Monday, September 29, 2014

29 Years later- a look at the teams

A few days ago I posted some things to make you remember what life was like in 1985, the last time the Kansas City Royals made the playoffs and won a World Series.  Let me state, my excitement is more on the fact that we made the playoffs, not that we have a chance to win the World Series.  Of course I will be excited if we win it all, but I just wanted to make it this far.  When the Royals made the trade to get James Shields and Wade Davis, I wasn't mad.  I actually posted on facebook "the price was steep, but this gives us a chance to win now".  My goals for the Royals are simple for the last few years- have a winning record.  After the trade, I kept that as a goal, but hoped they would cause excitement allowing the fans to get behind the team.  My goal this year was a playoff spot.  Most of the teams I root for are not championship teams (Mizzou, Royals, Chiefs, I even rooted for Tampa Bay Buccaneers until this year), all I want from them is to make the playoffs.  That's why I am excited.

Anyways, my post tonight isn't going to be too long.  I was supposed to fulfill my duties as an American and do jury duty tomorrow, and figured I wouldn't have time for much else.  I have never done jury duty before and made sure my calender was clear so any plans wouldn't be dashed.  Anyways, today I got a call saying I didn't have to do it.   It was bittersweet because I wanted to do it, but at the same time, relieved I don't have to.  As a result, I have more free time to work on my Royals collection, and a chance to watch Monday Night Football with the Chiefs (currently on), and even better I get to enjoy watching my Royals in the playoffs without worrying about getting to bed in time to show up at court.  I'm rambling again, so I'll get to the point.

Tonight let's look at the 1985 Royals:

Manager- Dick Howser

Steve Balboni
George Brett
Frank White
Willie Wilson
Onix Concepcion
I guess Black & White pictures were still acceptable in 1985.
Darryl Motley
Lonnie Smith
Jim Sundberg
Hal McRae
Lynn Jones
Jorge Orta
Dan Quisenberry
Buddy Biancalana
Pat Sheridan
Dane Iorg
Greg Pryor
John Wathan
Bud Black
Mike Jones
Charlie Leibrandt
Danny Jackson
Bret Saberhagen
Mark Gubicza
Omar Moreno
Mike LaCoss
Jamie Quirk
Steve Farr
Dave Leeper
Mark Huismann
Jim Scranton
Larry Gura
Tony Ferreira
Dennis Leonard
Bob Hegman

And the 2014 Royals:

Manager- Ned Yost

Alcides Escobar
Alex Gordon
Billy Butler
Salvador Perez
Mike Moustakas
Omar Infante
Lorenzo Cain
Nori Aoki
Eric Hosmer
Jarrod Dyson
Wade Davis
Sorry I couldn't find an actual team photo, but this is good enough.
Kelvin Herrera
Aaron Crow
Greg Holland
Danny Valencia
James Shields
Jeremy Guthrie
Raul Ibanez
Francisley Bueno
Danny Duffy
Jason Vargas
Yordano Ventura
Louis Coleman
Brett Hayes
Pedro Ciriaco
Josh Willingham
Jason Frasor
Tim Collins
Christian Colon
Justin Maxwell
Scott Downs
Michael Mariot
Bruce Chen
Erik Kratz
Johnny Giavotella
Casey Coleman
Terrance Gore
Jimmy Paredes
Brandon Finnegan
Jayson Nix
Lane Adams
Liam Hendriks
Carlos Pequero
Aaron Brooks
Wilking Rodriguez
Donnie Joseph
Justin Marks
Francisco Pena
*Luke Hochevar

All the players listed played at least one game in their season.  I included Luke Hochevar because he was on the 60 day injured list all year.

So with nothing else to write, I will say thanks for reading and have a great night.


  1. I'm glad the Royals justified the trade a little by making the playoffs. Dayton Moore was ripped apart.

    Your Chiefs destroyed the Pats last night. Great game!

    1. Dayton was ripped by everyone, which I understand. As many put it, he mortgaged our future for a chance to win now. At first it looked like a horrible trade, but it has been worth it. Dayton was smart enough to get enough potential in the minors to trade them away. If they didn't make the playoffs this year though it would have not been worth it. I'm not sure we will keep Shields, but if we can get someone similar to replace him I think we will be fine.

      Man, those Chiefs showed up last night. I missed a bit of the game and looked up and it was 41-7 I think, that was just crazy. I'm not sure if we are a playoff team, but we are starting to look better.