Monday, July 27, 2015

That Hits The Spot, Part One!

Thanks everyone for the recent comments you've left on my blog.  I haven't responded to them all, but I have read them.  Also thanks for all the warnings that I indeed need to get an external hard drive.  I have about the same luck with them though, but I hope to get one soon.  I have been slowly building up gift cards on Amazon, and while I have been planning on getting a Roku, I think a hard drive would be more important.  Also thanks Billy for the Google Drive suggestion.  I had no idea about that, it is something I need to look into.

At any rate I have cards to show off, and I'm ready to do that.  However, I need to send a big thank you to Johnny's Trading Spot for the next two days of posts because he sent some great cards.  His blog is really nice, and now I have a place to send my John Elway cards if I ever come across them.

So let's get this part started.

Yowza!  He wasn't kidding when he said he had some cards for me.  Though after reading the experiences of other bloggers, it didn't come as a huge shock, but I was in awe. This is cool!

A Royal workload indeed, but one I am handling quite well.  In fact after receiving this package it motivated me to work on my collection some and have made some headway, though I haven't updated my lists in a while, I have worked on sorting a bit more.

I love the way he packs these, and as a bonus, I get to see what food prices are in other parts of the country.  That might sound hammy (ok, bad pun) but I do read anything from a newspaper when it is sent in a package.  My family is has an odd tradition.  Instead of souvenirs when people take trips, all we ask is for a newspaper from that place.  When I went to Charlotte, NC a little over a decade ago, when I came home I had probably 15 newspapers from different places we would stop for gas or whatever.  My mom read every single page.  I glanced through most of them, but it is always fun to see news from different locales.  In the internet age I can search anywhere for news, but my mom has never used a computer (seriously, never!) so she still prefers newspapers.  Which I actually do too.

Anyways, for the rest of these next two days, each stack of cards will have a codename based on a food item featured on the package.

Wait, 3 packages of cheese for $6!  Count me.... oh that's for the rolls.  The cheese was 2 for $5.  Oh well.  Anyways, this stack is CODENAME: VELVEETA!

Due to poor sorting skills on my part, I can't remember what I have and what I don't so I guessed or picked ones I liked.  I tried to get at least one card from each set represented in a stack.  This stack had a lot of 1991 Topps.  I don't remember the Jim Eisenreich (who I heard was signing autographs at The K yesterday) card, so I think its new to me.  I might have the Tartabull, but it is one of the first cards I remember having as a kid, so its a nice card to have.  The 1991 Topps cards were the first ones I remember getting, so they always bring back memories.  The 1990 Topps I had a lot of too, but while I had some Luis de los Santos cards, this one isn't ringing a bell.  I'll find out later if I needed it.  Actually I didn't keep track, but I did need about half the cards I got from this box, so it was a success.  The Charlie Leibrandt card I'm pretty sure was one I did need.  I don't remember having too many of him in a Royals uniform,  so the more the merrier.

I still love the 1992 Donruss after all these years.  Sure it may be simple, but they are pieces of cardboard, how fancy should they really be?  I would take 20 simple cards for a buck any day over 5 really nice cards for $4 or more.  Maybe its just me.

The 1992 Topps set was one I liked too.  Today it may not rate as high as other Topps sets, but I loved it when it came out.  I have a Jacob Brumfield or two (maybe even a minor league card of him), but not this one.  His namesake didn't help the price of this card, but Jeremy Burnitz did for a time.  I'm also just now realizing there are a lot of guys named Dozier throughout MLB history.  I hope Hunter Dozier continues the trend.

I have heard the name Steve Jeltz a few times when looking at checklists, but never sure if I had any.  At any rate, this is a really cool card I think.  Sure its from Spring Training, but I still like it.  Finally is a Frank White 1990 Topps card.  This would be a perfect card to get signed if I ever got the chance to meet him.  I heard he is a coach for the Kansas City T-Bones, an independent minor league team, I might have to make a trip and see.

Since I used so many pictures on packaging, I'll show a second stack today too.

Time for CODENAME: TACO BELL!  I must say I love their product line for when I have Taco night.  I especially love the mild sauce they sell.  I was never much of a fan of it before, but its good....


I've gotten a few Matt Winters cards this year (there can't be too many left), but I believe I needed this one.  I liked the 1990 Fleer more as a kid than I do now, but hey, at least they had logos on the cards.  Next is a 1989 (I think) Score card of Jamie Quirk.  I'm not real sure why but I always liked him.  I never really saw him play, but I might have liked him because his last name started with Q.  I wouldn't be surprised if that is that case. It was about the time I was playing Q-Bert, so there's a chance.

Next are a couple 1990 Score.  If I had any Royals Bill Buckner cards, it slipped my mind.  This is a nice card.  Same goes for the Appier, though I might have had that one.  If it is an extra, it could be a contender for next year's Wallet Card.  Maybe I'll do something with Wallet Card next year.  I still have time to do more this year though, so we'll see what happens.

Let's wrap it up with a great year- 1985.  It was so good that SR-71 wrote a song about it (though the Bowling For Soup version is known much more, both versions are good).  1985 is of course when the Royals won it all.  The cast and crew included Beckwith, Biancalana, and Balboni, the original Killer B's (okay maybe not, and if so, I'd venture to say Brett would be included in the party).  Since I don't have a lot of cards from prior to 1987, I think the Biancalana and Balboni are new to me.  I'm sure I have the Beckwith though.  I also believe I needed the Wathan card too, so I did well with this stack. In fact, I could be close to completion of the team set.

For the past few days, I have managed to clean up my sorting piles and declutter, and I can see real results, so I am making some progress.  Now to update the checklists.  I might hold off a bit for that, though.  When I finish it though I have decided to remove my Mizzou cards from the binder and put them in a box too.  It should be much easier to sort them.  I'm not starting that until I am 100% up to date on the Royals, so maybe never.

That will do it for today, thanks again John for the great cards, and tomorrow I will show the rest.  What CODENAMES will I use then... well, come back to find out.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.


  1. I run dual internal hard drives on my pc. I thought about an external drive, but they are usually more expensive and not nearly as reliable.
    I have my OS on both drives, but boot from only one. All of my files (pictures, movies, scans, music, etc...) get duplicated onto the secondary drive.
    Should my main ever fail, I can boot from my secondary, which also has all my stuff on it...

    I'm not bright enough to use "the cloud" or any of that kind of stuff, so it suits me well.

  2. Phil, those are 86 Topps. And guess what.... I'll tell you tomorrow he he.

    1. Wow, you are right, I guess I was so excited to reference Bowling For Soup I mistook the year. I knew better than that, oh well.