Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Comic Book Week- Day 3

Hopefully we can rebound from whatever yesterday was and find something of worth today.

Let's try some Superman!  For some reason I think if I read comics, Superman would be the one I read.  This looks like a cool cover.

The Got Milk campaign was very successful, but I'm not sure if people drank more milk as a result.  I mean you either drank it or you didn't.  It's not a product you try on a whim. 

Nothing else in that one, so time to crank this one out.  Another Superman, I like the "The Reign Is Comin' Down Harder" tagline.

I played this quite a bit at a friends house.  I actually preferred Street Fighter better, but I think Mortal Kombat had better characters.  I never owned a Super Nintendo, so the nostalgia isn't there as much, but I might have to find an emulator and play this sometime.

Now this intrigued me. I love me some root beer, and Barq's is one of my favorite.  Mainly because of the bite they mention so much.  If I knew about these when I was younger I would have totally begged to get these.  Though I doubt I'd actually wear the tatoos.

That is really it from this one too.  While it is nice there are so few ads especially for the kids reading, it sucks that I can't find more to show off.  I guess I need another comic to show.  I have plenty so its okay.

Let's go back to Marvel and see what the Fantastic Four can do.  Not very impressed with the cover, but let's open it up.

I loved Cheese Nips growing up, despite this "cheesy" advertisement.  Since then I've realized Cheese Its are much better.

At first I thought this was Sid The Science Kid.  I'm not ashamed to know who that is by the way.  I liked Lunchables as a kid, but I never really cared for the candy ones.  I liked the basic meat, cheese, and crackers ones.  I rarely eat them these days though.

The final scan asks a question I never thought I'd be asked, "Wanna Bit An Octopus?"  The short answer would be no.  I never cared for the sour Trolli items, but still not a bad ad.

I just realized as I was typing this though something much cooler than the ad.  CANDYSTAND.COM!  I spent many hours wasted playing the Home Run Derby on there.  In fact I went there a couple years ago and its still on there.  I might have to play it a bit again.  That is much better than biting an Octopus.

So while it took 3 comics, I thik this was a much better day than yesterday.  Day four should be exciting.

Thank you for reading and have a great night.


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Now we're talking. The Fantastic Four cover looks familiar, I probably read that one when it was new. Couldn't tell you anything about it now. The ads even look familiar, how sad is that? FWIW, the cover features the Human Torch, Ant Man (how timely!), She-Hulk and - I think - Emma Frost.