Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Check Out My Other Cards

Yesterday I showed off my Royals portion of my COMC cards I got.  Today I will show the rest.  Nothing will be bigger than the Brett I showed yesterday, but I still like the other cards I got, so let's see them.

Rick Cash had a manly mustache.  That isn't the reason I got the card though.  All three of these guys played for Mizzou.  They also have very few cards, so finding them was a real treat especially for I think the Fellows and the Pisarkiewicz since they are the only cards they had.  Just to let you know, I don't have all former Mizzou players memorized, I found a couple lists online that had them all named.  Sometimes I look through them and search for the players.  One day I'll need to see who is left I don't have at least one card of.  My favorite design is the middle one, but the Cash one is a close second thanks mainly to the goalposts design.

Check Out My Stamp!  The Francis Peay is a stamp and not a card, but I was surprised to find it on COMC and even more surprised it was cheap.  I have one of his other cards, and according to the TCDB there is one more stamp of him, and that is all that was made for him.  He also went to Mizzou and on the campus he has a quadrangle named after him.

Henry Josey also went to Mizzou, and I also found this one cheap.  I have the base card so I wasn't too concerned getting a parallel (as I might have said earlier, I don't plan on getting EVERY CARD of EVERY former Mizzou guy), but this was like 35 cents, and at that price, I wasn't going to pass it up.  Its a shame he didn't get a fair shake in the NFL as I thought he could have made an impact somewhere, at the very least as a returner.

A couple more Mizzou guys, one is my first Jeremy Maclin card as a Kansas City Chief.  It is a parallel card, but the red border really makes this card pop.  I do try to get as many Maclin cards as I can because he was one of the first players I saw play when I first started going to the games. I still have a video somewhere of him scoring a touchdown from 20 yards out.

I try to collect Mizzou guys from all sports, with my main focus on basketball and football, but finding some baseball ones are nice too.  I don't know much about the baseball team at Mizzou (I can't get into high school and college baseball because I hate metal bats, it dirties the game to me), so I didn't know about Breckin Williams before finding this card.  All I know about the Mizzou baseball team is they just fired their coach Tim Jameison after like 20 years or more (which I think was dumb, but he's staying on at Mizzou in some capacity), and that they had a player (who was just drafted into MLB) named Ryan Howard.  Beyond that, I know some of the big names that made it through the ranks like Scherzer, Kinsler, and Aaron Crow (if he ever recovers from injury he is now with the Cubs), but I don't keep up too much, only the highlights on the local news if I have it on.

The next card is Greg Maddux. No he didn't go to Mizzou, I just scanned them together.  I got this card because it was an oddball from Church's Chicken, and it was cheap.  I don't usually look at what cards I have (as a result sometimes I buy ones I already have, like the 1975 Frank White I have relisted on COMC right now), so the oddballs are a safe bet that I don't have them.  If I start to focus more on my Maddux collection, I think the focus will be on late 90's cards as its the thinnest part of my collection.

After those cards, the rest are First Pitch cards.  They are a mix of 2015 and 2016.  I want to complete the sets, but I'm not going to pay very much for them.  In fact I think the most I paid for these cards were 40 cents.  Let's take a look.

Set fillers.  If I wasn't working on the set, I wouldn't have gotten any of these.  Sure I liked Grammer on Cheers and as Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons, but I never liked Fraiser.  I know of Austin Mahone and Jermaine Jones but neither are ones that would normally make me want to run out and get their cards.

I really thought I had the Agnes McKee but I didn't.  It pained me a bit to get the Lars Ulrich card because I've never liked him.  It's not because I don't like Metallica, though to be honest, I'm not big fans of them.  I do like their song Fuel, so there's that.  It's just something about Lars I don't like.

As for Mickey and Bill, well I'll be honest, I didn't know who they were.  I just needed the card.  I pride myself in knowing about music, but I'm not a Dead Head and I couldn't name one of their songs.  I heard of them and heard of Jerry Garcia, but I just never got into them.  I don't regret it though, its just something I don't listen to.

I only know of Graham Elliott because last year on Listia I would watch videos to build up my credits and everyday they would have one or two of Graham visiting Wrigley Field.  Probably filmed the same day this card was taken from.  He also went to a Atlanta Hawks game in another video I saw.  Beyond that, I don't know who he is, but again, I need to finish the set.  So what I'm saying is these were more set fillers.  At least I'm almost done with the set.

Okay, now these folks I do know.  I've wanted the Jon Hamm card since I first saw it because he went to Mizzou.  I would like a second one at some point to add to my Mizzou collection, but don't need it right now.  Beyond that, I can't really say I like him.  He comes off really smug to me, and I tried watching Mad Men a couple times, but just couldn't.  I really wanted to like it as I like marketing and advertising so I thought I'd love it, but it just seemed really slow to me. Maybe I might give it another shot one day, but I'm fine for now not seeing it.

YOU! YOU GOT WHAT I NEED!  It's Biz Markie!  How could I not love this card.  I still listen to Just a Friend from time to time, so this was another card I wanted from the get go.  I think they could have gotten a better photo, but I'll take it either way.

Now speaking of a great photo, I think the Chelsea Handler card might be the best one in series two.  I just like it.  I'm not even a big fan of Handler, but this is a good card.  I see she has a show on Netflix now, since I have a couple weeks left of a free trial I might check it out.  That is if I get through Daredevil season two.  Also since I just got hooked on Orange Is The New Black, I might not get to Chelsea's show.  I won't be too mad though.

Another Series Two card I wanted from the get go was the Gabriel Iglesias card.  My mom is a big fan of his, and so am I.  Its funny that I watch a lot of stand up comedy but somehow I totally forgot he was in All That and was on a season of Last Comic Standing (he was eliminated after sneaking in a cell phone).  His first couple stand up specials were amazing, but his special from a year or two ago was a little lacking.  At any rate, he's still funny, and I'm glad I finally got this card.  If I got another one I'd maybe try to get it signed TTM.

After these pickups, I'm down to I think 5 cards left to complete the 2015 set, with only 2 cards left in the Series Two Set and the other 3 from Series One.  I'm in no rush to finish the set, but if I find them cheap enough I'll get them.  I already found the Tom Morello cheap enough to get, so its ready to ship next time.

Let's see some 2016 First Pitch cards.  I'll start with the only one of the three I know, Carrie Brownstein.  I only know here because I'd watch Late Night With Seth Meyers and she would be in videos with Fred Arminsen when Fred would be filming Portlandia.  I've never seen Portlandia, but from the clips I've seen, I just couldn't get into it.

As for Bree Morse and IronE Singleton, I have no clue who they are.  Pop culture is passing me by and at this point I'm fine with that.  I will say all three photos are really nice, so I have to hand it to Topps on that.

Now I know 3 out of 4 of these, so maybe I know enough pop culture to get by.  I don't know Rebekah Gregory, but it is a nice card.  I think I read she ran in the Boston Marathon and got injured during the bombing.  It's nice when teams let people like these throw out the first pitch.  Not every one needs to be a worldwide celebrity.  In fact, I know Topps need to feature some celebs to sell the set, but I'd be fine if they did a set that had everyday people throwing out the first pitch.  It couldn't be any worse than the Punt, Pass, and Kick cards they did in the football set a couple years ago.

I knew of Gabrielle Giffords before I got the card, and this is another one that I like that they included.  That is another good photo as well, it shows that not every photo needs to be an action photo to be a good card.

Tony Hawk I knew obviously.  I used to be a big fan, but I'm indifferent these days about him.  It does make me a bit disappointed to not see him in a jersey though.  It almost seems like they needed him as a last second replacement and just plucked him from the crowd.

Lastly is Levar Burton.  I know him mostly from Reading Rainbow, but also from his role as Kunta Kinte in Roots. I never got into Star Trek, so I didn't see him on there.  I also remember him as the voice of Kwame on Captain Planet.  I loved that show, I still watch it sometimes on Youtube if I can find it.   I just read something interesting on Wikipedia that I never really pieced together, but I don't deny it.  His voice was sampled in a dc Talk song.  The song is one of my favorites actually and I always thought it sounded like him, but now I guess its confirmed.  The song is called Time Is... and was off dc Talk's 1993 album Free At Last.

Adding these to the few I had already I have over half of the series one set complete, and I'll work on it some more when the other cards get cheaper.  I have no clue why the Jordan Speith card is going for so much right now.  Last I checked it was around 6 bucks.

I forgot there was one other card I got as well, that I will show now.

I've been wanting a Michael Annett card for a couple years now, but never found one cheap.  Its not because he is an elite driver, but more because there haven't been NASCAR cards for a while so the last few sets seem to have higher prices.  I heard a new NASCAR set will be coming out at the end of July, and if so I will have to keep an eye out for it.  As for Annett, he needed HScott Motorsports to buy him into getting a guaranteed spot into the Sprint Cup this year (long story, only 36 teams get guaranteed spots, HScott worked a deal with another team to get him that 36th spot).  His average finish so far this year is about 36th, so he might be better served moving down a series for a year or two before trying again.  I know he's not a threat, but I still root for him, and usually I am happy if he just finishes ahead of Danica.  Then again, it would help if NASCAR was shown on Network TV, but I complain about that enough on Twitter, that I won't rehash it here.

That wraps up my cards from COMC,  I left some money in my account so I can get some more and have 20 or so ready to ship the next time the free shipping kicks in.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed these last two posts.  I have a couple more posts planned this week and hoping another package comes in soon that I bought on EBay.  It will jump start my First Pitch Series Two set.  So with that, I hope you have a great night.


  1. Nice work on those First Pitch inserts. I like the fact that they feature non-players who would otherwise not get cards. I should pick up the Carrie Brownstein card because Mariners + Sleater-Kinney (her band) + Portlandia.

    1. Being a music guy it always slips my mind she is in Sleater-Kinney. I don't listen to them much so that's the reason I think.

  2. Rebekah was a Boston Marathon bombing survivor We are still Boston Strong!

    Screw Lars and his whole peer to peer file sharing Napster debacle.

    What real matters though is, you sure scored some sweet cards.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, the Napster thing is really what turned me off of Lars. As for Rebekah, I think it mentions that on the back of the card, and I think I looked that up too. It's nice they included her.