Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ebay Findings

This is a post of things you can find on Ebay.  I will show pictures and links (if they are still active auctions) to a random mix of items I recently found (notice: I did not buy these).  I am not endorsing any of these sellers and only use the information I gathered from the auction.  You are free to purchase any items, but again, I am not endorsing them, I am just showing them.

I was going to write this last night but I got tired.  Then sidetracked (darn TV, but at least Rizzoli & Isles is back and Limitless is getting better) thankfully I have been catalogging more cards and almost down to just my Mizzou collection to add.  I also recently updated my Johnny Damon and Kirk Gibson HAVE lists and should do the same with Greg Maddux later this week.

Through all this though I was happy to post so much last week then I stalled.  In fact I hit a wall and with nothing scanned, I ran out of ideas.  So it was either Happy Place which I wasn't really down in the dumps, so I'll save that for a rainy day.  Card Hall of Fame kinda went out with a whimper, and the only way to revive it is to write four or five at once so I can get motivated to bring it back.  No scans of Greg Maddux (and none listed in my collection at the moment on TCDB) kind of left Maddux Mania as a no.  So besides maybe one or two regular features I forgot, that left me with my EBAY feature (which I still never properly named).

If you haven't seen one of these before, as I stated to begin with it is just random stuff I found on EBAY and I talk a bit about it.  Pretty simple, and most of the time it has some connection to me one way or another.  I've posted links to anything from buses to whatever in the past.  Some items may be cheap, some may be overpriced, but for this blog post, it is for pure entertainment.  You are free to buy any or all, but I'm not endorsing it, though I will say it looks like most of the sellers are legit and have feedback to prove it.  If you do buy any of these items its at your own risk.

Enough small talk, lets begin (also sorry for the crappy photos on the first few scans.

If you're not down with this D-X SILVER PENDANT NECKLACE, I got two words for ya!  I was more of a nWo guy (and a WCW guy over a WWF fan), but I did like Degeneration X.  I was a big Shawn Michaels fan to begin with, so it made it easier. The edginess of DX was perfect for kids my age who were in the upper high school years.

One day some group I was in, maybe Student Council, maybe just class officers, maybe just a few classmates I kinda forgot now, anyways, were were asked to run a concession stand at Hearnes Center for what is known as Band Day at Mizzou.  Band Day is usually the first or second Mizzou football game of the year and Mizzou invites a lot of high school bands to play.  Our school wasn't one of them, but we were asked to run a concession stand.  What was odd is the fact that the stand was inside Hearnes Center and not the football stadium.  It seemed like there would be no point in having it, but we got pretty slammed during the peak times after the bands played.  The bands dressed and practiced inside Hearnes so that's why we were open I guess.

Anyways, to the point.  Inside one of the case boxes were were using, there was a DX pendant just like this one.  It was pretty cool I must say.  I also must fully admit it somehow may or may not became into my possession after this day.  To be honest, I wish I still had it, and really this is a pretty good price I think for it.  If I had a little extra cash I would probably buy it.  Then again, I'm not sure how much use it would get as I doubt I'd wear it out in public too much.

Recently I showed a custom card of Stephon Marbury and mentioned he was planning on bringing back his Starbury line of shoes.  I said how I hope he does some of the same designs as the first time, and this is the design I'd like back most.

I went on a church trip with a good friend of mine in 2008 or so and we went to Springfield, MO (I mentioned that last time, sorry if this overlaps).  One of the days we had some free time so we hit the Battlefield Mall (I love that mall, I need to go back maybe when they have a card show again).  Besides trying Chick-Fil-A for possibly the first time, we hit a store I never heard of called Steve and Barry's.  My friend is pretty big on fashion, which is a far cry from me who slaps on just about anything that feels and fits good.  So he looked at clothes, and I happened to see these shoes made by NBA player Stephon Marbury.  My clothing budget is basically zip.  The most expensive pair of shoes I've ever bought is probably 30 bucks, and they were work shoes that I really needed and the only ones in the store or else I'd gone cheaper.  So when I was a pair like these for $15 I jumped on them. I wore them pretty proudly for quite a while and have marks on them to prove it I did clean them often though.  I still try them on time to time, but don't have them with me at the moment or else I'd show a pic, maybe another day.

These Starbury Basketball Sneakers look a little rougher than mine but not by much.  No way I would pay this much for these, but it was nice to find a pair for sale.  I considered finding a pair of brand new ones a few times, but were much more than I wanted to spend. Hopefully new ones are out soon and maybe I can buy some.  I also hope they are more readily available this time around.

When most people think of The Simpsons, they immediately jump to Matt Groening (sorry if I misspelled that, I'm too lazy to look) when it comes to the people behind it.  Though Sam Simon is one I think of usually (along with James Brooks).  Sam Simon passed away last year and his estate authorized this listing for his 1991 People's Choice Award.  If I was rich, I would probably make an offer on it, as it would be cool just to have a People's Choice Award in my possession, let alone from one of my favorite shows of all time.  i don't think the price is really outrageous to be honest, but it is well above anything I could afford.

Most of my close friends are big Simpsons fans.  The funny thing is that it wasn't until about 1994 or 1995 when I first got to watch the show.  It was likely when the show first went into syndication. I remember staying up late on Sunday nights watching WWF Superstars on my local NBC affiliate when one day it wasn't on.  So I flipped the channels and on our CBS affiliate they was showing Fox programming.  At the time the Mid-Missouri market didn't have a Fox station, so they showed it real late at night on the CBS station.  One of the shows was The Simpsons.  A short time later, the NBC affiliate started showing reruns of The Simpsons in the old Superstars timeslot, and I was hooked.  To this day they still show it on Sunday nights and its to the point where even though I have Fox now (we finally got it in like 1999), I rarely watch the first run episodes and opt instead for the syndicated airings.  In fact a lot of the shows I watch now are the reruns and not so much the original airings.  That's how I got into shows like Leverage, Burn Notice, Blue Bloods, and Hawaii 5-0.

This is a fun looking piece right here.  Derrick Thomas is a legend around here, so finding a custom made Purple coat of his on ebay is really awesome.  While I wish I had something really cool to talk about how I met Derrick, I can't.  I have met one of his sons, and I have mentioned on here how nice Derrion was in his short time he was on the roster of the Mizzou football team.  $700 is a little higher than I would want to spend on it, but I think its not outrageously high.  I don't know if it would sell at that price, but if they knocked a couple hundred off, I bet it would get a few offers.  If I was rich, I'd kinda lowball at $200 just to get the needle moving, but I think 500 would be a good price.  Thank goodness I guess I DON'T have money.  My closet would be full of overpriced stuff that I would never wear, as opposed to my current situation of being full of mostly Walmart shirts I never wear.

NOTE: THIS AUCTION HAS ENDED!  Here is the original listing though.

 This caught my eye for a few reasons,  and really the price seems pretty fair I must say, but I still wouldn't buy it for that much.  This is a glass from the Sedalia Democrat.  The Democrat is the daily newspaper for the State Fair city of Missouri, Sedalia.  It offices are located next to one of my family's favorite burger places ever (GRIFF'S!) that is until they closed (Griff's not the newspaper).  What I find interesting is this glass shows it once owned another local newspaper called the California Democrat.  That paper is also a nice newspaper, but I can't remember when they owned them.  The California paper is for a town that is smaller and is between Sedalia and Jefferson City.  Their newspaper is a weekly paper I think, maybe its daily, its been a long time since I've gotten one.

The reason I like this glass though is my first job was as a paper boy.  I was actually a paper boy for the Sedalia Democrat.  Our town is the next county over, and I needed to make a few bucks, so I decided to do it.  My mom and dad helped me out and I believe it was right about the time the paper decided to switch from afternoon delivery to morning.  The worst part was getting up at 4 AM to roll the papers, but it was kind of fun to go around town at 4 in the morning.  At that time they didn't have the boxes for papers to go in, so it also let me test out my arm strength.  I never threw a paper on the roof or in a tree (at least I don't think), but I do remember some getting lost in bushes.  At first we just had to throw them in the yards close to the steps, but then we had to have them on all the porches.  It was okay, but it meant we usually walked a lot more instead of throwing from the car (my arm isn't that good).  The best part was I never had to take collections, so my only obligation was to roll and throw.  Occasionally (usually once a month) I would have to go to Sedalia to get more bags and rubber bands, but we usually timed it for when I had to pick up my paycheck.  I did the paper for a couple stints, once my senior year of high school, then again a couple years later for a while.  I pretty much did the second stint because my replacement quit delivering and then needed a temp.  I filled in for quite a while because I was looking for a job anyways, but when I got my job at Wendy's I stopped the newspaper business for good a couple months later.

Another fun part was seeing the headlines of the paper before anyone else.  Sometimes we even read the paper before delivering them since we had the time. The only catch was we had to have them on all the porches by 6 AM which was usually no problem as we had only about 100 for the whole town, it was tight some days though as they dropped off the papers to us late a few times.  I can say I delivered the news to a whole town, which is pretty fun.  However, the worst day I remember delivering the papers was September 12, 2001.  I felt so bad to giving out the papers that day as everyone was still in shock.  I can't really remember any other headlines, but I do remember that one.

SURGE IS BACK!  I finally drank some yesterday, and the taste wasn't as sweet as I remember, but it was still good. I don't think I need anymore, but it was a good nostalgia trip.  Maybe I should get this Surge hat to celebrate!  I think I'll pass.  A hundred bucks for a used hat is a bit much for me.  Honestly the shipping price alone is too much for me.  If I found it at a garage sale for a buck or two, maybe, but any higher, then I can do without.

I wonder if people are as avid of Surge items as Coca-Cola collectors are.  Surge is part of Coke, but I've never hear any rabid fans beyond just wanting the drink.  Full disclosure I am a Coke collector, but have very few pieces which is fine since I have no room.  I do have (or did, I think we tossed it due to wear and tear) a Surge magnet.  It was pretty cool to see on the fridge.

What is a blog about the Royals without a couple Royals items?  This is a promo giveaway for the Royals of long time ago mascot Mr. Royal.  I think its a pretty fair price to be honest, especially compared to other giveaways I've seen listed on ebay.  This does liik like it has a couple dents in it though.  This would really be good to use for all my Royals memorabilia and autographed cards.  I might actually watch this for a while and maybe make an offer one day.  Since the seller is in Jeff City, I have a feeling I probably saw him last year during the Royals Caravan when they made a stop in the Capital City.

Ok, final piece, I think this is cool but also a bit odd.

The Wilmington Blue Rocks are a minor league affiliate of the Royals from Delaware.  They have a couple mascots, one is Mr. Celery I believe (he's a mascot for one of the Royals minor league teams I know), and the other is Rocky Bluewinkle.  This is a bobblehead of Mr. Rocky Bluewinkle.

The price is way too much for me, and besides, I'm not a big bobblehead collector.  I don't have the cash or the space for that kind of collection.  However he does have a few baseball cards, and maybe one day I will try to get some of them.  I would like to get some more modern minor league sets of the Royals, my newest one is from 1991 I think.  I have random minor league cards of Royals more currently thanks to the Pro Debut and Heritage Minors sets, but an actual team set is one I would search for.

So I guess that wraps up this blog about Ebay Finding (I need a good name for these posts).  I hope you enjoyed it, and maybe you saw something you like.  I think my favorite item is the Mr. Royal lunchbox.  Thanks for reading and have a great day.


  1. The seller of the Surge hat must have drank a bad batch to list a crappy hat at that price.