Saturday, January 10, 2015

It came upon a midnight Fleer

As I prepare to move all my stuff off my laptop, which most of it is off here now, I don't have much to post.  I expect to ship my computer out Tuesday or so, so my laptop is fairly empty now, but I still took some pictures and uploaded them to it for now.  I still have a few things to remove, so I'm good.

Our family had a late Christmas this weekend.  With conflicting schedules, this was the best time to have it, and to be honest, it was a good gathering with not a lot of food, but lots of fun.  My nephews got a new Skylanders game, which my nieces who are younger than them explained everything they needed to know, which was a cute.  I was happy they knew about it because to be honest, I'm starting to get to the age where technology is passing me by, and I don't know a lot about games anymore.  I mostly play sports games anyways.

I won't run down all the details of what everyone got, but I will show off what I got.  My sister who has
been reading my blog had some gifts for me.

Nice Santa bag and inside was a cat calender.  I expected one since she got me one last year.  I am more of a cat guy, and was happy I got another one.

That was it.

No, it wasn't.  I wouldn't waste your time or mine on a post for a cat calender, even though I was happy with it.

From the title, you can gather what else I got.

Yep, I got some Fleer.  All the greats of the 1985 team.  This is 1986 Fleer.  I got Wathan, Willie Wilson, Frank White, Saberhagen, Quisenberry, Orta, Motley, Lonnie Smith...

Sundberg, Omar Moreno, Sheridan, Hal McRae in his pre phone-throwing days...

Jones, Jackson, and Mike Jones (who? MIKE JONES!)...

Dane, Gubicza, Liebrandt...

Onix, Balboni, Farr.... (almost done)...

Beckwith, Bud Black, Buddy Biancalana (try typing that 3 times, not necessarily fast, but just 3 times)....

a better shot of Dan Iorg... and there's one missing....


In all it is the complete 1986 Fleer set.  I had gotten a few from my friend last month, but not many.  The Brett was one I know I needed, I haven't had time to see what else.  My sister found these cheap at a local flea market (Itchy's is the best name ever for a flea market by the way), and got them for me.  It is a bit funny because growing up she wasn't a fan of my card collection, but I did have them scattered all over so I guess it makes sense.

This likely wouldn't have been a team set I wouldn't have chased for a while just because I would have tried to get more of the 90's done first, so this is nice to have finished so I don't have to worry about getting them at a later date.  The names in this team set is outstanding, so much so that I may have to look into other sets from the time.

Before I go, since I uploaded it I might as well post a pic of my wallet card.

As I stated earlier, I don't plan on really do much in terms of the contest, but I do like the concept.  I was at Walmart last night and was going to place him in the magazine section, but couldn't find one of the magazines.  I was going to place him beside a Royals World Series magazine (which was there last time I went, but not this time), and beside it would be a National Geographic.  It would be like a stepchild of the two.  Oh well, there's always next time.  I also thought of going to the toy aisle and putting him next to some stuffed apes, but I started to not feel good and wanted to go home.  I'm sure I'll find some adventures to place him into.

Well that's going to wrap it up for tonight, thank you for reading and have a great night.

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