Wednesday, July 8, 2015


A Little Bit of Everything

So a while back I took a little break from Listia.  It lasted about a week or two, but then I made up for lost time.  Here is some recent wins.

Yesterday I posted that even though non-sport cards have gotten a lot better, they don't appeal to me like the older ones.  This is a good case.  I've found (and won) quite a few of these series one TMNT cards lately.  I think I have about 65% of the set complete now and if it wasn't for so many of these on Listia, I wouldn't chase it so much.  The ones I get are usually pretty cheap, but have had to go higher than I wanted on a couple.

Another Harry Gant card.  As long as they are cheap I'll go after as many as I can.  I'm not ready to make any NASCAR drivers PC's yet, but Harry Gant would be the closest.  I've added I think 3 this year, added to one or 2 I had before, its getting pretty nice.

Speaking of getting them all day, here's another Kellen Winslow to add to my Mizzou collection. As I've stated before, I don't plan on getting every card of every player who went to Mizzou, but I make an exception for some players.  Winslow is one of those exceptions.  I mean he's in the NFL Hall of Fame, why wouldn't I want as many as I could get my hands on?

One thing I have started to do since starting this blog, and honestly I would have done it even if I didn't have a blog, is I've started to collected a card from players who went on to become actors.  I got a Bubba Smith cards earlier this year, and Alex Karras was one I've wanted for a while.  While I would liked to have gotten an older card, this will do for now.  Karras for those unaware was Webster's dad!  Though I have a feeling if you don't know Karras, you likely are too young to remember Webster.  So I'll tell you who else he was- MONGO!  I blame myself for waiting so long to watch Blazing Saddles, but since first seeing it, I watch it all the time now.  Alex Karras was great as Mongo and it was only a matter of time before I got one of his cards.

The next athletes turned superstars I have my eye on are Fred Dryer and Bernie Casey.  I don't know if they ever made one, but I'd love to find a Jason Lee skateboarding card.  Maybe one day if I ever find a photo of him skateboarding I'll make one.

Before I move on, just because, here is the back of the Karras card.

This set made a few Karras cards, but what I like about this one is that it doesn't mention his post-football career.  I like to learn more about their playing days when possible.  I never knew he won the Outland Trophy, so that is nice to learn.

Well, final scan of the post.  This one is of two cards, of which I only wanted one of them.  The other already has a destination in mind as it will be given to my friend as he's a big fan of this guy.

While I  loved the Pacific series cards and tried to collect the set, I got these just for the Fun Stuff card.  The Pacific series I might buy one day, they are cheap for the most part, but still more than I want to pay right now.

The Fun Stuff card will fit into my binder next to the others I got a few months ago.  Not planning on finishing the set, but there are still a few I wouldn't mind having.  Ryan wasn't on the list, but again, it was cheap, so I got it.

I think that's enough for one day, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading, and wish you a good night.