Monday, July 13, 2015

Comic Book Week- Day 1

Today begins the first day of Comic Book Week.  The following are scans from some comics I had lying around.

POUND HIM INTO JELLY HULK!  I never liked Tobey Maguire... Oh, wait, I might this version better, but at least I did get to see Macho Man in the movie.

I would be pissed if someone cut my lawn like that.  The Crunch Berries cereal was good though.  Now we are getting a timeframe for this issue.

I had to splice these two pages together, I thinkIdid okay.  If I was into comics, I would have likely begged to go to Pizza Hut to get this.  I was about 12 or so at the time, but if reading books for Book-It and getting FREE pizza wasn't drawing me, I doubt this would either.  I would like to find the cups though, they could be cool.  Marvel knew how to shill X-Men in the 90's too I see.

The Simpsons!  Matt Groening knew how to shill too.  I don't remember playing this game, but I did like Bart Vs. The Space Mutants on NES.  I never had a Sega, and only played it once or twice, but I don't think I missed too much.  I didn't like the controller, and while Sonic was fun to play, I was more loyal to Mario.

How much fun can you cram into Tuesday nights?  Sadly we never found out because The College Years were rarely fun.  I enjoyed the show, and would like to get the trading cards one day, but A Different World it wasn't.  At least it had Bob Golic.  It was fun to find this ad though, maybe my favorite in this comic.

I just known about these within the last couple years, but even as a kid I would have preferred Topps Kids and Bazooka over this.  I do have a few of these though, and I wouldn't be against getting more.  I do like how card companies tried to cater to kids.  Maybe they should try it again, and I don't mean those hideous Triple Play cards.

Okay, time for the final ad.  It's another trading card ad.

Nice to see Steve Young included in as the central figure in marketing, but by then, he wasn't really a "Young Gun" though it was trying to play off the pun.  These cards don't look very impressive, and I'm not sure Amp Lee would ever been a top choice to feature in getting people to buy cards.  Same goes for Chip Lomiller.  Even if they were going for lesser names, I only hope they randomly picked them and not banking on them to be big stars.

Overall, this was a fun comic to scan.  I never read if Spiderman got out the grasp of Hulk, but I assume he did.  Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for more of Comic Book Week.

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  1. Good stuff. I've got a couple dozen old comic books I should dig out and flip through again someday.