Monday, June 27, 2016

Check Out My.... BOOM!

Late last week I got some cards in the mail from COMC. It appears I got mine a bit later than a lot of other bloggers, and even if not, most have posted their goodies.  When COMC announced their free shipping period I was waiting for it.  In fact, I've been waiting for it since at least April.  Fact is, I'm cheap.  Three bucks may not seem like a lot to most people, but to me that is about 9 cards more I can add to my collection.  My shopping on COMC is usually cards under 50 cents, and most closer to 35 to 40 cents.  However, earlier this year I found a holy grail card cheap and I jumped at the chance.  I was worried because I didn't have enough money in my COMC account, so I had to add some and at times they can be slow.  Luckily, the card was still available after the money posted and it was mine.  Of course it had a drawback.  It was listed in POOR CONDITION!  I've never been one to judge cards on their condition unless they are marked or folded or something else.  If the corners are rounded, who cares.  It means they've weathered a storm, and more were from the non-gloss days where they were really just pieces of cardboard.  So cards from the 80's and before with only rounded corners are fine by me, especially if they are cheap and I want it.

So what am I babbling about?  Only the one card that would have been #1 on my most wanted list if I ever made one (which I did plan to do, but excluding it would have tipped you off).  It was an impossible card for me to get because... well, I'M CHEAP!  I debate over something that is a quarter.  In fact I've decided to not get cards on COMC before because I didn't want to pay 40 cents, though I saw the going rate was a buck.  I'M CHEAP!  I decided against buying a season of South Park yesterday. The price? $3.74!  I talked myself out of it with the excuse "I don't really need it."

THIS CARD! Well, there's no talking myself out of it.

BOOM!  In the words of Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl PUH-POW!  WHEN MOONSHINE AND DYNAMITE COLLIDE!

Sorry... anyways, GEORGE FREAKING BRETT ROOKIE CARD!  In my head I just sounded like Don West saying that.  I miss those Shop At Home overnight card shows.

To me this is not poor condition.  I could see fair, but not poor.  Corners are rounded sure, but no marks, no folding, no peeling, it just looks weathered.  I kicked myself not buying his rookie a year or two ago for 18 bucks.  I told myself if I ever saw one that low again, I was getting it.  The closest I saw was 24 bucks.  This card was not 18 bucks.  It wasn't even 24 bucks.  This card was.... $11.49! A Brett rookie for under 12 bucks had me getting jumpy.  That's when I realized I was about 8 bucks short of the price, so I had to go to Paypal and get some money.  I had a problem last year with Paypal and my bank, so I was worried this time around. Luckily it went smooth and less than 5 minutes later, it was in my account.  I checked and the card was still there, and I bought it.  According to COMC the Brett rookie averages 80 bucks, of course in mint condition.  This one I have suits me just fine.  If I find one in better shape at a similar price sure I'll probably bite, but I doubt lightning will strike twice.

The worst part of it all was waiting.  Sure I had the money to ship it now (back then I mean), but I'M CHEAP!  I'll use every bit of that money on cards.  I know they have free shipping periods in June and even sometimes during the week of The National, surely I can wait that long.

June took forever to get here, but luckily it arrived, and so did my Brett rookie.  Also some other cards too.  So enough gushing on Mr. Brett, let's look at some other Royals cards I nabbed.

These Denny's cards are look alike but according to my lists, I didn't have this Appier card, so I got it.  That reminds me, I need to update my lists.  I should do that soon.  As for the card, it was the only Royal in the set, so I got it done, which makes me happy.  I'm not really big on these cards.  They seemed cool at the time but they lost their appeal to me now.  I do like the jersey Ape is sporting though.

Slowly but surely I'm working on the Blue Sparkle Walmart whatever the set is called of the Royals.  The Paulino one was fairly cheap, but now the ones I still need are of bigger players so  while some come in under a buck, I'm holding off on a lot of them until they get cheaper.  Might get the Butler one soon though, its been on sale a few times.

The Thunder card of Beltran was new to me.  In fact it might have been one of the last cards I purchased before shipping.  I like the design a lot even though I never cared for Wheaties.  I was more of a Corn Flakes and Lucky Charms guy (not together, that would be gross).  These days since they stopped making my favorite cereal (c'mon Kelloggs, make some Fruit Harvest again!), I tend to stick to Honey Nut Cheerios (or knockoffs) or Crispix. I know I'm getting old, but at least my breakfast is at least healthy.  Anyways, if I saw a box Wheaties with Beltran on it, I'd probably get it.  Then again I skipped boxes with Albert Pujols, so who knows.

These next three were one's I've been watching for a while, but never got them.  Two of them are from the high numbered series, which usually are higher priced.  The other is from the regular series.  I'm not big on the Heritage sets, but I am closer to completing this one now, so I got them.  I think I'm about 3 cards away from completing both the regular and high sets, sothat makes me happy.

Salvador Perez's FIRST CARD!  YES!  I've been wanting one for a long.... wait a second.  Um... does that say DODGERS?  Salvy was never a Dodger!  I find it interesting that I don't hear anyone talking about this being an error card.  At any rate I got a Salvador Perez card from his early years for under a buck, and I'm happy.

The Sam Selman and Logan Moon cards I've had for a while even before the Brett rookie.  They were closer to that 30 cent price I mentioned.  I figured maybe they will break out.  Who know maybe I could flip them if the cards suddenly skyrocketed.  They didn't but at least they go into my collection with the Moon card getting me closer to finishing that set, and the Selman, well, I'll have to see if that's the only Royal in that insert set.

Two more cards to show today, then the rest tomorrow.  This first one is the only autograph card I got this time, and only because it was under a buck (luckily I've done a few COMC challenges lately so I thought I could splurge).

I always liked Joe Randa and when I saw this, I thought it was worth it to get it.  I'd like to have an autograph of as many Royals as possible, so getting one on card like this seemed like a good deal.  I also have a minor league card of Randa (which I guess this kind of is too) as well as some of his major league ones (of course), so if I can find a relic card of some sort I can maybe pull off a trifecta, or well whatever having an auto, a relic, a rookie, and a minor league card is called.  I forgot the criteria for the trifecta or the quad... whatever, I might need a refresher.

The last card is another card I've sit on for a while.  In fact I might have bought it the same day as the Brett Rookie and while not at the same level of excitement, I was still elated to get this card.

I've wanted Johnny Damon relic card for as long as I can remember, in terms of getting back into the hobby.  While I'd love to have one as a Royal, having a Boston relic is fine with me.  My only question is why its two red pieces if they show him on two teams.  Shouldn't one be a Yankees jersey at least?  I mean I'm cool with it as it is, but it would have made more sense.  Boston for many years was my second favorite team, and actually was still my second favorite team when they won with Damon in 2004.  After they won again in 2007, I kind of stopped rooting for them, but I'll always remember the years Damon played for them and glad he won a ring somewhere in his career, too bad it wasn't in Royal Blue.

So that wraps it up for today, I might be able to get two more posts out of it, but if not, I'll finish up tomorrow.  Nothing as big as George Brett, but I still have some good cards that I'm glad I got.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.


  1. I'm still waiting for mine to ship from COMC. Ordered 3 weeks ago - no shipment number yet. :(

    1. What I don't get is they keep saying how business is great and hiring more people, but the processing and shipping times are worse than ever. You would think they could hire more especially when they know they have heavy traffic like around Summer through Christmas.

      I hope you get your cards soon, I was kind of bummed it took so long, but at least they did warn us beforehand.

  2. That Brett was a steal of a deal.

  3. Congrats on snagging that most wanted!

  4. $12!!!!!! Congrats on the deal.

  5. I'm not sure what's wrong me, but I like the Randa auto more than the Brett. Either way, great deal!

    1. I liked it a lot more once I had it in hand, especially since I got it for under a buck.