Wednesday, April 1, 2015


The Recognition I Deserve!

I recently spotted this, thought I would share!

I actually found some software from the website Giveaway Of The Day and thought I would try it out.  I thought it would be a good joke on myself for April Fools Day, as I'm not real big on playing big or mean pranks on people.  I did get a coworker once who loved to prank people.  I told her I won tickets to Usher, and she was freaking out!  Her best friend (and one of my bosses) was in on the joke.  We did it for about 20 minutes, then her friend told her "What day is today?"  and then she looked at me and got so mad.  It was one of my better ones.  Anyways, I used an old school photo of myself because all my pictures aren't on this computer, and I needed to test it out.  I tried to think of what probably annoyed most my readers and went from there.  The template is pretty good, and there is a good chance I'll use it again.  The program has other templates that I can use for other things, so I'm glad I found it.

I might post again later tonight, but if not I'll have a new post tomorrow.  Thanks for reading and have a great day (I was going to fit that in somewhere, but couldn't find a good spot)!


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Julie Owens
4/1/15, 7:25 AM delete

most excellent cover Phil, fun stuff!