Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Pizza's and Listia

Last week I was a little busy working on a few things.  As the weekend approached though I was still a little backed up.  I had a wedding to go to Saturday night, and really didn't have food on Friday, so since I had to go to Walmart anyways, I figured I'd get a Pizza (as did my mom).  It wasn't really because I wanted to get more cards, but hey if I could kill two birds with one stone why not?  I'm about halfway through the set so I figured any cards at this point would be doubles, but if nothing else there is still one more Royal card to get, so I was hoping I could.

How did I fare?

Well, no Royals, but I didn't have the Bumgarner card yet, so one out of three isn't bad.  I also plan to give the Mr. Met to a friend, but I may keep it.  I thought about starting a Frankenset of some sort, and one featuring Mascots could be fun.  I'll decide later.   I can't complain overall about this pack since it did yield one card I needed.  Inching closer to halfway now.  Maybe I should look to Sportlots.

Oh well, one more pack?  Any Royals or cards I needed?

No dice.  No Royals. No cards I needed.  That's not bad since they are newer cards and since I'm sorting cards anyways, a Dodger, Red Sox, or Marlins collector might get these one I start shipping out.

I'm sorry if there isn't much substance to the blog today, I just don't have much to add.  Since its a bit short I figured I'd show a few Listia wins I've gotten recently.  I haven't been on as much because my credits are worth about a buck so its harder to win cheap auctions and I don't plan on adding money, at least for now.

I bid on this auction mainly for the Nunez card.  I don't think I have it, so I figured it was cheap enough to bid.  I'm an idiot though because I updated my have and want lists a couple months ago, but I never look.  Even now I still haven't looked.  I need to as a couple people inquired about some trades so I should do that soon.

The Thurman card I'm 99.9% sure I have.  In fact I'm going to bump that to 100% sure as I've seen it many times.  The Jamie Quirk card, I'm not so sure.  It's likely I did have it as most Score sets are a blur to me and I just pass over them.  I don't think I have too many Quirk cards though, so its worth checking.  In any event, this was the equivalent of like 5 cents or less, so it was worth the risk even if I had all three.

These were three separate auctions, and I'm positive I needed all three.... at least the first two.  The Rusch card looked familiar but I don't have many of the late 90s- mid 2000's so its very likely that I needed it.  If not, oh well.  It's still a nice card.

The Chris Sale card I did look up and I did need it.  I don't want to start bidding on individual cards to work on the 2016 set, but Sale was on a really hot streak when this was up for bid, so since nobody was bidding I tried my luck.  Who knows, his cards may skyrocket and I cold make a fortune.  If not, I'm one less card away from completing series one.

The John Dettmer card looks familiar as well.  However I don't remember if I have this version or the Electric Diamond version.  If I have it, I can give it to my friend.  The reason I collect Dettmer cards is because he went to Mizzou.  For the most part, I have a good majority of his cards, so from now on I better check and see what else I need.

So I guess that wraps it up for today, not too much to offer, but at least I finally scanned some cards.  I was going to rant about the Royals today, but I decided not to.  Its for the best.  It doesn't mean I won't down the road, but for now, I decided to cool off first.

Thanks for reading, and have a great night.