Monday, December 8, 2014

Not a lot of Royals fans are eating Crow

One of the setbacks of not having internet for a month was my inability to keep up on all the offseason baseball happenings.  Thank goodness I have it again in time for the Winter Meetings.  However at the same time, I just cut some channels on my TV so I no longer get the MLB network and can't see their coverage.  I have enjoyed it the last couple years.

So I'll try not to get ahead of myself about that.  Since I am still getting back in the swing of things, let me talk about one of the moves the Royals made recently that saddens me a bit, but also makes me happy.

The Royals traded away Aaron Crow.  It happened on Black Friday, they sent him to the home of Michael Weston- Miami (it sounds so much hotter when Fi says it).  In return the got two pitchers- Brian Flynn and Reid Redman.  I won't pretend that I know them or can say it was a good trade or not (last time I did that I said the Royals made the worst move ever shipping Greinke to the Brewers).

As a Mizzou fan, I am saddened because with not many former Tiger players in the MLB, it was easy for me to keep up- Royals, Tigers, and I think the Padres, wherever Stites pitches.  By Crow going to Miami, I won't act like I will keep up all the time on his stats.  I wish him luck as a member of the Marlins and hopes he kills it down there.

From a Royals standpoint though, I have to admit I and a bit happy.  Last year was the second straight year he just didn't seem to pitch right, and you could tell Yost lost faith in him.  Another year and we wouldn't get anything for him.  With a fairly stacked bullpen, even if we lost one to trades, the pen shouldn't be too bad without him. 

As a fan of his, I hope for the best, but he has a 50/50 shot of becoming a great talent.  Royals have a tendecy of dumping players before they are worthless or passing on guys who have a resurgence with a new team.  Time will tell what happens to Crow, but at age 28, time is starting to pass him by.

Sorry for not having pictures on this post as I recently rearranged and haven't hooked the scanner back up yet.  I will do that as soon as I start posting more.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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  1. I was pulling for the Royals! Here's to next years AL race for the Pennant!