Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Donruss, and Topps, and Repacks, Oh My!

I went to Dollar Tree on Monday, and besides getting a book I'll probably never read, I got some cards.  In total I got 5 packs, 3 repacks and 2 Donruss.  There were four cards per Donruss pack, which isn't bad for a buck.  I wanted to see what they were like anyways (in hand, I've seen plenty on other blogs).

Let's begin with the 2015 Donruss.

Nice to see Tony Gwynn on the front.  To be honest going in, I didn't expect to get 2015 Donruss cards, I was going to get some repacks.  Anyways, here is the loot.

I'm not disappointed in the design.  I still wish Panini got MLB license, I hate the team names and logos not shown.  None of these are ones I collect, though the Trumbo I might keep for a bit, I do have a few of his I have set aside.

Pack two is a little better.  Again, not ones I collect, but better names.  I will keep the Puig as again, I have a few set aside, but the rest are not staying in my collection.  I do like the Yadi card.  I don't see anything airbrushed, and its a nice pose.  Normally I would keep it, but I really don't like Yadi (or Holliday either), so I try not to keep too many.

Let's look at the back.

Design wise, I like it.  However I don't like the red color.  It looks faded and it isn't that appealing.  Otherwise, I like the stats and how it looks like the old Donruss sets.

Alright before I get to the repacks, I wanted to show a Topps pack I got the other day.  I figured I'd lump the 2015 cards together.

Nothing stands out to me.  It seems like every pack I get anymore has either a Victorino or Bastardo card. Someday I will ship them to someone and bombard them in an attempt to break the hex.

AHH, much better.  Two Royals and a former Mizzou player.  Can't top that.  I gave J-Gutz a lot of grief most of last season, and I'm glad he showed me.  I'm glad he's back this year.  Escobar I have always liked,  and am glad I got this card.

As I work on my Royals collection, I don't plan on being too aggressive on finding Mizzou guys, so pulling this Kinsler helped me.  It's tough rooting for him in Detroit, but I'm glad he's doing well.  I heard he had a monster game today.

On the bottom is a Felix card, which is nice.  Also a Babe Ruth card, which despite not being his biggest fan, will look nice in my collection.  The last card is a Call Your Shot gamecard.  I already scratched it off, and entered the code, and didn't win.  Better luck next time.

Alright time for some repacks.  The selection this time wasn't that great.  So much so that I debated getting another Donruss pack or maybe even a sticker pack.  Looking back I might have been better doing that, but I'm glad I didn't do that.

I bought this pack because I saw the name Picciolo.  I didn't know who he was, but the selection wasn't the best, and I didn't want to spend much time searching.  30 cards in the pack, and it wasn't a bad pack.  I got a Diamond King at least.  Who cares if it was only Scott Fletcher.

Okay, not complaining at all on this pack.  4 more DK cards and some good names as well.  I am a Molitor and Dawson collector at random times (not so much today), and these are nice cards, so I'll keep them.  I forget or never knew Doug Drabek was a Yankee.  I did know Jimmy Key was though.  I liked that Score set too.  Not a Alomar fan, but still a nice pull.

The card I was happiest with is the D'Angelo Jimenez Clippers card.  If they sold repacks of strictly minor league cards, I would absolutely buy some.  I never seen this design and I like it.  I believe it is also my first Columbus Clippers card.

Not a bad pack for $1. Just a note, I decided not to show all 30 cards in these repacks.

On to pack two.

I bought this pack based on the Jeff King card.  REALLY!  Yes, that was the selection, I hope they get more next time, or I might just get those stickers.  I will put the King in my once Royals collection.  Not a big collection, just a few randoms.  Next is Mike Deveraux.  I liked the 1994 Fleer set.  Next was Mike Deveraux 1994 Fleer. Next was Mike Deveraux 1994 Fleer.  Next was Mike Deveraux 1994 Fleer.  Not a repeating line, it was 4 straight cards of the same.  Back on track with the Chrome Fred McGriff card.  Oddly enough it was placed in a penny sleeve.  I've never seen a card in a penny sleeve in a repack.  Nice Gary Carter card too.  I like that card.  Next is Jack Armstrong.  I included it because of the logo.  I liked the Marlins colors when they debuted as well.  I remember Tim Crews because I just read again about the boating accident he was in before the 1993(?) season.  It was one of the first times I remember a sports guy dying. 

Also in the pack was a Steve Avery rookie.  I'll take it.  Nice Tettleton card too.  Overall some nice cards.  Nice Fan Club cards, the David Cone will also go in my once Royals collection.  I might even start a PC of Cone.  I have the puzzle of Stan Musial, so getting this card is good.  I have a few Musial cards, so I'm glad to get another one.

A Pat Watkins card closes out this pack.  I guess not really a minor league card, but close enough.  I remember the name, but can't remember how well he panned out.

Okay, time for the final repack.

The Alomar was the reason I picked the pack.  I didn't see the name on it or otherwise I would have passed on it.  This card also was in a penny sleeve.  I like the design of the card so that's a plus.

Again not bad names.  Got a 2014 Bowman card in the pack, that's a plus.  The Rusty Greer I might hold on to for a bit.  I saw him play once and I think he hit a home run.  I'll discuss that at some point in the future.

Mike Macfarlane is a card I might need, so that will help.  I'm just happy to get a Royals card in a pack, thats a rarity for me.

How about that, another Royal?  This one I did have already, but I won't complain.  The Jim Wiley card I really like.  I had a few of these Classic Best cards growing up and always loved the look of them.  I don't remember him, but still a good card to have.

I also got a couple Authentix cards, that are not bad.  Not my cup of tea, but still not bad cards.  Finally is a Jason Giambi.  These days whenever I hear his name I associate it to Moneyball.

Oh, here are a few more from the pack.

Some 2011 Topps.  I loved the design of the set. Carlos Pena is another player I think of Moneyball when I hear his name.  Before I go on, if you noticed my twitter this weekend I was tweeting the movie.  I didn't get through the movie, but hope to do it later this week.  I might do a feature on twitter called #SportsMovieBonanza.  I called it #BaseballMovieBonanza this weekend, but could expand it to include other sports movies.  If I decide to do it, I'll give a heads up.

Okay, finally is a Joe Klink card.  I just can't get over how much I loved their jerseys, especially the pinstripe ones.  I really wish they still had the same color scheme.  I would possible root for the team.

Overall the Dollar Tree packs weren't too bad, I mean you shouldn't expect much to begin with.  I just hope they have a better selection next time.

That's it for today, thank you for reading, and have a great night.

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