Monday, January 12, 2015

Random stories from days gone by

I got a box in the mail today which signifies that I need to pack it up and send my laptop into the shop.  I was mostly prepared for this, and as a result, I have nothing really to talk about today because all my pictures and scans aren't on my computer right now.  So instead I thought I would talk about some things I have encountered in my life.

The reason I thought of this is because a friend of mine and I usually get bored and we either goof off on Google Earth (my weapon of choice since I like maps), or Ebay (a site we both love to share links to).  It's been a while since I wasted a lot of time on ebay because I am not wanting to spend money.  When I do look I just randomly do searches, which starts with cards, and usually ends up with limos, or real estate.  I have lots of dreams of winning the lottery.

While I was looking for buses, I came across this bus for sale.  I've mentioned it on here before, but I spent nearly a decade working at a Wendy's inside a Pilot Travel Center.  Looking back, I've got a lot of stories to tell, and this bus reminded me of one.

I've seen this bus!  One day I was working and had to go behind the building to get buns from the bun freezer. It is located on the dock on the back side where all the diesel trucks and buses park.  I looked out, and noticed this exact same bus before the end of my shift once.  At the time, I had a flip phone that took horrible pictures, but I managed to take a couple pics of the outside of the bus.  I kind of wanted to look inside but didn't get to. After I got home I looked it up and saw that it was one of the main C-Span buses it used for the 2004 election spanning the country.  I think one of the candidates was heading to Kansas City for a speech so it was headed there.

If I won the lottery tonight, I would really think about getting that bus.  Not that I need it, and it wouldn't have the C-Span logos on it, but it would still be cool to have.  The pictures of the blue bus is what I saw.

In my time working there I saw many other cool buses and people and things that I might talk about at a future time.  Since I am still bored I will show off a few other things that have piqued my interest on the largest selling site on the webs.

A Kingdom Pass from the Kansas City Chiefs 2013 season.  It's not so much the season that I kind of want this, but because I never seen one of these before.  Call me old fashioned, but I still prefer tickets in hand over cards and printed tickets.  It gives you more memories from the game, but this card do help you think of the season as a whole. I might pull the trigger and get one of these.

A 2014 card of Chuckie Jones is also on my list.  I'm a little weary of this card because it looks a bit fake.  I'm not saying it is, but it looks like something I could create rather easily.  The reason I want it is because Chuckie is from my neck of the woods.  He graduated from nearby Boonville High School and was drafted by the Giants just one pick before the St. Louis Cardinals planned to draft him.  I know him semi well, and know his family very well.  A little did you know- Donovan Graves who spent time in the St. Louis Cardinals minor league system also graduated from Boonville High School.  Another graduate of Boonville High School was Kolby Hurt.  He graduated from Missouri State University and spent some time on the New Orleans Saints preseason roster a few years ago.  Kolby was also a co-worker of mine for a while.  We still talk on twitter.

Another card I almost got recently was this Michael Annett card.  Annett is the NASCAR driver I root for these days.  I have zero expectations since I've seen him race, but he is sponsored by Pilot/Flying J so I have some sort of connection.  I've tried looking for his card on COMC and Listia, but have had no luck.  I don't think he'll be the next phenom, but hope he can have a long career in the major league NASCAR series (whatever it will be called after next year, I still sometimes call it the Winston Cup).

Going back to Boonville, another thing Boonville is or was known for is Kemper Military School.  That's a blog post in itself.  Most people might know it as the filming location for Child's Play 3 or a few other movies, but Kemper was a big part of Boonville for many decades.  Then it couldn't afford to stay open, and now it has started to fall apart.  Luckily it is still being used in various capacities where it can.  Boonville has really fell on hard times in the last decade with a lot of factories and businesses closing, I hope in the next decade it sees a resurgence.

I think I will wrap it up there for today.  Sorry it wasn't too sports related, but I hope to set up the desktop and get it running in a day or two.  If anyone has any interesting ebay links, leave a comment and I'll check them out.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


  1. It looks like I wasn't logged in when I tried to make the last comment, and I'm not sure if it went through? Anyway, I have a spare copy of the Annett card. It's got a very minor corner ding, if it wasn't a duplicate I would not bother looking for a replacement. It's yours if you want it, just PM me your address.

    I have always wanted to save old busses myself. My dad used to drag race busses at the Diesel Truckin' Nationals in Englishtown, NJ. He worked for the bus company and had previous drag racing experience. If I knew how to post a picture in a reply, I would show you.

    1. Nice, I'll try to do that soon. I might forget with all the moving stuff between computers, but I'll try to get back to you.

    2. It'll still be here when you are ready. Sending me a message through the Database would probably be the fastest way to reach me...but I will make sure I don't lose it or trade it to someone else in the meantime