Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Revisting My Goals

So on January 1st of this year I made a post of goals for 2016.  I figured today I would revisit and see where I'm at.  I know the halfway mark is next month, but this gives me time to work on the ones I haven't done yet.

So let's take a look.

The one I figured would be easiest I haven't started yet.  I could still do this soon but might hold off a bit.  I'm talking about a Top 25 Most Wanted cards.  I might cut it down to 10 also.  The amazing thing is if I made this list in January like I figured, the top card on the list I've actually attained a month ago.  I can't say what just yet, as it hasn't arrived, but when it comes, I'll blog about it.  My list will consist of some that will cost a bit but mostly cards I want to finish team sets or Mizzou guys I haven't got yet.  I think I can make this goal within the next 7 months though.

Write More Blogs than 2015- I started out on pace to tie or maybe pass it, but had a lull earlier this year which involved other things, dental issues and moving.  It set me way back, but if I still write at least on average of every other day, I should get this one done.  The next two months will be crucial and much like Mark McGwire's home run race, if I can't stay on pace by September 1st, I don't think I can reach it.  I won't stop though if I can't reach it, but realistically I think this could be a long shot.

Complete My Want Lists and Organize All My Royals Cards-  This was my big goal for the year.  If I only got this one done, than nothing else mattered.  Persistence paid off and I accomplished this goal early on. Having said that, I have added more Royals cards to my collection and need to add them and update my lists, but less than 50 cards will be easier to complete than close to 3000.  THIS WAS A SUCCESS!

Begin Organizing My Mizzou Collection-  This was one I'd only work on if I finished my Royals cards.  Luckily, I can say I FINISHED organizing my Mizzou collection.  At least adding them back to the database.  My next job will be seeking out what cards I want to add.  Since I'm not trying to get every card of every Mizzou athlete ever, this could take a while.  However, it isn't something that's attached to this goal.  So I can say- THIS WAS A SUCCESS!

Attend A Card Show-  This as I stated on January 1st, was a 50/50 shot.  I still haven't attended a show this year, but I have a few coming up that I might be able to attend, so I still have a chance of making it.  If I can't I'm not too worried about it, I'll push this to next years goal.  I didn't expect to finish all these goals this year.  I think my next chance at a card show is mid June, and then in August.  I think August is the better chance, so we'll see how things go.

Get Rid Of Some Cards And Make Some Trades-  I could cop out and say I gave some cards to a friend and I completed this, but I'm not.  I haven't done this yet, and I still have trades to make up for, but I am working on it.  As you may have read, I have all my cards in one spot now, and just got some card boxes, so now I need to sort the cards and then I can start sending some out.  I've accomplished more in the last two weeks than I have in the last couple years on this front, so even if I can't get this done this year, I am making some good progress.  I hope to send some out though because I could use the room.

Complete 5 Royals Team Sets- This one I haven't touched yet.  In fact once I got the Royals cards all sorted and made want lists for them, I haven't really touched them. That said, I think I can still get this done this year.  A couple people recently got in touch with me about some Royals cards, so if I get to sorting what I have that should help me reach this goal.  I can also go the Just Commons and COMC route as well as going to my LCS which I still need to do.  Either way, I think this can be done if I focus.

Finish the Monsters of the Gridiron and Simpsons Sets-  When I made this a goal, realistically I didn't expect to get it done.   My focus this year was going to be on sports cards and Royals and Mizzou.  However on my birthday my best friend got me a unopened pack of the Gridiron set, so that took care of that without even trying.  I wanted to finish it myself, so at this point I have the pack still sealed and want to finish building a set I can look at.  It still counts as finishing the set though, so got that done.

The Simpsons set I admitted would likely take something like finding the set on eBay to finish.  I was close.  I actually found a set on Listia and got it at a good price, so just like that, both sets are done.  I even managed another non-sport set in Dick Tracy without much effort.  So I can say without a doubt- THIS WAS A SUCCESS!

Work On The Transformers and Daredevil Sets-  I can say that working on them would be adding a card of each to both sets.  After I posted these goals in January, I never looked for either. The Transformers I have a good start on so maybe I can find a Pick-em auction one eBay and add a few. As for the Daredevil set, I'd love to get lucky and find a cheap complete set, but I don't see too many (maybe because I never look).  I have exactly 0 of these cards so far, so finding a single card would be a much bigger victory than it should be.  By the end of the year its possible to finding a card of each, but honestly I doubt I look too hard.

Try To Get 5 New Teams From Missouri Cards-  Before I say anything, this could be tough.  I first need to sort all my cards related to Missouri first and go from there.  Then I need to decide if having cards in other collections count for that team.  Example being I have some Roger Wehrli cards in my Mizzou collection where he is wearing St. Louis Cardinals football gear.  Should I count it for both collections or keep it in Mizzou and find another Cardinals card?  That's something I'll have to decide. As for now most of the teams I can think of off the top of my head is represented so once I sort them, then I can see what I need.  I can't remember if I added it this year or last, but I do have a St. Louis Browns baseball card, so that was one I can cross off.  This will be a tough one to finish though to be honest.  College teams are included, but again I need to decide how I make them count.  Do I need logos or them wearing college uniforms to count?  If so, then I'm likely screwed on a lot of the smaller colleges.  A couple of the Leaf or Press Pass or whatever the college sets were included no logos but mention schools like Lindenwood, so I may have to make exceptions.  At the end of the day, I'll decide and hopefully the year won't be over and I can add some.

So out of the 10 goals I set for the year, I can say 3 are finished already, and I think I have a shot at possibly 3 more if not more.  I will take that as I figured 3 would be my benchmark for the whole year.  I also admit that the goals post really was more of an "out of ideas" post more than anything.... Hmm, come to think of it, so was this, but oh well.

The next 7 months will be interesting and if somehow I can accomplish all these goals by the end of the year, I'm not sure I can make any more goals after that.  Maybe its a good idea to not worry about it so much.

Well, with that, I guess I'll wrap it up.  I think I could spend a couple hours sorting more cards.  More than likely I'll go to eBay and look for some more cards.  Who knows, maybe I can find a good deal on a Ben Affleck Daredevil card.  Thanks for reading, and have a great night.