Thursday, April 23, 2015

Random Wednesdays: Books and odd cards

I have a few pictures/scans to show off, none warranting their own post, but worthy enough to be mentioned.

I subscribe to Bloomberg Businessweek (not much longer, but still), and sometimes they mention sports.  I really like the magazine, and I might renew it, its free, but trying to cut back on magazines for a while.  At my peak I was getting 21 or more magazines, 95% were free ones.  Once I cut them all down I'll decide which ones I'd like to get again.  Anyways, here was a recent cover of their magazine.

To be honest, one of the reasons I'm not renewing is because I haven't read it in a while.  I didn't even read the story.  One cool feature they show is how they decide on the cover.  It's not meant to be taken seriously, but here is the one for this issue.

Also inside the issue was a story on stadium food.  It's another article I didn't read, but it's one page, so you can read it here.

The article is written by one of my favorite writers in the magazine, Claire Suddath.  When I first starting reading the magazine, her articles were usually the first ones I read.  She usually immerses herself into the story.  Anyways, I didn't read it.

Something I did read recently was a book my sister bought for me at a book sale.  All she told me was it had some cards in it.  I had no clue what it would be, but this was what she got.

This sounded like something I would have loved to have had growing up, but never did.  The book itself was in really great shape.

I haven't read it cover to cover yet, but did read some.  One thing I am conflicted on at the moment is the cards.  After looking at the Trading Card Database, they are missing a few scans.  If it was all of them, I would tear the cards out, but there are only like 3-4.  At this point I think I'll keep it intact, but it would be cool to finish the set for them.  The cards needed are near the spine, so its tough to scan them.  The cards themselves are fairly think, I thought they would be a little more flimsy.

Here is some of what is written about the Royals.

So... not really about the Royals.  Another blurb about the Royals included Brian McRae plays for his dad.  Cone and McRae are the two Royals featured in the book.  At least it also included a Greg Maddux that I can add to my collection.  That furthers my conflict if I should remove the cards.

Lets move on to card I don't have to remove.  I found some odd cards on Listia a couple weeks ago.  A total of 5, I really just wanted one (well 2 until I found out 1 of them wasn't who I thought it was).

On the back are fake Q & A with the featured person.  It is almost like if Greatest Grossouts decided to feature real athletes.  The one I wanted was the Tommy Lasorda, which lambastes him about his SlimFast diet (as shown with him holding the shake).  The other card I thought I wanted is the first card on the top.  At first I thought it was a card of Bob Uecker, but according to Trading Card Database its Ralph Kiner.  The other ones are Whitey Ford, Dave Stieb, and Mike Greenwell.  The set is calle Fun Stuff and is a 1992 set from Confex Baseball Enquirer.  There are 64 cards in the set, and besides a small handful, I'm fine with not completing the set.

So that does it for today, I hope you enjoyed the randomness.

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  1. That Red Foley book is the last of a series of books in which they inserted stickers and cards of players. I've always been tempted to get a few of them from Amazon, where the sellers usually have them really cheap.