Wednesday, July 22, 2015


A Brilliant couple contest wins

A couple months ago I joined up with one of those sites that promise more followers (it was a free site, I'm never paying for twitter followers, that's a joke).  After a few days, I got quite a few new followers.  Since then I've been growing my followers quite nicely.  Part of the reason I did it was to get more exposure for my blog, and part of it was really because I was around 150 or so followers and was tired of having so few when I see so many others have more and don't say crap.

Anyways, as my followers started to rise, so did the people I followed.  I also started to follow other bloggers and in turn found other cool people to follow.  Some of them even hold contests and twitter sales.  That is the reason for this post today.

Recently I was lucky enough to win TWO twitter contests in the same week from one person.  Brilliant Cards holds almost nightly contests and I usually enter.  The first one I won was a pretty nice haul.

We'll start with the Jackie Robinson card.  I believe it is from the 1997 Upper Deck set.  I've never had one from the set, but this is a nice card.  I never even seen it, but I might go after some more.  My collection is seriously lacking cards of Jackie's to be honest.  At some point I will get more.

Next to it is a 1992 Will Clark card.  I do know I have this card and had it the first time I collected.  I don't actively collect Will Clark but one thing I am actively searching for is a Will Clark folder.  I remember growing up I had one.  It was based on the Topps cards of the time.  The problem is that I can't remember if it was the 1989 or 1990 card.  I think it was the 1989 card, but can't rule either out.  I have seen some on ebay, but they usually run pretty high, so my best bet is finding it locally for cheap.  It's a longshot, but its not like I'm not spending sleepless nights because I don't have it.  I'll be fine if I never have one again.

Next I'll mention the Jim Edmonds card.  I never seen it, but its shiny so its cool.  I always liked Jim Edmonds especially when he was with the Angels.  I also liked their uniforms at this time too.  The logo was pretty cool too.  In fact I prefer it over what they currently have.

Finally is Brooks Robinson.  This card was really the reason I RT'd to win the contest.  I liked the Cooperstown cards, and thought this would be a good way to get a couple.  The other cards in the bunch was just bonus to me.  At some point I might get serious collecting this set.  For now its on the backburner until I finish a few other goals firsts.

There was also more cards (as seen by the scan above).  Here are the rest.

For the record, I like when the packages I get have notes and messages included, I actually keep them.

If you ever follow Brilliant Cards you will notice most of his auctions include a playing card he signed.  Its a nice touch and I already put it in my binder.  It's pretty cool to have.

Okay, The Tommy Lee card would be one I would have loved about a decade ago, today its still cool to have, but I don't follow his adventures much these days.  Among the many complaints I have against A&G is that with all that white space, the least they could do is put the person's full name on the front of the card.  Still, I also put this card in my binder.

Finally is another Cooperstown card, this one of Roy Campanella.  This was actually the first card I saw when I opened the package.  I already knew what was included, but I forgot, so it was cool to see this as the top card.

I mentioned I won 2 contests.  Well a few days later, BC held another kind of contest he likes to run.  It was a mystery envelope contest.  He has 3-5 envelopes, and he picks a winner and they choose which envelope they want, then does another contest, until all the envelopes are gone.  I think this one was a three envelope contest.  I was the second winner.  I didn't know which envelope to pick.

Since Gold is one of Mizzou's colors (at last check officially it is Old Gold), I chose the Gold envelope.  Good thing I did.

I won the best one!

I have never owned a Cal Ripken Jr. rookie card.  This was awesome.  1982 was also the year I was born, so it worked out kind of cool.  My mom isn't the biggest baseball fan, but she really likes Cal Ripken Jr.  When I showed it to her she said "he looks so young".  It's his rookie card mom!

I wasn't expecting something like this to be honest.  BC usually has a lot of San Francisco Giants cards to win, so I figured it would be related to the Giants or something, but this blew me away.  Cal is a guy that I have a few of his cards, so adding this to my collection could jump start a PC for him sooner than later.

What a way to start a week of great mail days.  I also got the Ripken a couple days after another 1982 Topps cards came in the mail that I won.  I might show that one next time.

That wraps it up for today, thanks for reading and have a great day.


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7/22/15, 11:25 AM delete

Congrats on the contest wins! That Ripken is neat.

7/22/15, 11:35 AM delete

Sounds like somebody is asking for a lifetime ban. (I kid, I kid!)
Good stuff!

7/22/15, 8:22 PM delete

Congrats! Nice haul especially the Ripken

7/22/15, 10:14 PM delete

NOOOOO! Wait, Pete Rose did pretty well with a lifetime ban, maybe I'll do fine.

I love the the love among bloggers. We can joke and have fun. Thanks for reading.