Thursday, June 9, 2016


Opening Opening Day, and some repacks

Earlier today I tested out the VCR I mentioned I bought at a garage sale this weekend.  It powered up but it didn't let me use the tape deck.  Maybe its the tapes I'm using, or possibly its a conspiracy. I'll try it again some other time as I really want to get some tapes transferred and don't want to buy a new VCR/DVD recorder in the process.  I then remembered I had my sister's old VHS camcorder and figured "hey why not try that?"  Problem was, the battery was dead and it was stuck inside the camcorder.  So as I started to take it apart, she happened to call, and I got her blessing to take it apart.  I only planned to take it apart enough to get the battery out, but it wasn't budging.  Then I found out a tape was still in it.  So in the end it became a recovery operation and I tore the camcorder to shreds, but got the tape out, and finally the battery.  Too bad I have no camcorder for the battery, but at the same time, would I ever use it to record stuff anyways?  I mean I would look foolish lugging a camcorder the size of my head around when most videos seem to be recorded with an IPhone.  When I record stuff anymore, its with my digital camera, and that works good enough.  Though I wouldn't mind a newer camcorder, but again, its not like I do enough to make it a need.  Though once I go bicycling more, I would kinda like a Go Pro.

Anyways, that isn't the point of tonight's blog.  I thought I'd show some recent packs I opened.  I was going to spread it out over a couple days, but what the hey.  I got some more packs to show tomorrow, and can find more stuff for the weekend, so let's take a look.

Opening Day is up first, I bought two packs recently really because they were cheap and 7 cards for a buck isn't bad.  I was really surprised seeing Mrs. Met as I didn't know she had a card and before even reading the back thought about how she was missing for many years.  On the back it even mentioned she was in hiding for many years but returned last year.  I hope she sticks around this time.  I pulled Mr. Met in the Marketside series, so these two will look nice next to each other.

Also in the pack was a Carlos Gomez which was nice, as was the Dee Gordon.  Overall this was a solid pack, and the Mrs. Met card was worth the buck alone to me.

It would take a lot to upstage Mrs. Met.  Did pack two deliver?  Lets see- Kyle Schwarber, Justin Verlander, Joey Votto, Avisail Garcia (in a throwback no less), Raul Mondesi (JR.), and an A-Rod insert?????

HELL YEAH IT DELIVERED!  Obviously I was most excited for the Mondesi and I think it's my first of his, but Verlander and A-Rod fit my PC so that makes it even better.  Plus pulling Schwarber was nice as well.  As well as the Garcia, even though I don't like the White Sox, as I mentioned, the throwback in addition to the jumping catch make it a really good card.  When Jose Iglesias and Joey Votto are your "other cards" in the pack, I think its safe to say it was a good pack.

I've passed on more Opening Day packs recently but just because I didn't have the urge to get them.  If my local convenience store stocks some Archives, I might bite though.

A recent trip to Dollar Tree didn't net a whole lot, but I did pick up three repacks.  I'm not sure why I got them, but I think its because at this point it feels wrong to not get at least one pack each pack I visit.  Plus I fear if customers stop buying that they won't restock.  Anyways, lets see what I got.

Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?  Well, maybe this isn't the right Rock, but out the gate a Time Raines card is a good sign.  Berkman isn't bad either.  Holy Puckett, that's a nice checklist card.  So far this is a good pack.  Not a big Ordonez fan, but this is a nice card, I need to look up the set.  I also like the Topps card of Saul Rivera though I'm not sure if I know who he is. I know Kevin Millwood, and I loved this Tradition set even when it first came out.  If I ever do decide to work on complete sets, this will be towards the top.  Finally is a Jon Matlack card.  This is the third card of this set I pulled, and each time I get happy that I pull it.  I don't know much on Matlack, but I know a guy named Matlack, so this card is even cooler just because of that.

The other cards weren't bad, but nothing to really mention. I got my bucks worth from this pack.

Just on the fact that a 2015 card was the top card, I got this pack.  Nevermind I don't collect Carl Crawford, but it made me feel cozy.  As for the other cards,  I like the Jose Vidro, and don't remember if I ever saw that set before.  I've seen plenty of the Craig Biggio Portrait cards, but they are still nice.  I wouldn't mind if a company decided to make a similar set today.  I forgot all about Wilson Alvarez until I pulled this card, I remember him pitching all the time when I was growing up.

Unlike the previous Fleer Tradition, this one doesn't appeal to me as much, but I still like it to some extent.  1990 Fleer does nothing for me, but its Gary Carter, I had to show it off.  He should be a PC but for some reason I haven't done it yet.  I do have few of his cards.  I have many guys that I have a few cards of but won't commit to making them a PC.  The same can be said for Kerry Wood, not a PC, but I have a couple.  I love this card though, so this one will be added to my collection.  Lastly is Frank White.  I'm not big on 1990 Topps, but the blue borders work really well for the Royals.  I think I have this card, but there is a chance I don't so it was a good pull either way.

Factoring in the Frank White, Gary Carter, and Kerry Wood Cards, this pack was worth a buck to me too.

I didn't realize I scanned the Vidro twice in two packs, but oh well.  I've noticed the repacks have had a lot of repetition lately which has deferred me from buying more.  At any rate, I choice this pack purely on my fandom of the early Florida Marlins jerseys.  Of course I love my Royals, and even sometimes root for the Red Sox, but if I ever were to switch to another team (it won't happen, trust me), I could have seen the Marlins being that team many years ago. Before they got the new park, ugly jerseys and logo, and changed their name.  I really don't know what didn't make me jump on their bandwagon more in the 90's, but I'm glad I didn't.

Anyways, how often do you see a hot pack of Expos?  I already mentioned Jose Vidro, but the Delino DeShields was a nice surprise, and possibly my favorite card of all the repacks was the Big Cat card of Andres Galarraga.  Its a set I don't have, and rarely seen, so it was a great pull.  The Phil Bradley is likely a dupe for my Mizzou collection, but still I am happy whenever I pull them.  I really should try to get a couple signed one day.

I won't ever express my love for Darryl Strawberry (I just never cared for him outside of The Simpsons), but this was a nice pull as well.  For me hating the 1990s Topps set, I sure do like a lot of them.  Lastly is a team card of the Chicago Cubs.  I hadn't seen it before, and doesn't go with anything in my collection, but it still is a nice card.

This pack was worth it just for the Galarraga card, but nice support for the Straw and Bradley.

I can't complain about any of those packs.  So I guess I'll end it there.  I got a couple packs in the mail today thanks to Listia, and I'm about to open them, I hope to post them tomorrow.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.