Friday, July 17, 2015


Comic Book Week- Day 5

We are almost done with Comic Book Week and I admit it has been fun so far.  Since writing these in advance, I can't tell if this was a hit or a flop, but if it is a hit, I seriously might look for more comics and this could be a yearly event.

Anyways, lets get to today's scans.

More X-Men today, I guess whoever had these before were more Marvel fans than DC.  Nothing for me to really discuss about the cover, so lets see the contents.

I've always known they made a Game Genie for Sega, but I've never seen one.  I guess it is similar to the NES one, but I'm not sure.  I had one for NES, I even have the book still and some of the update books too (I should package it all together with the Nintendo Power books I have and sell them.. though now I want to scan the Nintendo Power books... future theme weeks!?!).  I even remember the code still for Super Mario Bros. for infinite lives- SXIOPO

I'm not sure why I remember it, but now I should really find those books so I can use the Game Genie on the emulator I have.

Its GRANDMA-MA!  "I baked you a cake!"  Honestly I liked Larry even before he dressed in drag on Family Matters, but I didn't really collect basketball cards.  I did have a few of those cards though (still do) but none of the inserts look familiar.  I like the Mail-In card though, maybe I'll see if I can find it on COMC.

Another card advertisement, cool.  The only football cards I remember from my early days of collecting were 1991 Score, Pro Set, and Topps.  I have never seen these cards before, but I'm not losing sleep over it.  I might look a few up though and see who was in the set.

Since I didn't collect them, can anyone tell me if these Marvel Masterpieces were a hit?  They seemed to promote them a lot, but I don't remember seeing them.  My main priority were baseball cards, but I did have a few non-sport like The Simpsons and TMNT.

This look like it could be an interesting game.  Pressmen made some good games, but also some clunkers, so its a toss-up.  I like the coloring of this ad though, very bright.  This actually would be a nice framed ad if I was into that kind of thing.

That's it for the ads today, but I have one more scan.  This will be the only time I actually show part of the comic itself during the week.

I don't know the context of the story, nor do I care.  I just thought it was cool to see them in a Supermarket.  Then I thought "they are trying out for Supermarket Sweep".  That would be a cool episode of Supermarket Sweep, with nothing but alter-egos of Superheroes.  Clark Kent and such could answer the questions, then when they are running through the market they could be the Superheroes.

If nothing else, that could make an interesting Saturday Night Live sketch.  Maybe I should pitch that to them.  Their response would likely be "WHAT IS SUPERMARKET SWEEP?"  For those who wonder the same, Youtube is your friend.

That wraps it up today, and with only two more days, it is a bit sad to see this week wrap up, but it will be nice to get back to regular posts soon.  Thanks for reading and have a great night.


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My memory of Marvel Masterpieces is that they were very desirable, but as a kid the price tag made them unattainable.