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This one book covered the $1 I paid for all 20.

Yesterday I showed off a few books I got from Savvy Seconds.  Today, I will show the one book that in my opinion was worth the $1 alone.  So in essence I got 19 books for free.

I got a Mizzou program from 2005!  I didn't go to Mizzou games until about 2008 or so, so finding these are a bit of fun.  I try to get a program each time I go to a game, and when I see them available for sale I buy them if they are cheap enough. The only knock is the slight pen marking on the front and a couple pen blemishes next to players names in the book but otherwise, its pristine.

Let's look and talk about the inside, and a bit about some of the players.

Let's start with some advertisements.  I've always been a fan of them and the are a couple showing upcoming Mizzou events.  I always enjoyed Gold Rush, and Family/Band day was good though I will admit I never cared a lot about seeing the bands.  Once when I was in high school I actually worked a Mizzou event during Band Day.  It was odd, we were stationed inside the basketball arena next door, and I never saw the field that day.

IT'S KANYE!  Nope, even in 2005 I wasn't a fan.  It was a big deal at the time, and while I'm game for almost any concert, I would have passed on this one.  I did see a Nelly concert once, which was a lot of fun.  I'd see him again.  I had a free ticket to see Juvenile once too, but skipped the show (I live 45 minutes away and couldn't make it), but he no-showed.  I did want to see the Nappy Roots when they came to town a few times, but these days, I would likely pass on that too.  Maybe one day I'll write about some concerts I went to.

Moving on, let's look at some media ads.

KOMU is actually run by the University of Missouri.  It's good and bad at the same time.  Since it is ran by the University, you see a lot of good talent on the air.  You also see a lot of bad talent on the air.  Chris Gervino has been in the Mid-Missouri market since 1990 if not earlier.  He covers a lot of Mizzou programs including sideline reporter for the football team on the radio and sometimes the basketball team.  Eric Blumberg no longer works at KOMU, but still lives in Columbia.  He had a nice feature on the news called Blumberg Off The Bench.  It focused on overcoming obstacles or high school players.

The other channel in Columbia is KMIZ, the ABC affiliate.  They also run the Fox affiliate, the CBS affiliate is actually located in Jefferson City.  Anyways, KMIZ always seemed second rate compared to KOMU, even in the 90's when Chris Gervino was at KMIZ.  That's not to say Beau Baehman and Kevin Lewis were bad, but neither lasted too long.  I'm not sure where either are today, but I believe Beau is in St. Louis.  Occasionally he covers Mizzou Women's basketball on TV and is the announcer for the Missouri State High School Football Championships.  Today the sports coverage on KMIZ is run by Austin Kim (ESPN's Michael Kim's brother) and Sherree Burres (she isn't that good, I've seen many other female sports reporters, but she can't even say the players names right).  Austin Kim as it turned out got his on air start at KOMU as a student reporter.

Okay, let's move on.

For those that have never been to the campus, one thing you must see are the columns.  They are iconic to the University and have a storied history.  When the ESPN Gameday crew came a few years back, they used them as the backdrop.  In the background is the historic Jesse Hall Auditorium.  I have been inside a number of times, and am glad to been involved with events that have used the building.  If you visit, nearby is also a Beetle Bailey statue you should check out.  Beetle Bailey's creator, Mort Walker went to Mizzou.

The Tigers Radio Network is run by Mike Kelly.  On the left is another photo of Chris Gervino, and on the right is John Kadlec.  Affectionately known as Mr. Mizzou, John Kadlec passed away during the football season.  He had been a part of Mizzou for 40 years if not more.  He always provided great color commentary to Kelly's superb play-by-play.

I never remember him being called Michael Alden, but Mike is still there.  Most of the time I like him, but occasionally he rubs me the wrong way.

Much like Alden, Gary sometimes rubs me the wrong way.  What is undeniable is the fact he turned this program around.  While a few years ago, I wouldn't have cared as much, I am now a bit worried about the time Pinkel either retires on moves elsewhere.  Whoever will be his successor will have mighty huge shoes to fill.

Let's look at some of his staff.

I think it is in my genes to be not a huge fan of someone named Yost.  Dave was actually really good, and I was a bit worried when he left after the 2012 season. However I must note, that I was very critical during his time here, and I stand by a lot of that criticism.  Looking back though, I'm not sure if all the offensive troubles should be blamed on him.  It says QB and recruiting, but he later became the Offensive Coordinator.  Yost worked with Brad Smith, Chase Daniel, Blaine Gabbert, and James Franklin all at Mizzou. All made it to the NFL (Franklin was cut in the preseason by the Lions, so maybe not officially on a roster but still).  My biggest complaint with Mizzou quarterbacks was they always threw too high.

In 2005, Stec was the Linebackers coach.  By 2014, he moved up to the Defensive Coordinator and the Assistant Head Coach.  A couple weeks ago, Coach Steckel left Mizzou for his chance to become a Head Coach.  He drove three hours south on Highway 63 and is now the Head Coach of the Missouri State Bears.  Its sad to see him go, but at the same time I'm glad he gets the chance to show his skills.  I also can't complain as I am also a Missouri State fan as well.  By the way, just for reference, Missouri State has never, and should never be called Mizzou State.  Mizzou is only to be used for the University of Missouri-Columbia school.

So with Steckel gone, Coach Pinkel had a tough decision to make for a new Defensive Coordinator.  It turns out, he didn't have to look far.

Welcome back to Mizzou, Coach Barry Odom.  Recently the D-Coordinator for the Memphis Tigers, he turned their defense around, and gave them a lot of fight (maybe a little to much, if you saw the bowl game brawl).  Odom is a good signing and not a huge shock he came back.

Now let's look at the roster.  As I have admitted before, I didn't follow the football team much at all prior to 2008, so I recognize some of the names, but not all of them.  Let me begin with the name in black border.  Prior to the 2005 season, during a August training day, Aaron O'Neil passed away.  For the next four years, he was honored as he still on the team.  When the class of 2009 was recognized on the field, they held up a sign remembering AO #25.

Chase Coffman, Martin Rucker, William Moore, Brad Smith, Brian Smith, Chase Daniel, Will Franklin, and Evander "Ziggy" Hood all made it to the NFL, maybe a few others might have too.  Stryker Sulak was a 6th round draft pick for Oakland, but was cut before the preseason and spent some time on the Packers practice squad.  Others I thought could have excelled in the NFL were Jeff Wolfert (who I think was in the UFL), Jimmy Jackson, Tony Temple (check out his Cotton Bowl performance vs. Arkansas in 2008), Kurtis Gregory, Tommy Saunders, Brock Christopher, and my favorite player, Jaron Baston.  The roster was better than I first thought.  Below is a picture of the team.

Before we close the book on this program, here's a couple more ads.

The one on the left is for Tan-Tar-a Resort at the Lake of the Ozarks.  The one on the right is obviously for Coca Cola.  I'm not one of those crazy Coke collector's but I do collect some Coke items. It was nice during the first Mizzou game this year, they had the Coke cans you can personalize and my best friend made one for me.  Here's the can.

Okay, time for one last ad, this one is on the back cover:

I'm always conflicted on alcohol ads for colleges.  They ban them in the stadium, most of the students are too young to drink, but they can advertise in the programs.  I may be harsh because I don't drink, but I don't think they should really be able to have ads in the program.  However, the same could be said with the caffeine found in soda, and where would it end.  However, I have come to accept the fact that Budweiser or and of the Busch beers will be a major contributor to ad space in Missouri programs, so it hasn't become much of a deal anymore.

So there is the final book I got from their 20 for $1 sale.  I went back earlier today, but they were closed for Christmas, so I might go back again in a couple days to see if I can find anymore gems.  Who knows, maybe I can find a real steal.  If it is anything close to these books, I will be happy.  Thanks for reading, have a great night, and have a Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you observe.

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