Friday, July 10, 2015


Our whole universe was in a hot dense state...

If you know what that is from than congratulations.  If you don't, that is the first line of the theme song to the Big Bang Theory (I looked it up).  The theme song is sung by the Barenaked Ladies, which I like a few of their songs.  As for the show, I will stop it there sometimes, but I can't say I'm a fan or that I go out of my way to watch it.  Jim Parsons annoys me, I know that his character is meant to, but it goes beyond a character and takes away from the show to me.  Even in interviews, he seems to act and talk like Sheldon.  I do like Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki, and they have good guest stars, so I can see why its popular.

Is it popular enough to warrant its own trading card set?  Well, Cryptozoic felt it was and has made 3 sets of cards; seasons 1&2, seasons 3&4, and season 5.  Then again they make cards for all kinds of shows and movies.  I just found out that they are planning a release later this year for the show Arrested Development.  While I won't rush out to get any of those cards, I may seek out a banana stand card if they make one (There's always money in the Banana Stand).

My mom went to Savvy Seconds a few days ago and she said she found some cards for me.  She handed me a small ziploc bag and it was season 3&4 trading cards of... well, take a guess.

In total there were 20 cards in the bag, and 3 were doubles.  These were the three.  Since I don't know anyone who collects these I might put them up on Listia just to get a few credits.  Who knows they could be sought after.

The front designs are nice, I like them.  My only complaint is when there isn't official names for the cards.  The Cryptozoic site never even named them, just numbers.  So when entering them into Trading Card Database, they use the first line on the card.  It annoys me, but again, otherwise, nice design.

As for the back of the cards, I can't say I'm a fan.  I think I would like it more if the photo on the back was a bit smaller.  Backs of cards if featuring a picture shouldn't take up half of the card.  Plus it clutters up the writing on the bottom.  So a smaller picture would have made it look a bit better.

Since I don't watch a whole lot, I can't say any of these images ring a bell.  I might remember the first one because Sheldon with a beard is a bit weird to see.  I like the Wil Wheaton card (he also has a couple insert cards, including an autograph card), but I don't think I've ever seen him on the series.  I remember hearing Sheldon talking about him, but never seen him on the show.

Okay I've seen part of the cat episode.  I think I caught the end of it.  I liked it because the orange one reminded me of a cat I had named Tiger.  I miss Tigey, so it was nice to see that episode.  With 68 cards (67 plus the checklist), I'm not sure how many cards were dedicated to each episode.

Galecki looks odd without the glasses.  Its hard to believe he was the kid on Christmas Vacation.  Then he played a jerk on Entourage.  One day I might chase his autograph if I find it cheap, otherwise I have no plans of adding anymore cards from this set.  It was nice to get the checklist card since for some reason it seems they aren't cheap on card sites, I guess since they are somewhat obsolete now days.

I was also surprised to get an insert card in the package.  For a buck I think it was a good deal.  Plus 15 out of 68 cards would be a nice start if I ever decided to finish the set.  Maybe I will look out for cheap packs, but again, I have no intention of completing it.

I guess because of Cryptozoic, TV and Movie cards have really advanced in recent years.  It started long before that, but it seems like recently more energy has been put into the sets.  I can't think of any current shows or movies I would want a card set of.  I would like to finish the Transformers set from a few years ago (I think it was 2007), but nothing too recent.  I guess I could get the Family Guy cards since I have seasons 1 and 2, but no desire.  I don't really care about non-sport cards anymore.  I like the older ones, but I feel like I'm wasting money on buy new packs.

Anyways, are there any shows or movies you would like cards made for.  I would likely get a pack or two of Entourage trading cards if they made them, and I guess if Psych can have trading cards, I would get Burn Notice cards if they were made.  I guess since they have been on enough years, a N.C.I.S. or Law & Order cards could be interesting showing memorable scenes and cast members throughout the years (though NCIS could skip the Palmer cards, I can't find one person who likes him).

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I got hooked on the show as a result of reruns being on constantly. The show just grew on me. Your mom could have come home with lots of cards not as good as those.

7/10/15, 11:00 PM delete

I think as long as they weren't gaming cards or something like MTG or Pokemon I would be fine with any type of cards.