Monday, December 22, 2014

Things are Tuff all over

Today I will show some more cards I won a couple months ago on Listia.  By now most of you know that in general, I'm not a big St. Louis Cardinals fan.  However, you might also realize that since I kinda live in the boonies (I really 15 minutes from a town called Boonville, so boonies is a perfect description), I follow a lot of the Cardinals players and even collect a few.

One of those players (though he is no longer a Cardinal, but an Angel) is Albert Pujols.  I'm not sure what sparked me to like him so much, besides being an elite player.  I also heard he liked George Brett and that's why he wears #5, though I could be wrong.

Anyways, this is 3 cards I bought off Listia for 499 points back in October.  I bought it for mainly one card, but all three are nice.

Let's start with the Gypsy Queen.  I like it because I don't have a whole lot of of cards of him with Anaheim (or LAAoA, or whatever city the Angels hail from this week).  This is a solid card to add to my collection, and as time passes on, GQ is growing on me with each new card I get.

Next will talk about the A&G from 2010.  Unlike GQ, I'm on the fence with A&G.  I like the white border, but wish it wasn't so abundant.  I like the photos and the design, but they could be bigger.  I don't like how the logo of the set is so big.  I think a redesign of the logo could be made with just  A&G and it would be fine.  Who really says Allen & Ginter these days anyway?  Overall, like I said, I like the photo used though it could be a bit bigger and not as cropped.

Finally is the card in the middle, the card I bought this for.  This card has been on my radar for a while, even before I started this blog, but its never available at a good price.  I only knew about this card because I bought some Tuff Stuff magazines the year these were made, and have some like this (I have a Justin Verlander among others).  So I bought these cards, just for this one.  I know the card really doesn't have much value, but it is a card on my wish list I can cross off now.  That is if I made a wish list.  I miss Tuff Stuff magazine, I liked it better than Beckett, maybe because it was cheaper, but I usually read it cover to cover.  Of course that was before I found more utilities online, which is why they likely aren't around anymore.  To compare the Tuff Stuff cards, the closest would be the older SI For Kids cards.  The ones that felt like a piece of posterboard.  Today's SI for Kids cards are way too flimsy in my opinion, but that's a discussion for another day.

Thanks for reading, and as I finish this and post it to my blog, I plan on scanning more stuff, so we might have more blogs soon.  I hope everyone has a great day.

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