Sunday, June 12, 2016


Subscription Overload

I had something else lined up for today, but I wanted to clear my folder out some.  When I scanned the other day, I for some reason scanned some magazines I had nearby.  Just the covers, but not really sure why I did it.  I guess I wanted to show what kind of magazines I get.  So today I am showing off magazine covers.  Why not, its a lazy Sunday and it will clean up the folder and then I can scan more stuff if need be later.  So here we go.


I am signed up to about 4-5 different survey sites and visit a couple websites often and come across a lot of free magazines.  The purpose of one survey site is specifically for magazines.  At one point I was getting over 30 (closer to 40) magazines at a time.  I've cut that down considerably.

This was a magazine I was looking forward to when I saw it was available.  In the past when I'd visit doctor's offices and whatnot there would be photographer magazines and I usually liked them.  When I first got this a few months ago, I was pretty excited.  Lately it seems I don't read it cover to cover like I first did.  The pictures are amazing though.  If I get the chance to resubscribe for free I might.  I usually wait a few months after the subscription runs out so I can decide if I miss it or not.  If I still want it then I will get it again.

PRICE: $20 for 4 years (or something similar)

This magazine I got for my mom.  I'm not saying I don't read it, as I usually do, but my mom usually buys them when we go to the store so I figured this would be cheaper.  I got it after my sister Andrea passed away mainly because aside from being cheaper, it would take my mom's mind off things even if for a short bit.  Since its one I have to pay for, I think we'll drop it once it runs out.  Oddly enough its either our tastes have changed or because I've gotten so many magazines that we don't care as much for Star anymore.  If I found it for free a few months down the road though (as I do see on occasion) I would likely pick it up.

DAMN!  Oops, sorry.


OK.... DAMN! Carrie Underwood looks good!  I've always thought that though.  Too bad most of her songs I don't care for, but there are a few.  Anyways US Weekly much like Star is one that we don't care about as much anymore, but this one was free and was a bit of a challenge to get, so whenever I see it for free I get it.  I like it better than Star because it seems a little less gossip-y and a little more informative.  I just started getting it a couple months ago so I still have it for a bit longer.


Another one I just recently got, its also sometimes tough to find for free.  I jumped at this because I  wanted to see how they cover the Olympics and wanted to get back into reading more baseball articles.  Another reason is the site I used (Reward Survey) doesn't have a lot of great options so when a good one pops up I take it (you get 20 bucks per weekly survey and it adds up quick, I haven't done a survey in 3 months and still have like $300 bucks in the account, and you can only use it on about 12 magazines).  I got it along with SI for Kids (which I haven't got yet) and have already read some good articles in it.  Its another one I would read at doctor's offices (my dad would have to go to the doctor a lot) and SI is without a doubt better than ESPN The Magazine (I never subscribe to that even when free), but I must admit I liked Sporting News better.  I also got Sports Illustrated in case the Royals make it to another World Series and I won't have to rush out and buy them.  Too bad I couldn't find this the last two years (I tried believe me).

PRICE: ???

I didn't know we got this.  My mom informed me that she subscribed to it along with another magazine.  I usually tell her not to because I can find a lot of them cheap or free online, but I don't think I've seen this one and my mom is thrifty when buying, so I know it wasn't much.  I haven't read this one yet, but I have a feeling I might browse through it each month.  Its not one I would rush out to get, but sometimes I like looking at different magazines, so this might give me ideas on a couple chairs I want to refurbish.  I might give an update in a future edition of this feature (yeah, I might do this once a month or a couple times a year, its fun to do and easy to scan).


I've gotten this for free off and on for at least 5 years, but lately I read it less.  Once my subscription runs out I doubt I get it again at least for a year.  It has some good articles sometimes, but not enough to keep getting it.  Besides I've always been interested in business and business news, but lately my interest isn't as high as it used to be.  My main focus these days when it comes to business is more local.


Another one I got for my mom.  She likes reading almost anything she can get her hands on, and I thought she would like this.  She didn't at first, but when the subscription ran out  she kinda missed it, so I got it again when I found it.  Sometimes it has some good articles in it, and to their credit, they are lengthy and really not a lot of photos on main articles, so I do like that.  Its also fun to see the local NYC ads and some of the events in New York.  Its one of the rare few that if I found it for sale at a deep discount (if I couldn't find it free), that I would consider getting since my mom likes it.  As it stands though, I don't have to worry about that for now.


Another had to find for free magazine, and one that I just recently got (I haven't even read this one yet), I've always been on the lookout for People.  I wouldn't call it a gossip mag and it has good articles.  This is one you have to be close to a computer to snatch up for free, but its worth it if you know when its available.  I have another cover to show in a week or two featuring Ali (I have 3 covers to show at this point) and when I do I might show some of the insides of the magazine.


Much like Inc., I've been getting Fast Company for a few years off and on. Also like Inc., when this runs out, I'll hold off for a bit.  I actually read Fast Company more, and it actually has interesting articles, but as you can see, I get a lot of magazines, and want to weed some out before I start getting more.  What I like about FC is that it talks to businesses I haven't heard of that end up breaking out like Snapchat (though I still don't use Snapchat), or companies that sound really cool but never really get off the ground (can't think of any at the moment).  Its been a while since I last remember reading much of FC, but I do remember reading about a year ago about a company called Jet that was from a former head of Amazon.  It was pretty good, and now I see Jet advertisements so I guess they are doing good.  Aside from their special edition magazines, I prefer Fast Company over Forbes, which I think just ran out as I haven't seen it in a while.  The only thing I hate about Fast Company is their sandpaper feel of the cover.  It just feels odd and I prefer smooth magazine covers.


This isn't a magazine, but it was close by, and thought I'd scan it.  Its a little pamphlet for the Missouri State Fair.  If you are ever in Missouri during the Missouri State Fair.... take 63 or 65 Highways, head north to Des Moines, Iowa and go to the Iowa State Fair!

Sorry, nothing against the Missouri State Fair, its nice, but how can I put this.... think of it like Rudy explaining Notre Dame Football to his dad.  Its cool to see on TV (which would be the Missouri State Fair in this comparison), but its a whole other experience seeing it in person (Iowa State Fair).  Maybe that wasn't clear.  My point is the Missouri State Fair is good, but the Iowa State Fair is far better.  Better variety, better concerts, better events, better food, better free stuff... just an overall better experience.  Since Sedalia is a lot closer to me than Des Moines though, I go to it more often (though not every year in fact haven't been in 5 years or so).  I might go this year, and if I do, I'll take plenty of pictures and hopefully take in a band at the Budweiser tent (though they haven't announced who's playing yet, though nobody famous plays it).

Alright so one magazine left to show though this isn't all that I get, these were just ones I had nearby that my mom had finished reading.  She usually reads them first then I do, this way if I toss it, I know she has read it already.  Next time I'll show other magazines I get as well.


Before my sister passed away, she subscribed to this magazine.  A year or two when the subscription ran out my mom decided to renew it as a way to remember her.  It is cheaper then the cover price, but its not hugely discounted.  This magazine is actually a local one in terms of its headquarters (in nearby Boonville and also in Columbia), but it covers the entire state.  It is one that I still read cover to cover, and to be honest, one of the few that I would recommend to other people.  It also manages to get a sports story or two thrown in every couple of months so that's nice.  It also has a calendar of events that showcases a lot of variety of events.  I haven't read this much yet, but what I have read in this issue I have liked.  I think we get it for another year before we need to renew, but when the time comes, we'll get it again.

As you can see, I have a large variety of magazines I subscribe to, and while I get a lot for my mom, I also just prefer holding a magazine as I'm not much of a nook reader (I don't even have a nook).  My mom never touches a computer, so her reading an ebook is out of the question so holding a print magazine is the only option.  I know print may be dying out, but until it takes its last gasp, I'll be subscribing.  To bad Tuff Stuff wasn't still around or I can never find Beckett discounted cheaper, but as you can tell, I think I have plenty of other options.

That wraps it up for today, thanks for reading, and have a great week.


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I'm a big fan of reading and magazines myself, but I had to cut back because of storage space. Some of these I've never even heard of, I mostly stick to collecting magazines....and Playboy, at least until this year, LOL

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Was hoping to see a car mag in here.