Sunday, April 12, 2015

I Got This!

While my main focus these days is collecting cards, I also collect other various and random items.  Today I thought I would show a few of these off.  There is no rhyme or reason on why I picked these, but I just remembered stuff I had, and searched for the items through Google.  If I couldn't find a good picture, I went onto another item.  In the future I will scan my own items, but for now this was easiest.

Here we go, this first one is a big boy.

It is literally a Big Boy.  This is a coin bank.  The one I have is missing the plug, but luckily it is on his back I think (its not in front of me at the moment) so it can still be used.  I have never used it though, but have had it on display a time or two when I had room.  Oddly enough I have never been to a Big Boy, though I have been to a place called Hi-Boy before.  I'm not sure how I ended up with this piece.

Moving from one big boy to another, this guy would chew people up and spit them out.

Well, he would chew up turnbuckles and spit them out.  This is an action figure of wrestler George "The Animal" Steele.  He was a hairy, massive man that I heard was a high school teacher when he didn't wrestle.  I'm glad he wasn't one of my teachers, but on the flip side it would be pretty cool.

Here's another action figure I have.  I didn't have too many growing up, and this one and the Steele one I actually got as an adult when my sister and mom spotted them at a garage sale once.

WHOOOO!  It's the Nature Boy.  While searching for a picture I found out it is from 1990 and made by Galoob.  That means (as I expected but never looked for) it was from his WCW years.  I have a love/hate admiration for Ric Flair.  He is a very gifted wrestler and entertainer that can talk like no other.  However, outside of the ring he isn't the best person to be around.  His lifestyle really is a jet-flying womanizer.  He's challenging Larry King for the title of most marriages (which isn't uncommon for wrestlers really), and combine that with he lavish lifestyle, he is bankrupt.  He also tends to be a violent drunk, which again isn't too uncommon for wrestlers but if his head was screwed on straight, he'd be a multi-millionaire enjoying retirement.  Instead he still tries to relive his glory days, though these days he has seemed to passed the actual wrestling genes over to his daughter who wrestles in NXT (WWE's minor league fed) as Charlotte.  WHOOOO!

If you thought that was nuts, check this out.

When I worked at Wendy's for my nine years, we got crappy kids meal toys (I'm trying to find a good image of the worst we ever had, and I'll show it one day, I don't have it).  McDonald's had great toys, so did Burger King, and we had... 90% of the time a toy made out of paper.  Sometimes we got so DVD games (I do have one of Maya & Miguel), but our "toys" sucked.  Rarely we would get a movie tie in and when we did, they kinda sucked too.  I've noticed recently they have made strides to improve the toys, but still they don't compare.

This was one of my favorite toys we ever sold in my time there.  To promote the movie Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, we had 3-5 different toys... well we was supposed to, we never got much variety so I think we only got two.  This was one of them.  On the surface, this is pretty cool.  It's a squirrel holding a nut.  It is nice to display on a shelf.

BUT WAIT!!!!!  IT MOVES!  This part might prevent me from being a family friendly blog.  You see, the nut on the front is tied to a string.  Essentially, you pull the squirrel's nut and he begins to vibrate.  I feel dirty just typing that.  I never watched the Johnny Depp movie this was tied to, but I hope that wasn't a scene.


Let's move on to something fun... like pulling femurs and other body parts from people.

This is a Simpsons version of Operation.  I got this really cheap at a garage sale once, but not all the pieces were there.  I still have it because sometimes I like to touch the tweezers to metal just to hear Homer scream.  I know its a little sadistic, but it is still funny to hear.

How about another Simpsons game.  Anyone want to play Knifey-Spooney?

Too bad, no knives are included.  This is a game called Spoons.  However this version has substituted the spoons for something Homer would rather have- Donuts!  If you have never played the game, its quite fun.  The spoons are placed in the middle of the table (or on the floor as it gets kinda rowdy), and you pass cards to your left.  Grab one, discard one, or really pass it on to the next person (though some players are slow and the cards pile up).  Once somebody has a 4 of a kind, its a free for all to grab a spoon.  The odd man out is eliminated and gameplay begins again (minus one spoon).

I haven't had the chance to play this version, but I hope to play it one day when I have enough friends around.  Though I might substitute the cards for a regular deck since the cards do tend to bend easily.

Well, look at the time, its time to go... wait, what time is it?

Let me check my watch (the one circled).  These were Burger King toys (see how awesome these are compared to vibrating squirrels) given out one Christmas I think.  We don't have a local Burger King anymore, so I only got one of the four.  One day I would like to get the rest, but no real need for them.

Well it is time to go, I hope you enjoyed this variant of my blog today and let me know what you think and I might do this on occasion.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!


  1. In many ways, the Big Boy never left....

    1. I forgot all about that. Thanks for making me laugh this morning.