Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Don't be mad, be Maddux!

Yesterday when I checked the mail, I got a plain white envelope.  I was excited because I figured I knew what was coming.  I opened it and it was indeed what I thought it was.  Last week, I won an auction on Listia and I now had it in hand.

For 999 points (or credits, or whatever they call them), I got 13 Greg Maddux cards.  I knew I had a couple, but I figured I could get a few more to add to my every growing collection.  Now at over 100 cards, I try to find ones I need and if I can justify spending points or cash, I will try to get them.   I started a list of the cards I have, but now I need to update it.

Anyways, lets look at the cards.

We will start with the 1990 Donruss cards.  The only doubles in the entire lot, I already had these.  I am okay with that, because deep inside, I still like the 1990 Donruss set somewhat.  Plus with a good photo and the fact he is in his Cubs uniform still, I'm not going to complain.

Another set I like to some extent is the 1988 Fleer set.  I have no idea how, but I did not have this card.  I'm sure when I was younger I did, but after I started rebuilding my collection after selling them in the early 2000's, I have to start somewhere.  So this was a nice grab.

The 1988 Donruss card is one I did have.  I don't like the set just because it seemed like every time I would see cards for sale when I was a kid, it would always be the 1988 Donruss.  Though an extra Maddux in Chicago pinstripes is not a bad thing.

Lastly we have the 1988 Topps card.  I had this card as well.  I think everybody in the world has this card.  Still not a bad card to have, but not digging the uniform he is wearing.

So the rest of the cards I got in this package are all cards I did not have.  I'm liking this.

Let's go to the Braves years next.  We will start with the 1994 Stadium Club card.  I have seen this card a few times recently, and might have even just purchased it days earlier on, but I have had my eye on it for a while.  Actually it was one of the main cards I wanted from this entire package.

Next is the 1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Silver Signature card.  First off, which collector's chose this set over other sets? I liked the sets to be honest, but always hated the name.  My main thought is I'm curious what is going on in this picture?  Did Maddux land on the mound wrong, was he dancing off the mound at the end of an inning, was he throwing a hissy fit on a bad call?  Maybe I will need to look into this a bit further.

Beside that is another Collector's Choice card.  This one is a 1995 Special Edition All Star card.  At least this card shows him pitching.  I don't really like this card much, the design is not that great.  I do like the full picture on the card, but the picture seems to be a bit dark.

The final card of this series is a 1999 Bowman.  Bowman really has hit or miss sets, I just can't tell if this one is a hit or a miss.  I like the border, except I don't like the signature bar on the side.  Until recently, I never saw a lot of Bowman cards, so I couldn't remember if I ever saw the card before.  I do like the photo in the card though.

The last four cards begins with another Cubs card.  It is a 1992 Pinnacle card, and I am a sucker for black border cards.  I don't remember having this before, but I don't remember getting Pinnacle cards until about 1994 or so.  I'm not sure if I like the picture on the card or not.  I think the picture could still be a bit bigger and still have a nice black border.

I just looked and it seems like I had that card too.  Maybe I got it earlier this year when I bought a ton of Maddux cards on Just Commons.

Anyways, moving on, we have a 2004 Skybox Limited Edition card.  It isn't a base card, but I'm not sure what variation it is.  It is I guess die-cut at the top.  In any event, I didn't have this card, and now I do.  I like it more each time I look at it.

Next is the 1989 Bowman card. I like everything about this card except the fact it is oversized.  The front is perfect except it doesn't show his name besides his signature, which I can live with.  The back is a stat lover's dream come true.  It has his pitching stats versus every team he faced in 1988.  The only reason I didn't have it sooner was because I was not a fan of it being oversized.

Finally the last card in the package is a 2000 Upper Deck Statitude card. I never heard or seen this card before, but I am so glad I have it now.  It has a nice design, and looks even better in person.  The back has lot to be desired, but the front makes up for it.

Overall I am not complaining one bit as I believe this puts me at the 110 card mark for Maddux cards, and if I add a few more before the end of the year, I may try to set a goal of 150 or 200 cards by the end of next year.  The problem now begins that I am starting to run out of some of the base cards, so the price could be going up soon. Though I think I can still find some cheap enough.

Thank you all for reading, and a quick shout out a thanks to all my new followers and to those who leaves comments.  It means a lot to me.  I plan to post at least every other day from now on, and later this week, or early next week, I plan to start showing off some cards I got from Just Commons, who shipped 180 or so cards to me today.  Have a great night.


  1. I've found a few relic cards of Maddux cheap over the years when he is not in the Braves uniform. His stuff can get expensive though....

  2. I don't have any relics or autographs of Maddux yet, but I might make it a goal for next year to get something.