Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Knocking Out Another Pack, and a Listia Win

Sometimes I lose track of time and don't prepare for a blog as well as I should.  It happened today, as I planned to scan some cards, but never got around to it.  Part of it was annoyance from the Post Office, and the rest I blame on binge watching Netflix (seriously, I hope to at least get to the end of season two of Orange Is The New Black before my trial runs out and I still need to catch up on Daredevil).  The annoyance with the Post Office isn't new, it happens about 40% of the time, so I sort of expected it.  I bought some cards on EBay and the seller lived in Columbia, which is about 45 minutes away.  Having some car issues lately I figured it would be easier just to spend the few extra bucks to have it shipped.  I mean what, 3-4 days tops?  Well, when it said expect delivery by Saturday (this was on Sunday) my first thought was "no sh**!"  The seller had a number up Sunday night and shipped it out on Monday.  So I checked Monday night and it indeed did leave Columbia.  I looked last night and much to my surprise (or not to my surprise I should say), it was moving right along and it had landed it its next destination- Des Moines, IA.  Yes, they shipped it north 140 miles or so away, when realistically I could have walked to the seller and gotten it by now.  I haven't checked it since, but it did leave Des Moines ready for its next stop.  Knowing how this works I know the next steps.  It will either head to St. Louis, then transfer back to Columbia where it will head to my post office.  Or, It will just go straight back to Columbia, and to my post office.  However, I think the trek it will take is over to Kansas City, KS, then head right by my house as it heads back to Columbia, then to my post office.  So Saturday is a good guess when I'll get it.  If I had really thought they would do that, I would have asked my sister to pick it up, but oh well, I don't blame the seller.  I had something similar happen to me on an Amazon order a few years ago.  Bought an item shipping from Dallas, TX, it then went south to I think Houston, then went all the way over to New Mexico and Arizona, up to Colorado, over to Kansas City, KS, then past my house to Columbia, then to my post office.  I came pretty quick for as many states as it went through but its sad when my mail travels more than I do. As for passing my house, I'm okay with that, I live in a small town, so I expect that, but I don't expect a package 45 miles away to head to another state or two before coming to my house.

Anyways, after all that, I wasn't in the mood to scan, and then forgot I didn't have much to show, but remember I did have a pack of Topps to show, and a couple Listia cards.  I'll show them first.

I haven't bid on too much on Listia as of late, but when I do, its for cards I don't expect to win.  If I do, that's great, but if not, I'm not too worried.  This was listed as 2 Royals cards.  I saw right off that it wasn't Alex Gordon, but Dee Gordon, so it wasn't exactly true, but I didn't have the Hosmer, so instead of raising a stink, I bid and hoped nobody else complained and that's what happened.  I'm not trying as aggressive to get all the Blue Border Royals cards like I am the Blue Sparkle ones, but this was roughly 5 cents for both cards, so who can pass that up?  I haven't decided if I'll keep the Gordon card, but I think for now I'll hold onto it just because one day I might make a PC for him.

So let's dive into the pack of Topps.  I didn't need it, but I had a coupon, and figured if I could get a few more cards knocked off my checklist, it would be good.  I think I got close to about 35% of Series One completed.  I think I might hold off on finishing the set for now as I'd like to work on other things.  By the time I go back a lot of the cards should be cheap enough to pick up.

This pack did get me a Ian Kinsler which I needed, and had a nice card of Cameron Maybin making a nice catch at Wrigley Field.

Here are some more of the base cards.  I like the Jordan Walden card, though I don't know anything about him at this point.  Shin-Soo Choo seemed to fall off the map after leaving Cleveland. Maybe its because I always heard about him with the Indians as they are rivals, but I never hear anything anymore.

You can't really tell, but the Henry Owens is a rainbow parallel.  As I said a couple days ago, I kind of stopped following the Red Sox after the 2007 season, so I don't know much about him.  I'll hold onto the card in case he because a big star, at least I'll hold onto for a while.

The Mike Trout is part of the Berger's Best.  What is interesting is that his name is in Gold.  I don't remember that on the original card.  I'm still not sold on the Berger's Best, and to be honest a bit tired of them using the same cards each year.  I mean how many reprints of the George Brett rookie do we need?  Sure 1-2 is nice every decade or so, but not every year.  How about some other players who may not get cards as often?

These three cards were nice additions.  I don't need the Garrett Jones, but I did need the Gehrig.  I have close to a complete set of the Greatest Streaks cards.  I might try to finish it pretty quick just so I don't have to worry about it.

A set that might take time to finish is the MLB Debut set.  It is a pretty big insert set so not one I plan to just know out.  I think my plan will be to get any assortment of the cards and go from there.  To be honest I like the Silver cards more than the Bronze or Gold, but the majority of my cards are Bronze.  I actually forgot one of them was a Gold until I moved it and noticed it looked different in the light.  For that reason, I like the Silver the most.  Maybe I'll get lucky and find a lot on EBay.  If I do, I'll probably try to find one that won't have to travel through multiple states to get to me.

Anyways, that will wrap it up for tonight.  I hope to get some scanning done tomorrow, and if I don't who knows, I might take a day off.  Maybe I'll find some patriotic cards to show off to gear up for Independence Day, or maybe I'll make some customs since its been a while.  At any rate if I take a few days off, don't be alarmed.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.  Now to decide if I want to watch the Royals and Cardinals again, or go back to Netflix.  I think baseball wins out.


  1. I would say get to the end of season 4 of OITNB but at the very least you should get to the end of season 2.

  2. I've seen some weird things with shipping, but what you're describing is quite nonsensical.