Saturday, July 18, 2015

Comic Book Week- Day 6

We are closing in on the finish of the week now and today we have a comic I haven't shown yet.

Without looking at the name or thinking much about it, I thought this was The Punisher at first.  This is an awesome cover, I can't wait to see what's inside.

What are VHS tapes?  I admit I kind of liked promotions that lead to giving out VHS tapes.  I still have a Charlie Brown VHS tape my dad got once from a gas station ("It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown"), but most of the time to be honest the videos were kind of crappy.  It was still nice to see Pizza Hut invest so much promotions into Marvel and specifically X-Men in the 90's.  I miss those days.

I recently started watching the React Channel on Youtube, and have enjoyed it very much.  One day they had kids play a new game called "Toast".  It is the dumbest game ever.  You are a piece of bread and try to get to a toaster or heater to become toast without getting too dirty.  Anyways, when I saw this ad, I thought of that game.  I still don't know why toast would be a good ad campaign for video gaming, but what do I know.

More X-Men trading cards.  I think its safe to assume if you were reading Ghost Rider you already knew about X-Men or you didn't care.  Then again, its the same company so it was smart to promote other items from other comics.  While I never had these, I've seen a few, and I think these Ultra cards were the best of the comic book cards of the early to mid 90s.  Still not enough of a draw to get me to buy some though.

Good old Street Fighter, and good old Capcom.  If I had a list of top 50 games, Street Fighter would definitely be on it.  I've thought about buying newer versions of these but figured I would be disappointed and it wouldn't keep the nostalgic values I remember.  Same goes for why I never got the new version of NBA Jam.

He who hesitates might also go on strike.  1994 was very interesting to me for baseball.  Almost every set that came out I loved, Score was no exception (I liked the black borders).  Every year before that had sets I didn't care for, but I can't think of one set that I didn't like in 1994.  It also presented a great challenge for card companies too.  After the strike in August 1994, the card companies had to keep the collector's interested, which sadly the two biggest people I knew that collected stopped after the strike- my dad and my uncle.  To be honest, I may have never collected cards if the strike happened three years earlier.  That is just too tough to digest.  The 1995 sets didn't pack the same punch for me, but they kept me interested.  However, 1994 was my golden year for baseball cards.

I forgot what the 1994 Score packs looked like.  I wish I had a pack right now or at least the wrapper.

Nice cross-promotion here.  I don't remember having comic themed underwear, and sorry for my friends and family reading this who now have a visual, but I might have.  What is interesting to me is the fact that its "A fight against boring underwear" and then they proceed to show BORING UNDERWEAR!  Why not show the design to get the kids excited.  Another interesting thing is Ghost Rider doesn't seem like a kids comic, so this may not be for the target audience, but oh well.

Jim Kelly, John Denver, Warren Moon, Troy Aikman!!!  This is awesome!  Wait, I don't remember playing this game.  It wouldn't matter, nothing will ever top Tecmo Super Bowl in my eyes.  You can keep all that star power Sega, I'll keep Steve DeBerg and Mike Elkins (who?) and the KC Chiefs.

There were a lot of football games to choose from, I had Tecmo Super Bowl, John Elway's Quarterback, and I think one just called NFL.  I also remember playing Madden 93 at a friends house, same with the Tecmo Super Bowl for Super Nintendo.  There were others too, but the names escape me for now.  I still play football games, I have Madden 25 and NCAA 14 (or whatever the last one they made was).  I like playing the NCAA one more, especially since you can transport players to the Madden game.  I doubt I buy any new versions for a while.

Time for the last ad, this one is a good one.

That my friends is how you sell a game.  Edgy and just enough intrigue to hook the buyer.  It's always a dream to own a version of every video game console but I don't know anybody who ever owned a Sega CD.  I might only know a couple who ever owned a Dreamcast.  I will admit, I like how games went from cartridges to CD's though.  They took up less space and while the games could get scratched easier, you didn't have to blow on them.

That wraps up day six, and with one more day, I can't wait to read the comments.  I don't plan on reading them much until the week wraps up so not all comments will get responses.  Especially if all I can add is "Yep" or "I agree".  Thanks for those of you who do leave comments though (if there are any).

Thanks for reading and have a great night.

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  1. If I am remembering right, every comic in a given month had the same ads on the same pages, so you might get some ads that were older or younger than that title's target audience depending on the book. I could be off base on that, but that's how I remember it.