Thursday, April 16, 2015


Custom Card Review

CCR!  YEAH!  Oh, not Creedence Clearwater Revival?  I hope I didn't get your hopes up.  For the younger readers (shoot even I am a tad young for them), CCR was a very good band before you were born.  You may know them from the scene in Live Free Or Die Hard where Justin Long quips "It's old rock, doesn't mean its classic".  While a funny line, he was dissing CCR, so screw him.  You might also know lead singer John Fogerty from that baseball song you hear every year- Centerfield.

Anyways, CCR has nothing to do with this post, unless CCR is Custom Card Review.  In which case it is and its time to show some cards I made recently.  Some better than others because of level of tiredness or some being made earlier than others.  I am getting better (at least in my own mind) at making cards using Microsoft Paint, maybe one day I'll use software that is better and I have to pay for.

I've stopped using this border lately, but not before I made a card of Logan Pearson.  He plays for the Missouri Tigers baseball team.  I like the border, but it doesn't seem like a good card border, maybe if I tweaked it some.  It would make a good poster.  I put his name in an odd place, but I like the location since it uses the brick wall as the background.  I might revisit the design in the future, but for now, I'm done with it.

The Secret World of Kirsten Mack!  Wait, that was Alex Mack (see CCR fans aren't likely to reference a mid-late 90's Nickelodeon TV show).  Kirsten Mack is a member of the Missouri Tigers Softball team.  I like the border, but should have used a different font.  I wish the would make a Mizzou set of trading cards like they do for other schools, especially showcasing legends of Mizzou.  I would love to see current players too so I wouldn't have to make so many.

Ok, no more Mizzou today.

A few weeks old now, I made this Michael Annett card right after he used this paint scheme for one race earlier this year.  To be honest, I can't stand the design, and glad its not permanent.  I saw his paint scheme for this week, and I like it.  I hope he can lead a few laps, maybe show it off a little.  He's had a rough year, and hope that changes.

As for the design of this card.  I was testing things out, and I have no alibi because it is U-G-L-Y!  What other bloggers type out cheers during a post?  At least I can laugh at myself on the ugliness of this card.  There is so much wrong, lets just move on.

There is a website called Royales With Cheese that has fun with the Kansas City Royals.  That is where I first saw this picture.  Since then I wanted to put it on a card.  They used it to create a meme that I still laugh at whenever I see it or even hear his name.  It is this picture and says "Hey Ladies, check out my Bonifacio".  Childish I know, but my humor is all over.

This is another design I'm getting a bit tired of using, but not enough to stop using it.  At least I can find something better (which I might have).  I should have put his name together, but I liked it this way.  Maybe one day I will make it a poster.  The good new is his brother Jorge is in the minor leagues of the Royals, so I can make a card of him one day too.

Here's another photo I've held onto for a long time.  I like it a lot, and wanted to make a good card of Sluggerrr.  I also wanted to acknowledge his name, unlike Topps who still calls him "Kansas City Royals Mascot" on their Mascot cards.  That would be like calling Fredbird "The St. Louis Cardinals Flying Bird" or the Washington Nationals mascot "The Washington Nationals Former President Mascot Named Teddy".  Sorry for the rant, but Topps has called him Sluggerrr before, but in the Opening Day Mascots sets the last couple years they haven't.  HE HAS A NAME!

As for the design, I like it.  I used the Royals colors and to be honest, he's a mascot, he doesn't need a lot of stuff on the front, the focus should be on him.  I might have done better with his name on the bottom though.

Okay, one more.  Usually I make cards of players I don't have, or ones in new uniforms.  While I don't have this former player, I just wanted to make this card.  Especially after I saw this photo.

I have been a Bob Uecker fan for as long as I can remember, and most of it being due to the movie Major League.  I vaguely remember him from Mr. Belvedere and from the Miller Lite commercials too.  Once I saw this photo I wanted to use it somehow.  It is the perfect picture for a card.  I could have just used Bob and not his full name, but I felt this way made it more special.  While I may never get a real Uecker card, this will hold me over.  I tried to use the team colors too, but not too sure I did it right.  I still think it turned out good.

That will wrap it up for today, I still have a few more to show off, but want to save them for a bit.  If there is anybody you want me to make a design for, let me know.  I never print them out and make an actual card, but one day I might.  I posted these today to clear a few out of my folder and also because I'm waiting to get some cards, I figured would come yesterday.  I still have stuff to post, don't worry.  Thanks for reading and have a great day.