watching for any other reason than I was burnt out of sports around 2005 or so.  It only lasted a couple years and I didn't stop completely, but as a result I stopped watching most sports not MLB or NFL.  Even today I don't watch a lot of sports besides MLB, NFL, or college.  I just couldn't get back into pro basketball as it seemed less team driven, and more showmanship.  Once day I might give it another go, but with limited chances, it might be a while.

Next is Tyron Woodley.  He went to Mizzou, and while I have one of his cards, this was cheap enough to bid on.  I didn't see him wrestle in college, but did see him compete in Strikeforce a time or two.  I don't watch UFC (largely due to not liking Dana White), but I do support Woodley some.

Next is a hologram card of Brett Hull.  I also got a Wayne Gretzsky that looks similar.  I like Hull, but both of those cards will be given to a friend.  He's a big hockey fan, so he'll enjoy them more than me.  I also had no interest in them and just bid because they were low.

Next is 3 1987 Topps cards.  Two are Royals cards, and thanks to working on my wantlist, I saw I didn't have them yet.  Now I have 1-2 more to complete the set, so maybe I can do it this year.  The other card is Scott Bailes who pitched at Mizzou.  A good chance I have this card already (need to work on my Mizzou stuff soon), but even if I do, my friend can have it.  He primarily collects Mizzou football, but won't turn down other Mizzou products.

I don't care for mini cards or refractor cards, but I do like Eric Berry.  When nobody bids, I will bid on Berry cards.  I did this instance and won as the only bidder.  I was really surprised and was actually ready to fight for this card.  I actually forgot it was a refractor until I got it, so I could be one of the best buys I've ever gotten on Listia.

Finally is the only item I really wanted.  It was also one I would have fought for.  It is a 7/11 Slurpee card/pog/whatever and its from the 1980s.  I love oddball, but more than that it features Dan Quisenberry, so I had to have it.  The thing with 7/11 is I don't think I've ever been to one.  I'm sure its no different than other gas stations, but the brand sells itself as being something you must experience at least once.  Plus they score good promos with sports and WWE so I'd love to get some of this stuff first hand instead of through online.

This is my first of these Slurpee cards but I have updated my wantlist to include the others.  No rush to get them, and not real worried if I don't but its nice to find and win stuff and actually keep my lists current instead of being behind an 8-ball all the time.

Speaking of which, by finishing the Royals stuff, it gives me time to work on the rest of my collection, which I am making great progress on. Once finished with everything else, I will begin my Mizzou collection.  It should help me a lot to see what I have.

That will wrap it up for tonight, but I still have more Listia stuff to show, and even a couple things I scanned a few months back I never showed, so I'm not running out of ideas yet.  Now just to move my average posts up to finish the goal of more posts than 2015.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.


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Tony L.
2/2/16, 6:13 AM delete

You have got some of the most eclectic collections of anyone! Cool cards.

Mike Matson
2/2/16, 7:59 PM delete

I haven't been able to figure out Listia