Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Custom Cards special

Since I had my computer problems lately and I moved files around, I found a few things I forgot about.  I found a card design I made early last year to make a custom card for me.  I never got it done, but I spotted it recently, and thought of a good picture to use for it.  So I spent a little time yesterday morning working on it and here is the result.

The photo is from the rainy game I went to earlier this year.  Besides having the Cleveland logo on the scoreboard, I love the photo.  I doubt I get that close to the field again anytime soon.  It does look like I'm on the field.

I didn't make a back for it, I might one day, but here are some stats I would have.

Okay, I was playing Home Run Derby on Candystand recently, but still 18 homers on 20 swings is one of the best ones I ever remember having.

Though once I finished making a card for me, I decided to make a card for a real player.  He's still in the minor's but I still wanted a custom card of him.

I've mentioned Chuckie on here before, and he has the honor (I guess you could call it that) of my first insert set design.  I called it Launch Code because the top photo is of him jacking a home run in one of his first games this year which was last week.  The bottom is him being greeted at the plate.  After a setback prior to the season and a demotion back to Augusta, he is still young enough to make it to the majors, and I have high hopes he does.

Another reason I made the card is because yesterday was his birthday.  I thought it would be nice to make.  I sent him a birthday greeting with the card on twitter, but he doesn't check it a lot.

Yesterday was also another birthday which is why I made more cards.

This one is more of a framed photo than a card, but I wanted to make something special.  He is standing next to my nephew in this photo.  My dad would have turned 68 yesterday, and I miss him every day.

My dad was a jack of all trades.  One of the things I loved about him was his determination.  He used to do demolition derbies a lot, and I have one of them on VHS, which was on his birthday in 1991.  I believe it was also his final demo.  After he stopped doing derbies, he started pulling lawn mowers.... sorry GARDEN TRACTORS!  He spent a lot of time on his pullers and had a nice stable.  This was one of his earlier machines he dubbed Red (sometimes Ol' Red or Lil' Red).  He did quite well on it.  He had another he called The Wizard because it was an old Wizard mower.  I liked that one a lot, but it was as slow as molasses.  It took forever for it to get up the track, but slow and steady wins the race.

After a few years, other people started to take over the pulls, and so he upgraded to a couple older Cub Cadet mowers.  While it was unofficial, Dad was a member of the PG Pulling Group.  He just kind of made the name up with other local pullers and had some hats made.  In fact I bet we still have some of them.  I thought this was a great way to honor him on his birthday.

It saddens me when I think of him but look at all the happy moments and it makes me smile.  He brought home our dog Angel, and she was always loyal to dad.  She lived for many years until she passed away on Dad's birthday.  We always felt it was her way of showing love to him.  Angel's passing also saddens me.

As I write this today on the 29th, I am saddened yet again.  My cat Fluffy has been sick since Friday, and we've been hoping she'd get better but came to the realization that she will pass away soon.  On Sunday my Mom happened to tell her "if you stick around a couple more day's it will be dad's birthday".  Fluffy never met my Dad, but I think she made it her mission to stick around for that reason.

At about 9:30 this morning (July 29th), Fluffy passed away.  I know she isn't in pain anymore, so I am happy about that, but I am still sad.  She has been by my side loyally since around Christmas of 2013, and she was everything you could dream of in a cat.  The funny thing is that, I wasn't initially going to keep her.  Her previous owner suddenly got allergic to her and had to find her a new home.  She loved Fluffy to death, but it was affecting her health.  She brought Fluffy to the local nursing home my mom works, but she was so scared of the place.  My mom said we would watch her until a new owner could be found.

My reluctance was that I was still feeling sadness over a cat we use to have named Tiger passing away earlier in 2013 (he belonged to my sister, and I honestly think died of a broken heart exactly two weeks after she passed away).  After Tiger passed I vowed I didn't want another cat (the same promise I kept after Angel died).  My mom convinced me Fluffy was too scared at the nursing home, and needed a temporary place to stay.

She brought her to the house, and Fluffy went into hiding for almost three days.  Finally after I tried coaxing her out, I was on the couch one night and saw she finally came out.  She wanted to jump on me.  After that, she was by my side nonstop.  I decided she had found her new home and she was mine.

I stand by my vow this time that I won't have another cat.  With the passing of Tiger and Fluffy, both of whom I loved dearly despite completely different personalities, I can't fathom having another cat.

It's bringing tears to my eyes thinking about it.

So with the sadness I've had lately, and a few other things going on, I think I'm taking a short break for a while.  Likely a week, but maybe perhaps more.  I have plenty to show off and love to write, but my heart won't be in it, and I just want to take a break.  When I return though, I will have plenty to show.  In the meantime, I might not read all the blogs or respond to comments, but I do plan on working on my collection.  When I feel like it I will be back.  Who knows I might be back tomorrow, I just wanted to give a heads up in case you guys miss me and are curious.

Thanks everyone for reading, have a good night, and if you have a pet, hold them, pet them, hug them, play with them, and most importantly, love them.  Good night.


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7/29/15, 6:24 PM delete

Very sorry to hear about your loss, Phil. Sad post, indeed. My thoughts go out to you.
The day my dog Lucy died was the worst day of my life. The wife and I still had a lot of love to direct to a furry critter, so it wasn't too long later that we got our current dog Annie. We love her a lot, though doubt she could ever live up to Lucy, even teasing her about it with our dark senses of humor.

7/29/15, 6:33 PM delete

So sorry to read about your cat. After losing a pet, it feels almost impossible to remember life without them.

The customs are a really nice tribute to your dad, and I really like the designs you used.

Matthew Scott
7/30/15, 7:20 AM delete

Sorry to hear about your cat Phil. Always hard to balance back because they become such a big part of the family. We'll be here when you are ready to come back.

Those customs are a beautiful tribute to your Dad!