Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

This weekend has left me with a roller coaster of emotions.  I've felt really great, then I felt down in the dumps, then I feel like just shutting off all electronics and start building something.  The problem with that is I am not handy with my hands, and if I built something, it would look horrible.

I wish I could make something that good!

After all the events though, I can recap the weekend the best way by describing it The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.  I will start with the Ugly so I can cheer myself by ending with the Good.

The Ugly:
Daniel Nava after a Grand Slam
The Kansas City Royals collapsed at home this weekend, losing 3 of 4 against the Boston Red Sox.  While Kansas City is in the hunt for a playoff spot, Boston is in a hunt of their own- the worst record in baseball.  I normally like Boston, but they could have waited a few days to start winning.  What made it worse was not the 3 run home run KC gave up, but the grand slam they gave up in the 8-4 loss.  Not only a grand slam, but it was Aaron Crow who gave it up.  Crow is Mizzou Made, so I will forever be a fan, and him playing on my favorite team is icing on the cake.  When he messes up though, he messes up big.  Most Royals fans stopped supporting him, and sadly its looking like I might have to soon as well.  From a business standpoint, KC needs someone they can depend on, and you can't always depend on him.

What puts this in the Ugly category is the fact that Detroit swept their series this weekend and now hold a one and a half game lead in the AL Central.  Kansas City still does hold the second wild card spot, but they chose a terrible time to start collapsing.  That's the life of a Royals fan.

Just a reminder though- tomorrow is the 6 year anniversary of Milwaukee Brewers firing Ned Yost as manager as their manager while in the midst of a playoff chase.  They replaced him with Dale Sveum, who finished the season at 7-5 and made the playoffs.

Dale Sveum is currently a hitting coach.... for the KANSAS CITY ROYALS!

maybe we can replace the guy on the left with the guy on the right!

After a magical start last year, most Chiefs fans expected the same this year.  Hey, I'm just happy not to have a 2-14 season.  Maybe I have a bit higher expectations, but after a week one loss to the Tennessee Titans (which former Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop got his revenge against his former team), the Chiefs at least kept it interesting this week against the AFC Champs Denver Broncos. In the end though Kansas City lose to their rivals 24-17.

Hey Santos, umm, you might want to start making some kicks.
You can't entirely blame the kicker for the loss, yes he missed one, but made a 45 yarder.  Had the Broncos not have a goalline stand at the end of the game, it would have been tied.

So what good came from this weekend?

The Good:

The Missouri Tigers beat the UCF Knights!  Maty Mauk had 4 TD passes as Mizzou got a comfortable 38-10 victory.  At least one of my teams did good this weekend.

As one fan said Saturday "Mauk-tober has started early this year"
To a lesser degree, another football team I follow also won on Saturday- the Central Methodist University Eagles!  I was two days from starting college there back in 2000 when I abruptly decided not to.  Mostly because I didn't spend a lot of time working on financials but was smart enough to know I couldn't afford it.  I still consider them my home school though alongside Mizzou (my goal was to transfer from CMU to Mizzou since I couldn't get accepted at Mizzou).

Anyways, CMU won 35-22 after recording 10 sacks.  Congrats guys!  I hope they can keep up the momentum after losing their opening week game.

Run Steinkamp, Run!

Normally that would wrap things up, but I have decided since I am in a better mood now to add another category.

The Great!

This weekend has saw an unexpected spike in readership for my blog as well as more followers and comments are starting to roll in.  I think I started to find a secret to gaining success on this blog.  You need to interact with other bloggers and they will interact with you.  Not only will they interact with you, upon seeing their interaction and your comments on their blogs, readers will check out your page.  Now, I'm not saying just comment and people will see your page, I never believed in that kind of promotion.  I am saying make a genuine comment that means something and is worthwhile to the topic.  Bloggers love interaction, especially if it is relevant. Basically a "Give and you shall receive" mentality.


I forgot, this Friday night was a super great night for me.  Bob Walk The Plank was running a contest, and on Friday night announced his winners.  I was lucky enough to be one.  My first win in a blog contest.  I have won a few contests in my day, but this was the first in a long time, and it hopefully isn't the last.  I followed it up with getting a card I won off Listia in the mail (which I will feature later this week), and won a couple more Listia auctions.  After all that, I can't really complain much at all about this weekend. 

Ok, now I think I can say this (and I mean it every time), thank you for reading and have a great week!


  1. Already have a few contest cards for you. Just need to shop around for another one.

    Trading will be another great way to promote your blog as people will post the cards they receive on their blogs.

    Hopefully Boston got the winning out of the way. The Pirates have a four game series with them this week.

  2. I never thought about that, I already have plans in place to start trading soon, but that just never even registered. Even after reading all the blogs where trades are made.

    Yeah I hope Pirates sweep Boston. Mainly for revenge, but also because I want someone to overtake the Cardinals in the NL Central, and the Pirates would be the team I'd want to do that.