Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lazy Sund..... wait, I'm pretty busy for it being so lazy

Showing off my hat and shades.
I really don't have much to say today, I have a few things I'm doing.  I am watching football on TV, but since its not the Chiefs or Rams, I'm not paying a lot of attention.  It's the Packers and Bears, and while my mom likes both teams, I don't care that much.  It's more noise rights now.  If the Rams were on, I would watch, not because I like them, but because they are local enough that I know a bit about them.

Regional SI cover talking about the Royals
Anyways, I am working on my blog today in some sort of way.  I am going through my Royals cards and finding what cards I need to complete some sets.  You may have noticed I added a tab for completed sets.  I will be adding to that soon.  I still have a lot of work to do, so it could take a while.

HOF magazine featuring Greg Maddux
This has the potential to be a busy week, and I can't guarantee I will be here all week.  I plan on a blog of some sort tomorrow, likely a mashup of Royals and Chiefs, and beyond that I can't promise anything.  I have some stuff to do outside of sports this week that I hope won't take long, but who knows.  The Chiefs play Monday Night Football, and I will have to go to bed early.  The Royals play sometime this week, and I might miss it.  Just my luck.  At least I can record it.

My dad doing one of his passions, Garden Tractor Pulling.
I'm not writing doom and gloom, everything is alright, just a case of bad timing is all.  You may have noticed random pictures posted throughout this post, I just wanted to add pictures.
One of many oddities I collect.

Thanks for reading such a short post, but before I go, I have started talking to fellow bloggers and am working on sending some cards away soon.  I know where I can send some, but if you read my blog, feel free to comment and let me know what you collect, and I will start setting them aside for some future trade talks.  I already know what some of you collect, like the Pirates, Tigers, Brewers, Dodgers, and so forth, but I also have other sports as well like football and some basketball, and wrestling.  Let me know if there are any niche players or sets or anything you collect.  If I don't respond quickly don't worry, I hope to have everything back to normal by next weekend.  Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.


  1. You getting pumped for the wild card game!

    1. I just got some good news, so now I can get really pumped! I was afraid I was going to miss the game, but luckily things worked out. Which means I can make some more Royals nostalgia posts. Good luck to your Pirates too, I wouldn't mind seeing a Pittsburgh vs. Kansas City World Series.