Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday Randomness

Sometimes I have plans to do stuff, and sometimes I don't.  Today I had most of the day planned out- sleep until the Mizzou game started at 11, after that ends, hear the rest of the Royals game, then more football.  Then I was going to stay at a hotel and watch some show and have a free dinner.

Last night, I couldn't sleep.  I never went to sleep until about 9 A.M. this morning.  As a result, everything was out of whack.  I missed the first half of the Mizzou game, and everything after that got messed up.  Even the hotel messed up the plans, so I am now at home.  I'm not mad at all. Truth is, I didn't want to see the show, I just wanted a night out of the house.  Oh well, I have other stuff to do, like my blog.

MY BLOG!  OH NO!  I don't have anything to really mention, and its too early in the month to feature another Hall of Fame card.  I need to write something.

So, I didn't have any plans to do a blog tonight, but then I remembered I missed last night too.  My plan was to stay in the hotel room, and the last couple days I scanned a ton of cards to add to the Trading Card Database.  The problem is with that, is that none are interesting enough to talk about.

I haven't got any cards from Listia in a while (I am waiting on a few, and may need to file a complaint soon on a couple), so I can't talk about them.

 I did buy some cards off of Just Commons the other day, but I want to wait until I receive them to talk about them.  In total I got about 180 or so cards, so that should give me a few good posts later this month.

Nothing really new on the COMC front, I have bought a couple cards lately, but I won't ship them until I get 100 cards or until they have another free shipping period, so with only 25 or so cards and no money planned to add, it will be a while before I ship them.

Not all is gloom though.  The other day as I was thinking about ideas for posts, I thought of a few special posts I can make on occasion.  I've already shown off the Card Hall of Fame, and have done a Flea Market Find (which I have one or two to feature in the near future), but I have some other ideas I have been toying with.  None I want to mention yet, because like a lot of my plans, sometimes things change or get abandoned.

So as I wind up my day, maybe I didn't get too much accomplished, but at least I got to see Mizzou win, and even though my Royals lost, they didn't lose the lead in the A.L. Central, but may have lost Danny Duffy.  Also got to see some other games, so the day wasn't so bad.

Sorry for the lack of anything of relevance, but I hope you guys have a great night and weekend.  Thank you for reading.

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